Wessely & Büsing

Typical "Wessely formerly H.F. Müller" cover (1860s)
Typical "Wessely & Büsing formerly H.F. Müller" cover (1860s)
Typical "Roerich formerly F Wessely" cover (1890s)



Heinrich Friedrich Müller (1779-1848) was a Viennese publisher who produced the first German picture-book. His company also published musical scores. His widow sold the music publishing business to Franz Wessely and Friedrich Büsing in 1858. They ran it as Wessely & Büsing, although Büsing soon left. In 1885, a year before his death, Wessely sold it to Vinzenz Kratochwill, who in turn sold out to Bosworth in 1889. However, some F. Roerich & Co. publications of the 1890s (e.g. Molbe) are marked "formerly F Wessely".

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  • F. Wessely
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Plate Numbers

F.W. (Wessely)

Plate Composer Work Year
0216 Heidenfelder Das betende Kind, Op.20 1866
0970 Heidenfelder Der Alpenjäger, Op.22 1868
1176 Mier, Anna Ich wandelte unter den Bäumen (no.3 of 4 Lieder) 1876

W. & B. (Wessely & Büsing)

Plate Composer Work Year
942 Hofmann, Carl Elegie, Op.9 (1885?)