H. Petersen

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This short-lived firm was active in Leipzig from 1882 to 1896, specializing in educational music and songs for domestic use.

Most of the items were for piano: there were many piano works by Richard Kleinmichel (Zur Erholung and Die jungen Klavierspieler, both for piano duet), Hermann Nürnberg (Freundliche Bilder, Geschwister am Klavier, Militairische Bilder, Kinder-Tanz-Album, Bunte Lieder, Der Kinderball, Jugend-Erinnerungen, Bilderbuch ohne Bilder, Wer spielt zum Tanz? Aus der Jugendzeit, Perlenreihe, Jugendalbum, Opern-Album, Tanz-Album, Marsch-Album and so on), and Heinrich Germer's convenient editions of Mendelssohn's Songs without Words and Schumann's Album for the Young arranged in order of difficulty.

There were also many works for strings: Richard Hofmann's long series of violin arrangements Blätter und Blüthen, eventually (by 1910) running to over 180 numbers, the same arranger's Der Junge Violinspieler, and Christian Heinrich Hohmann's Violinschule. Georg Goltermann's series of 30 cello arrangements Transcriptionen für Violoncello und Pfte was also in the catalog. The firm was bought by Bosworth.


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