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Alexander Jadassohn (1873-1948), son of the composer Salomon Jadassohn (1831—1902) was a joint-founder of this firm in 1897, and later its sole owner. By the mid 1930s it had a catalog of 20 Operas, 100 Operettas, 200 Lieder, 100 popular songs and 100 Choral and orchestral works. Jadassohn also worked for Nord und Süd Verlag and S. Schottlaender's Schlesiche Verlags-Anstalt in Breslau and for Verlag Drei Masken in Munich. In 1922 he founded Rondo-Verlag with Hans Bartsch, Max Dreyfus (the director of T.B. Harms of New York) and Ernst Bloch. Harmonie Verlag was entrusted to aryan colleagues when Jadassohn fled to New York in 1938.


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