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Alexander Jadassohn (1873-1948), son of the composer Salomon Jadassohn (1831-1902) was a joint-founder of this firm in 1897, and later its sole owner. By the mid 1930s it had a catalog of 20 Operas, 100 Operettas, 200 Lieder, 100 popular songs and 100 Choral and orchestral works. Jadassohn also worked for Nord und Süd Verlag and S. Schottlaender's Schlesiche Verlags-Anstalt in Breslau and for Verlag Drei Masken in Munich. In 1922 he founded Rondo-Verlag with Hans Bartsch, Max Dreyfus (the director of T.B. Harms of New York) and Ernst Bloch . Harmonie Verlag was entrusted to aryan colleagues when Jadassohn fled to New York in 1938.


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