typical cover (1919)
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This series started in 1919. It was one series published as a result of Geog Kallmeyer joining Zwissler in 1913 and becoming its sole owner in 1916. The firm was finally renamed Georg Kallmeyer Verlag in 1925.
As the title indicated, the purpose was to encourage home music-making, especially by young people. The general editor was the music educationalist Fritz Jöde.
Each editor had his own interest. The items were mainly historical, for example for the viola da gamba (Reichenbach) and lute (Gofferje). Choral singers were served by Jode's folksong (no1) and madrigal (no14/16) collections. The main provider of original works, for strings, was Halm.
Most items are non PD-EU, though they are PD-US.
A relevant article about the viola da gamba of the time is found in this journal, pp90-112.

Arrangers and Editors