Hermann Erler



Hermann Erler of Berlin published a wide range of music from 1867 until 1881, when he joined one of his composers, Franz Ries (1846–1932) to found Ries & Erler.

In 14 years there were over 500 items, mainly light: Erler himself, Hermann Fliege - dances for piano; Halfdan Kjerulf, Adolf Jensen, Henry Cooper (pseudonym of Carl Bohm), Ferdinand Gumbert - songs; Arno Kleffel - piano pieces, and Carl Bohm - violin and piano pieces. Some larger works were also produced, such as Heinrich Hofmann's operas, his symphony Frithjof, Op.22, and his Cello Concerto, Op.31.

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Plate Numbers

Erler's plate numbers are in the format of ###. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
020 Ries 50 Intonations-Uebungen 1873
048 Hofmann Neue Ungarische Tänze (book 1) 1873
049 Hofmann Neue Ungarische Tänze (book 2) 1873
150 Hofmann Frithjof, Op.22 (full score) 1874
151 Hofmann Frithjof, Op.22 (parts) 1874
196 Hofmann Eine Schauspiel-Ouverture, Op.28 (arr. piano 4 hands) 1875
242-243 Hofmann Cello Concerto, Op.31 (arr. cello and piano) 1875
267-269 Abt 3 Lieder, Op.493 1875
458 Hofmann Neue Ungarische Tänze (book 3) 1878
527 Ries Dramatische Ouverture, Op.30 (full score, new edition)
568 Hofmann Aschenbrödel, Op.45 (vocal score) 1879
580 Erler Kommt ein Vogel geflogen (arr. piano solo) 1879
750 Klauwell Piano Trio, Op.20 (sc&pts) 1880