IMSLP:Introduction to Contributing



Visit the Contributor Portal to learn about contributing to IMSLP. It is recommended that all new contributors read How to Submit a Score and Copyright Made Simple.

Contributing to IMSLP

In general

You can contribute and participate in the growth of this wiki by sharing your knowledge of music with others. If you have public domain sheet music on your shelves or hard disk, consider sharing it with the rest of the world by uploading it to the Petrucci Music Library! You can also help by importing public domain scores from other websites. Please refer to the score contributing guide for details.


Have you recorded yourself playing a public domain piece or original composition? If the quality is good and the playing accurate, please consider submitting it to IMSLP! IMSLP hosts recordings to promote aural study as well as the study of scores. See IMSLP:Performers Portal for details.


The aim of our Community Projects is to acquire collections of works from inactive archives, scan or upload works from private donations, or other tasks. One of the current projects is the Gaylord Acquisition Project . Completed projects include the acquisition of the Ruth Dana Collection of Liszt Editions, bh2000 archive, the Gutenberg score archive, the Orchestra Parts Project, and the Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe project.

Other Tasks

There are several ways of helping IMSLP, apart from contributing scores. You can help with the website maintenance, translation of IMSLP, or support IMSLP financially, among other things. Scores are not the only thing that one can contribute!

Contributor Portal

This is just a short overview. One can find all the details about contributing in the Contributor Portal.