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Bohumil Pazdírek (1839-1919) started this firm in Vienna in 1868 after working a few years for the publishers Spina, Gustav Lewy, and Doblinger. The firm was sold to Doblinger in 1880.

The firm was very productive, with 250 items in 12 years. In addition to dance music, piano pieces, and songs, the catalog included substantial works such as chamber music and symphonies by a number of respected composers of the Romantic era (in many cases their earliest published works): Gustav Jensen, Adolf Jensen, Johann Rufinatscha, Hermann Grädener, Robert Fuchs, Julius Zellner, Josef Labor, Ferdinand Hiller, Ignaz Brüll, Carl Goldmark, Jakob Dont, and Heinrich von Herzogenberg. In addition, the founder published at least fifteen of his own works, such as Mass in F, Op. 66 (available at Hathitrust), under the name J.P. Gotthard.


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Plate Numbers

J.P. Gotthard's plate numbers appear in the format of ## or J.P.G. ###. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
012 Schubert 20 Ländler (arr. for piano by Brahms) 1869
020 Goldmark String Quintet, Op.9 (full score) 1870
022 Goldmark String Quintet, Op.9 (arr. piano 4-hands) 1870
043 Herbeck Tanzmomente, Op.14 (arr. piano by Liszt) 1870
062 Wüllner Violin Sonata, Op.30 (sc&pt) 1870
065 Herzogenberg Fantastische Tänze, Op.9 1870
095 Rufinatscha Symphony, Op.13 (arr. piano 4-hands) 1870
150 Zellner Symphony No.1, Op.7 (arr. piano 4-hands) 1871
308-309 Herzogenberg Thema und Variationen, Op.13 1872

Authority Control

  • VIAF (Pazdírek, Bohumil, 1839-1919 / Gotthard, J.P., 1839-1919)