Typical cover ca. 1860
Typical cover ca. 1860



Viennese family of music publishers.

Anton Spina (1790-1857) started to work with the publisher A. Diabelli in 1824. He handled the commercial part whereas Diabelli cared for the artistic part of the company. In 1850, Carl Anton Spina (1827-1906), son of Anton, became part of the firm as a third associate and soon led the company on his own after the retirement of his father and Diabelli in 1851. In 1872, Friedrich Schreiber acquired the Spina company, then merged with the publisher August Cranz in 1876. Shortly after, in 1879, Cranz became the sole owner. The composer Albert Jungmann (1824—1892) managed the firm from 1853, before founding his own company, Albert Jungmann & C. Lerch, probably in the 1870s.

Friedrich Joseph Spina (1791-1836), brother of Anton, published some of his own compositions in Vienna.

Important acqusitions


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • 1824-1851: A. Diabelli & Comp.
  • 1851-ca.1870 : Wien, C.A. Spina, Verlags- u. Kunsthandlung
  • ca. 1870-1872: C.A. Spinas Nachfolger

Plate Numbers

Spina's plate numbers were issued in a regular chronological fashion. Plate numbers are in the format of C.S. ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
09440 Ernst Grand Caprice sur 'Le Roi des Aulnes' de Franz Schubert, Op.26 1854
10410 Schubert String Quartet No.13, D.804 1855
17944 Engel Harmonium-Schule 1860
18146 Strauss Jr. Studentenlust Walzer, Op.285 (piano solo) 1864
18655 Mikuli Mazurka, Op.11 1866
19051 Schubert Fierabras, D.796 (overture, full score) 1867
21722 Goltermann Capriccio über slavische Melodien, Op.9 1869
21953 Strauss Jr. Freut euch des Lebens, Op.340 (piano solo)
22076 Rubinstein Piano Concerto No.2, Op.35 1873
22443 Schubert Sonata for Piano Duet, D.812 (orch. by Joachim, full score) 1873

Sources Consulted

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Authority control

  • VIAF (Spina, Carl A. 1827-1906)
  • VIAF (C. A. Spina)


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