Johann Gross

cover 1893



This firm operated from 1882 in Innsbruck in the Austrian Tirol. It published mainly sacred music for use in (Roman Catholic) country churches. There were two series of church music: Johann Höllwarth's Leicht ausführbare Kirchen-Musikalien and Johann Obersteiner's Der Land-Chorregent. The firm also published several vocal works by Anton Bruckner (Mass in D minor, Ave Maria, Tantum ergo) and marches and dances for piano.


Imprints, Agencies, Addresses


  • Johann Gross
  • Johann Gross (S.A. Reiss)


  • Innsbruck

Plate Numbers

Johann Gross's imprints either appear without plate numbers or with ones that appear in one of the following formats: ##, J.G.R. ###. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
031 Pembaur Lateinische Messe No.7, Op.72
045 Pembaur Lateinische Messe No.1 in E-flat major 1875
058 Pembaur Lateinische Messe No.3, Op.25 (vocal score) 1883
140 Bruckner 4 Tantum ergo, WAB 41 1893
140 Bruckner Tantum ergo, WAB 42 1893
162 Bruckner Pange lingua, WAB 33 1895

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