Julius Chmel

cover 1905 ca.



From 1878 to 1897 Julius Chmel in Vienna published dances, piano pieces, and songs by popular composers of the day such as Komzák, Strauss, J.E. Hummel, Albert Jungmann, and Josef Franz Wagner. The company was bought by Bosworth & Co. in 1902.

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  • Julius Chmel


  • Leipzig
  • Vienna: VI Mariahilferstrasse 86

Plate Numbers

Chmel's plate numbers appear in the format of Ch. ### or J. ### Ch. Date in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
408 Hofmann Die Entfesselte Phantasie (arr. piano solo) 1895
726 Strauss Künstler-Gruß, Op.274 (arr. piano solo) 1905

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