K.G. Fazer

Cover ca. 1907
Helsingfors Nya Musikhandel (K.G. Fazer)cover 1905



This firm in Helsinki (Helsingfors), Finland published works of the great Nordic masters, and modern composers of note, from 1897 to 1993. Fazer (1889-1935) initally was in partnership with R.E. Westerlund, but from 1904 operated as Helsingfors Nya Musikhandel (K.G. Fazer). Later Roger Lindberg (1915-2003) was the manager.

Main Composers:
1900-1920: Jean Sibelius, Erkki Melartin, Selim Palmgren, Armas Järnefelt and Oskar Merikanto.
1920s-30s:  Toivo Kuula and Leevi Madetoja, Aarre Merikanto, Yrjö Kilpinen, Uuno Klami.
1945- 80: Erik Bergman, Einar Englund, Einojuhani Rautavaara and Joonas Kokkonen.
1980s-2000: Paavo Heininen was the leading influence on the post 1980s generation. In the early 1990s Edition Fazer began looking further afield, publishing leading Estonian composers such as Veljo Tormis and Erkki-Sven Tüür.

Recent history: In 1993 Fazer Music Inc. was acquired by the international Warner Music Group. In 2002 Warner/Chappell Nordic Group sold it to the Swedish publishing company Gehrmans Musikförlag, and it became Fennica Gehrman. Recently (2007) Fennica Gehrman acquired the Warner/Chappell Nordic classical catalogue,with 12 000 titles. As a result, Fennica Gehrman is currently both curator of the Nordic tradition and promoter of contemporary composers as Kalevi Aho, Veli-Matti Puumala, Kimmo Hakola, Mikko Heiniö and Olli Kortekangas.

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Plate Numbers

Fazer's plate numbers appear to have been in the format of #### (sometimes preceded by F.M. for Fazer Music or equivalent.)

Plate Composer Work Year
0003 Cronstedt Petite romance mélancolique 1897
0419 Järnefelt Berceuse 1905
4867 Kokkonen Sinfonia III (f.s.) 1968
5246 Salmenhaara Cello Sonata No.1 (sc&pt) 1972
Plate #Full PlateComposerWorkIMSLP #Full YearYear

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