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R.E. Westerlund and K.G. Fazer bought a Helsinki music shop in 1897 and quickly expanded it to include publishing operations. Westerlund owned another small Helsinki music shop, however, and in 1904 he decided that he would sell his stock in Fazer's shop so as to dedicate more time to his own business.[1]

By the 1960s, Westerlund was apparently most concentrated in the business of popular music, and they were acquired by Fazer in 1967.[2]


  • Fazer & Westerlund
  • Oy R.E. Westerlund AB

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
297 Hannikainen Ilta (arr. for piano solo) 1921
R.E.W. 22 Kaski Ballade for Violin and Piano, Op.3 No.2 1924?
R.E.W. 134 Hannikainen Petits poèmes, Op.14 (No.10 1912
R.E.W. 441 Hannikainen 5 Piano Pieces, Op.20 (No.4) 1921?
R.E.W. 456 Palmgren Nocturne in Three Scenes, Op.72 1922
R.E.W. 544 Melartin I höjden, Op.98 No.3 1922
R.E.W. 600 Kotka Menuetto 1910
R.E.W. 780 Melartin Sleeping Beauty, Op.22 (No.30 arr. for piano solo) 1912
R.E.W. 796 Merikanto Summer Evening, Op.1 1912
R.E.W. 1315 Sibelius Mandolinato 1923
R.E.W. 1768 Bach Prelude and Fugue in C major, BWV 531 (arr. for piano solo) 1930s
R.E.W. 1859 Sibelius Andante festivo (arr. for piano solo) 1941
R.E.W. 2000 Various Finlandia V 1945
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