Kammersymphonie No.2, Op.38 (Schoenberg, Arnold)

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PDF scanned by Schoenberg Center
Generoso (2009/9/28)

Publisher. Info. Manuscript, 1939.
Misc. Notes It's unnecessary to specify that this is the "revised version of 1939"- all that survives of the earlier versions are sketches (and even that's more than I thought.)
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PDF scanned by Unknown
Madcapellan (2011/9/4)

Publisher. Info. New York: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1952. Plate 45116.
Misc. Notes 600 dpi
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General Information

Work Title Kammersymphonie Nr.2
Alternative. Title Chamber Symphony No.2
Name Translations Symphonie de chambre nº 2; Chamber Symphony No. 2; 2. Kammersinfonie; 室内交響曲第2番; Ĉambra Simfonio n-ro 2; 실내 교향곡 2번
Name Aliases Kammersymphonie
Authorities Wikipedia; BNF: 13932163d
Composer Schoenberg, Arnold
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. Op.38
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IAS 10
Key E-flat minor and G major
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 2 movements
  1. Adagio
  2. Con fuoco
Year/Date of CompositionY/D of Comp. 1906 (begun, sketched), taken up again and completed August–October 1939
First Performance. 1940 December 14 or 15, New York, Carnegie Hall
Fritz Stiedry, conducting the Orchestra of the Friends of New Music
First Publication. 1952
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Early 20th century
Piece Style Early 20th century
Instrumentation Chamber orchestra
2 flutes (2nd also piccolo), 2 oboes (2nd also English horn), 2 clarinets (in B), 2 bassoons,
2 horns (in F), 2 trumpets (in C), strings (in practice,
External Links Schoenberg.at
Wikipedia article
Musicsalesclassical.com (with perusal score)

Misc. Comments

Version history from Schoenberg.at:

  1. Frühfassung (1907/1908) (sketches)
  2. Endfassung (1939)
  3. Fassung für kleines Orchester (1907/1908/1939)
  4. Fassung für zwei Klaviere (op. 38B; 1942)

Also from Schoenberg.at: "Skizzierung und fragmentarische Niederschrift der Frühfassung 1906-1908; Wiederaufnahme der Arbeit 1911 und 1916; Skizzierung und Reinschrift der Endfassung 1939 (Abschluß des I. Satzes am 15. August 1939, des II. am 21. Oktober 1939), danach Skizzierung eines III. Satzes; Fassung für zwei Klaviere 1941-1942 "