La virtù trionfante dell'amore e dell'odio, ovvero il Tigrane, RV 740 (Various)

Collaborative Work
This work was co-authored by Benedetto Micheli (Act I), Antonio Vivaldi (Act II) & Nicola Romaldi (Act III).

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Irishmaestro (2019/3/7)

Publisher. Info. Holograph manuscript, n.d.
Misc. Notes Biblioteca Nazionale di Torino, Giordano 37
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PDF scanned by Unknown
Tito Manlio (2014/11/30)

PDF scanned by Unknown
Tito Manlio (2014/11/30)

Editor Azio Corghi
Publisher. Info. Milano: G. Ricordi & C., 1970. Plate P.R. 131669.

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Publisher. Info. Rome: Bernabò, 1724.
Misc. Notes University of North Carolina, Music Library, Chapel Hill (US-CHH): IOLC-00127
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General Information

Work Title La virtù trionfante dell'amore e dell'odio, ovvero il Tigrane
Alternative. Title
Name Translations Տիգրան (Վիվալդի); Il Tigrane; La virtù trionfante dell’amore e dell’odio overo Il Tigrane; La virtù trionfante dell'amore e dell'odio overo Il Tigrane
Name Aliases Տիգրան (օպերա)՝ Վիվալդի; Տիգրան (Վիվալդիի օպերա); Tigran (opera); La virtù trionfante dell’amore e dell’odio, overo Il Tigrane; La virtù trionfante dell’amore e dell’odio; Triumph of virtue over love and hate; Virtù trionfante dell'amore, e dell'odio; Tigrane; La virtù trionfante
Authorities WorldCat; Wikipedia; VIAF: 184943563; LCCN: no2005023882; GND: 1152890298; BNF: 150002608
Composer Various
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. RV 740
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 3 acts
First Performance. 1724, Carnival in Rome, Teatro Capranica
Premiere Cast
Antonio Barbieri (Mitridate)
Paolo Mariani (Tigrane)
Giacinto Fontana (Cleopatra)
Giovanni Ossi (Oronte)
Girolamo Bertoluzzi (Apamia)
Carlo Pera (Clearte)
Pietro Mozzi (Arbante)
Librettist Francesco Silvani
Language Italian
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation voices, orchestra
Cleopatra (soprano)
Oronte (soprano)
Apamia (soprano)
Clearte (soprano)
Tigrane (alto)
Mitridate (tenor)
Arbante (bass)
strings, continuo (according to only extant manuscript of Vivaldi's Act II)
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