List of works by Max Reger

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Source: Stein, Fritz Wilhelm. Thematisches Verzeichnis der im Druck erschienenen Werke von Max Reger, einschliesslich seiner Bearbeitungen und Ausgaben. Mit systematischem Verzeichnis und Registern. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1953.


Works with Opus Number

The following is a list of compositions ordered by opus number

Works by Genre

Chamber and Instrumental Music

Violin solo

Viola solo

Cello solo

Violin and piano

  1. No. 6 in D minor
  2. No. 7 in A major

Viola/Clarinet and piano

Cello and piano

Flute and Piano

Two Violins

Trios without piano

Piano Trios

String Quartets

  • Quartet No. "0" in D minor (with optional double bass in finale) (1888-89)
  • Op.54 - 2 Quartets (1901)
  1. G minor
  2. A major

Piano Quartets



Wind ensemble

Keyboard Music

Piano Solo

Piano 4 Hands

Two Pianos


Orchestral Music



Choir and Orchestra

Vocal Music


Other Vocal


Miscellaneous (arrangements, adaptations, etc.)