List of works by Camille Saint-Saëns

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Opus# Year Genre Title Notes
Op.1 1852 Keyboard 3 Morceaux for harmonium
Op.2 1853 Orchestral Symphony No.1 in E-flat major
Op.3 1855 Keyboard 6 Bagatelles
Méditation d'après la 6ème Bagatelle (1892)
for piano
Op.4 1856 Choral Mass for soloists, choir, orchestra and organ
Op.5 1856 Choral Tantum ergo for 8 voices and organ
Op.6 1857 Concertante Tarantelle in A minor for flute, clarinet, and orchestra
Op.7 1866 Keyboard 3 Rhapsodies sur des cantiques bretons for organ
Op.7b 1891 Orchestral Rhapsodie bretonne for orchestra
Op.8 1858 Keyboard-Chamber 6 Duos for Harmonium and Piano
Op.8bis 1897 Keyboard-Chamber Duo for 2 Pianos
Op.9 1859 Keyboard Bénédiction nuptiale in F major for organ
Op.10 1860 Vocal Scène d'Horace for soprano, baritone, and orchestra
Op.11 1855 Keyboard-Chamber Duettino in G major for piano, four hands
Op.12 1858 Choral Oratorio de Noël
Op.13 1865 Keyboard Élévation ou communion in E major for organ
Op.14 1855 Chamber Piano Quintet in A minor
Op.15 1866 Chamber Serenade for piano, organ, violin, and viola or cello
Op.16 1862 Chamber Suite for Cello and Piano
Op.16bis 1919 Concertante Suite for Cello and Orchestra
Op.17 1858 Concertante Piano Concerto No.1 in D major
Op.18 1863 Chamber Piano Trio No.1 in F major
Op.19 1867 Choral Les Noces de Prométhée
Op.20 1859 Concertante Violin Concerto No.1 in A major
Op.21 1862 Keyboard Mazurka No.1 in G minor for piano
Op.22 1868 Concertante Piano Concerto No.2 in G minor
Op.23 1871 Keyboard Gavotte in C minor for piano
Op.24 1871 Keyboard Mazurka No.2 in G minor for piano
Op.25 1869 Orchestral Orient et Occident for orchestra
Op.26 1870 Vocal Mélodies persanes
Op.27 1868 Chamber Romance for piano, organ, and violin
Op.28 1863 Concertante Introduction et Rondo capriccioso for violin and orchestra
Op.29 1869 Concertante Piano Concerto No.3 in E-flat major
Allegro d'après le 3e Concerto
Op.30 1872 Opera La Princesse jaune Autograph full score digitized @ BNF.
Op.31 1869 Orchestral Le Rouet d'Omphale
Op.32 1872 Chamber Cello Sonata No.1 in C minor
Op.33 1872 Concertante Cello Concerto No.1 in A minor
Op.34 1870 Orchestral Marche Héroïque
Op.35 1874 Keyboard-Chamber Variations on a theme of Beethoven for two pianos
Op.36 1874 Concertante Romance in F major for horn and orchestra
Op.37 1871 Concertante Romance in D-flat major for flute and orchestra
Op.38 1871 Chamber Berceuse in B-flat major for violin and piano
Op.39 1873 Orchestral Phaéton for orchestra
Op.40 1874 Orchestral Danse macabre for orchestra
Op.41 1875 Chamber Piano Quartet in B-flat major
Op.42 1865 Choral Coeli enarrant Psaume XVIII for choir and orchestra
Op.43 1875 Chamber Allegro appassionato in B minor for cello and piano
Op.44 1875 Concertante Piano Concerto No.4 in C minor
Op.45 1875 Choral Le Déluge
Op.46 1876 Choral Les Soldats de Gédéon
Op.47 1877 Opera Samson et Dalila
Op.48 1874 Concertante Romance in C major for violin and orchestra
Op.49 1863 Orchestral Suite in D major for orchestra
Op.50 1877 Orchestral La Jeunesse d'Hercule for orchestra
Op.51 1877 Chamber Romance in D major for cello and piano
Op.52 1877 Keyboard 6 Études for piano
Op.53 1878 Choral 2 Choruses on texts by Hugo
Op.54 1878 Choral Requiem for soloists, choir and orchestra
Op.55 1859 Orchestral Symphony No.2 in A minor
Op.56 1872 Keyboard Menuet et Valse for piano
Op.57 1879 Choral La Lyre et la Harpe
Op.58 1858 Concertante Violin Concerto No.2 in C major
Op.59 1880 Keyboard-Chamber König Harald Harfagar for piano, four hands
Op.60 1880 Orchestral Suite algérienne
Op.61 1880 Concertante Violin Concerto No.3 in B minor
Allegro de Concert
Op.62 1880 Concertante Morceau de concert in G major for violin and orchestra
Op.63 1880 Orchestral Une nuit à Lisbonne in E-flat major for orchestra
Op.64 1880 Orchestral La jota aragonese for orchestra
Op.65 1881 Chamber Septet in E-flat major for trumpet, string quintet and piano
Op.66 1882 Keyboard Mazurka No.3 in B minor for piano
Op.67 1885 Chamber Romance for horn and piano
Op.68 1882 Choral 2 Chorales
Op.69 1881 Orchestral Hymne à Victor Hugo
Op.70 1884 Concertante Allegro appassionato in C minor for piano and orchestra
Op.71 1884 Choral 2 Chorales
Op.72 1884 Keyboard Album for piano
Op.73 1884 Concertante Rhapsodie d'Auvergne for piano and orchestra
Op.74 1885 Choral Saltarelle for male choir
Op.75 1885 Chamber Violin Sonata No.1 in D minor
Op.76 1885 Concertante Wedding Cake caprice-valse for piano and orchestra
Op.77 1886 Keyboard-Chamber Polonaise for two pianos
Op.78 1886 Orchestral Symphony No.3 in C minor ("Organ Symphony")
Op.79 1887 Chamber Caprice sur des airs danois et russes for flute, oboe, clarinet, and piano
Op.80 1887 Keyboard Souvenir d'Italie for piano
Op.81 1887 Keyboard-Chamber Feuillet d'Album for piano, four hands
Op.82 1887 Vocal La Fiancée du timbalier
Op.83 1887 Concertante Havanaise in E major for violin and orchestra
Op.84 1888 Choral Les Guerriers for choir
Op.85 1889 Keyboard Les Cloches du soir for piano
Op.86 1887 Keyboard-Chamber Pas redoublé for piano, four hands
Op.87 1889 Keyboard-Chamber Scherzo for two pianos
Op.88 1890 Keyboard Valse canariote in A minor for piano
Op.89 1891 Concertante Africa for piano and orchestra
Op.90 1891 Keyboard Suite in F major for piano
Op.91 1892 Chamber Chant saphique for cello and piano
Op.92 1892 Chamber Piano Trio No.2 in E minor for piano, violin, and cello
Op.93 1892 Orchestra Sarabande et rigaudon
Op.94 1887 Concertante Morceau de concert in F major for horn and orchestra
Op.95 1893 Instrumental Fantaisie for harp
Op.96 1894 Keyuboard-Chamber Caprice arabe for two pianos
Op.97 1894 Keyboard Thème varié for piano
Op.98 1894 Vocal Pallas Athénée for soprano and orchestra
Op.99 1894 Keyboard 3 Preludes and Fugues for organ
Op.100 1895 Keyboard Souvenir d'Ismaïlia for piano
Op.101 1895 Keyboard Fantaisie No.2 in D-flat major for organ
Op.102 1896 Chamber Violin Sonata No.2 in E-flat major
Op.103 1896 Concertante Piano Concerto No.5 in F major ("Egyptian")
Op.104 1896 Keyboard Valse mignonne for piano
Op.105 1896 Keyboard-Chamber Berceuse for piano, four hands
Op.106 1898 Keyboard-Chamber Caprice héroïque for two pianos
Op.107 1897 Keyboard Marche religieuse in F major for organ
Op.108 1897 Chamber Barcarolle for violin, cello, harmonium, and piano
Op.109 1898 Keyboard 3 Preludes and Fugues for organ
Op.110 1898 Keyboard Valse nonchalante for piano
Op.111 1899 Keyboard 6 Études for piano
Op.112 1899 Chamber String Quartet No.1 in E minor
Op.113 1899 Choral Chants d'automne
Op.114 1900 Choral La Nuit
Op.115 1900 Choral Le Feu céleste
Op.116 1900 Vocal Lola for soprano and orchestra
Op.117 1902 Orchestral Coronation March for Edward VII
Op.118 1902 Choral Romance du soir for choir
Op.119 1902 Concertante Cello Concerto No.2 in D minor
Op.120 1903 Keyboard Valse langoureuse for piano
Op.121 1903 Choral À la France unaccompanied male chorus, with mixed chorus ad lib
Op.122 1904 Concertante Caprice andalous in G major for violin and orchestra
Op.123 1905 Chamber Cello Sonata No.2 in F major
Op.124 1907 Chamber Fantaisie for violin and harp
Op.125 1908 Band Sur les bords du Nil Marche militaire. Composed Jan. 1908, Egypt. Published 1908 by Durand. Dedicated to the Khedive of Egypt.
Op.126 1906 Choral La Gloire de Corneille
Op.127 1908 Choral Laudate Dominum Psaume CL
Op.128 1908 Film Score L'Assassinat du Duc de Guise One of the earliest original film scores?
Op.129 1909 Choral Le Matin
Op.130 1908 Orchestral La Foi
Op.131 1911 Choral La gloire
Op.132 1910 Concertante La Muse et le Poète in E minor for violin, cello, and orchestra
Op.133 1910 Orchestral Ouverture de fête
Op.134 1912 Choral Aux aviateurs
Op.135 1912 Keyboard 6 Études for the left hand
Op.136 1912 Chamber Triptyque for violin and piano
Op.137 1912 Choral Aux mineurs
Op.138 1912 Choral Hymne au printemps
Op.139 1913 Keyboard Valse gaie for piano
Op.140 1913 Choral The Promised Land
Op.141 1913 Choral 2 Chorales
Op.142 1914 Choral Hymne au travail
Op.143 1915 Chamber Élégie No.1 for violin and piano
Op.144 1915 Chamber Cavatine in D-flat major for trombone and piano
Op.145 1914 Choral Ave Maria for choir and organ
Op.146 1915 Vocal La Cendre rouge
Op.147 1914 Choral Tu es Petrus for choir
Op.148 1915 Choral Quam Dilecta for choir and organ
Op.149 1916 Choral Laudate Dominum for choir
Op.150 1916-7 Keyboard 7 Improvisations for organ
Op.151 1917 Choral 3 Choeurs for female choir & piano
Op.152 1918 Band Vers la victoire
Op.153 1918 Chamber String Quartet No. 2 in G major
Op.154 1918 Concertante Morceau de concerto in G major for harp and orchestra
Op.155 1918 Keyboard-Chamber Marche interalliée for piano, four hands
Op.156 1919 Concertante Cyprès et lauriers for organ and orchestra
Op.157 1919 Keyboard Fantaisie No.3 in C major for organ
Op.158 1919 Chamber Prière for cello and organ
Op.159 1919 Vocal Hymne à la paix
Op.160 1920 Chamber Élégie No.2 for violin and piano
Op.161 1920 Keyboard 6 Fugues for piano
Op.162 1920 Concertante Odelette in D major for flute and orchestra
Op.163 1921 Keyboard Marche dédiée aux étudiants d'Alger
Op.164 1921 Choral Aux conquérants de l'air for 2 equal voices (chorus) and piano
Op.165 1921 Choral Le Printemps for 2 equal voices (chorus) and piano
Op.166 1921 Chamber Oboe Sonata in D major
Op.167 1921 Chamber Clarinet Sonata in E-flat major
Op.168 1921 Chamber Bassoon Sonata in G major
Op.169 1921 Keyboard Feuillet d'album for piano
(none) 1841 Keyboard Andante et berceuse pour piano en sol majeur R7 & R8. Autograph @ Gallica-BNF (digitized)
(none) 1842 Keyboard Allegretto pour piano en mi bémol majeur R15. Autograph @ Gallica-BNF (or anyway "manuscrit en partie autographe")
(none) 1847 Vocal Le golf de Baya pour soprano ou ténor Words by Lamartine, accompanied by piano. Autograph @ Gallica-BNF.
(none) 1850 Orchestral Symphony in A major
(none) 1852 Choral Ode à Sainte-Cécile
(none) 1854 Orchestral Ouverture d'un Opéra-Comique Inachevé
(none) 1856 Orchestral Symphony in F major ("Urbs Roma")
(none) 1857 Keyboard Fantaisie in E for organ
(none) 1858 Scène lyrique Macbeth
(none) 1860 Vocal Ave Maria in A
(none) 1860 ca. Vocal Ave Verum in E
(none) 1861, 1872 Keyboard Transcriptions of Bach's Works
(none) 1863 Keyboard La Prédication aux oiseaux for organ
(none) 1863 Orchestral Spartacus Overture in E-flat major
(none) 1864-77 Opera Le Timbre d'Argent
(none) 1865 Vocal Ave Maria in A
(none) 1867 Keyboard Caprice sur les airs de ballet d'Alceste de Gluck
(none) 1869 Keyboard Paraphrase sur Mandolinata de Paladilhe
(none) 1858-9 Keyboard 3 Transcriptions from Beethoven's String Quartets
(none) 1871 Keyboard Romance sans paroles
(none) 1877 ca. Choral Ave Verum in D
(none) 1879 Opera Étienne Marcel
(none) 1883 Opera Henry VIII
(none) 1885 Vocal Deus Abraham
(none) 1885 ca. Vocal Pie Jesu composé à l'occasion des Funérailles de L'Amiral Courbet. Pub. Durand, 1885
(none) 1886 Chamber Le Carnaval des animaux
(none) 1887-8 Opera Ascanio
(none) 1892-93 Opera Phryné
(none) 1894 Incidental Music Antigone Stage music
(none) 1895 Keyboard La mort de Thaïs Concert paraphrase
(none) 1896 Ballet Javotte
(none) 1898 Vocal Panis angelicus
(none) 1898 Déjanire Stage music
(none) 1910 c. Vocal La cigale et la fourmi
(none) 1900 Instrumental Cadenza for Beethoven's Violin Concerto
(none) 1900-1 Opera Les barbares
(none) 1901 Incidental Music Parysatis Stage music
(none) 1902-3 Opera Hélène
(none) 1903 Incidental Music Andromaque Stage music
(none) 1904 Choral Offertoire pour la Toussaint
(none) 1905 Opera L’ancêtre
(none) 1905 Choral Ode d’Horace unaccompanied male chorus
(none) 1909 Incidental Music La Fille du tourneur d'ivoire collected from previously composed works
(none) 1915 Orchestral Hail California
(none) 1917 Vocal Litanies de la Sainte Vierge
(none) 1918 ca. Chamber L'Air de la pendule
(none) 1879 Choral Psaume CXXXVI Super flumina Babylonis
(none) 1921 Vocal Vieilles chansons
  1. Temps nouveau
  2. Avril
  3. Villanelle
(none) 1891 Vocal Aimons-nous Song for voice and orchestra
(none) 1860 ca. Vocal Alla riva del Tebro Song for voice and piano
(none) 1918 Vocal Angélus Song for voice and orchestra
(none) 1903 Vocal L'arbre Song for voice and piano
(none) 1855 ca Vocal L'attente Song for voice and orchestra
(none) 1864 Vocal Le bonheur est chose légère Song for voice and piano

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