List of works by Nikolay Medtner

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This list contains all works published in Nikolay Medtner: Sobranie sochinenii (Moscow: Gosudarstvennoe Muzikal’noe Izdatel’stvo, 1959-1963) plus the Op.19 and Op.19a songs, the Sonatina of 1898, and lists all the rest not mentioned before found on Russiches Musikarchiv. For further details see


Works with opus number

Works lacking opus numbers

See eg. Nicolas Medtner, his life and music (p.9) (early Medtner manuscripts in the Glinka Museum)

Original works:

  • Sonatina in G minor for piano, 1898
  • Facon de parter for piano
  • 2 Cadenzas for Beethoven's Piano Concerto No.4, 1910
  • Moderato (con molto tenerezza) for piano
  • Etude in C minor for piano, 1912
  • P'yesa for piano, 1897
  • Präludium for piano, 1896-97
  • Marsch in C major for two pianos, 1897
  • Tale in D minor (Skazka/tale for piano), 1915
  • Ekspromt for piano, 1898
  • Piano Quintet in C major, first movement 1904-5, remainder composed periodically 1905-1948
  • Humoresque in F-sharp minor for piano, 1896
  • Postyudiya in B minor for piano
  • Marsch for piano
  • Etüde in E minor for piano, 1912?
  • Album leaf for piano, 1900
  • Postyudiya in C minor for piano
  • Musikalischer Moment for piano, 1896
  • Sonate in B minor for piano
  • Impromptu alla Mazurka for piano, 1897
  • Easy piano piece no.1 for piano, 1931?
  • Adagio funèbre for piano, 1894-95
  • Pastorale in C major for piano, 1896
  • Listok iz alboma for piano, 1900


  • Klavierkonzert No.1 for 2 pianos
  • Klavierkonzert No.2 for 2 pianos
  • Klavierkonzert No.3 for 2 pianos

Sketched, unfinished, lost, and projected works

  • Cäsarenzug - Sinfonisches Bild for orchestra?, 1900-06? (unfinished)
  • Konzertstück in D major for piano and orchestra, 1900 (unfinished)
  • Konzertstück/Fantasie in F minor for piano and orchestra, before 1900 (unfinished)
  • Klavierkonzert in G major, 1900 (fragment)
  • Piano Sonata in F minor, Op.5 (transcription for orchestra), before 1902 (only some sketches remain)
  • Vor Gericht, Op.15 No.6 (transcription for voice and orchestra), 1907 (fragment)
  • Symphony for orchestra?, 1907 (lost)
  • The forgotten melodies, Op.40 No.2 and No.6 (transcription for orchestra), 1917 (unfinished)
  • Nixen-Lied in D major for violin and piano, 1896-97 (only 29 bars remain)
  • Klagelied in F-sharp minor for violin and piano (mentioned in Medtner's sketchbook of 1905)
  • Violin sonata for violin and piano or solo violin? (lost; only known in Medtner's sketchbook of 1905)
  • Violin Sonata in G major for violin and piano or solo violin?, 1905? (only 104 bars completed, the rest of the sonata movement in sketches; maybe the same violin sonata as the one above?)
  • Songs of ophelia for violin and piano, 1905 (fragment; arrangement of, Op.14 no.1?)
  • Violin sonata in F major for violin and piano or solo violin?, 1906-07 (only some sketches remain; maybe the same violin sonata mentioned in Medtner's sketchbook of 1905)
  • Allegretto grazioso in A major for violin and piano
  • Violin Sonata in E major for violin and piano or solo violin? (only a small amount of sketches remain; possibly early sketches of sonata, Op.22; maybe the same violin sonata mentioned in Medtner's sketchbook of 1905)
  • Prelude in D minor for violin and piano (possibly sketches to the interlude of the sonata, Op.22)
  • String quartet "Overture in Sonatina form", 1896-1906 (only 68 bars remain)
  • Variations on "Greensleeves" for string quartet, 1897-98? (unfinished)
  • Piano quartet in D minor, 1902 (fragment)
  • Piano Trio in F major/D minor, 1902 (only one line remains)
  • Restless love - song after Goethe for voice and piano?, 1896? (sketch)
  • The autumn - song after Nietzsche for voice and piano?, 1897 (only a few lines remain)
  • My peace is gone "Elegy" - song after Goethe, 1903 (sketch)
  • Early Piano Works - (Tempo di Minuetto in D minor, Nocturne in G minor, G minor Lette novel, Romance erothique, Idyll in F minor, Marche), 1891-95 (sketch)
  • Song without words in C minor for piano, 1896 (only four bars remain)
  • Variations in F minor for piano, 1896-97 (only the theme and three variations remain)
  • Fantasia quasi una sonata in F minor for piano, 1897 (unfinished; only 106 bars completed)
  • Tempo di pollacca in F major for piano, 1898 (unfinished; only 9 bars completed)
  • Piano piece in F minor, 1898 (unfinished; only 28 bars completed)
  • Sonata in C minor for piano, 1901 (unfinished; only about 200 bars completed)
  • Sonata in B minor minor for piano, 1901 (short draft)
  • Sonata in E minor minor for piano, 1901 (short draft)
  • Tempo di marcia in C minor for piano, 1901 (unanimous sketch)
  • Étude à la Paganini in G minor for piano, 1901
  • Etude in F minor for piano, 1901
  • Marcia ostervenioso for piano, 1901 (six-bar sketch)
  • Vivace in A minor, 1902 (incomplete)
  • Mischief for piano, 1905 (only 11 bars completed)
  • Allegrissimo for piano, 1906-07
  • Canon à la Reger for piano, 1907 (only six bars remain)
  • Sonata in B minor for piano?, 1909 (brief sketch)
  • Pantheistic cantata - musical joke for piano and barking dogs, about 1912
  • Allegro in A minor for piano, about 1916 (fragment)
  • Etude in B minor for piano (fragment)
  • Sonata theme in F minor for piano? (only 28 bars completed)
  • Vision in E major for piano (only 27 bars completed)
  • Misterioso e con evolutio emozionalemente in F major for piano (only 10 bars completed)
  • Carol for piano (only 20 bars completed)
  • Fantaisie in C minor for piano (only 37 bars completed)