Louis Oertel

harp work cover 1891
clarinet work list ca.1900
cornet work ca.1920
trombone work ca.1910



Louis Oertel has operated in Hannover since 1878. It has two parts to its catalog: popular works mainly for piano, and solo instrumental works. Like C.F. Schmidt of Heilbronn and A.E. Fischer of Bremen it has a wide range of works for wind instruments such as clarinet (Reinhold Ritter, Johann Sobeck), horn (Kling) (see the cover of Kling 's Concerto brillant ) trombone and cornet (Stohr).
Note that Johannes Oertel of Munich, Hans Pfitzner's publisher, is a different company.

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  • Louis Oertel


  • Hermann-Löns-Str. 7 Buchholz Hannover

Plate Numbers

Louis Oertel's plate numbers are in the format of L. ### O. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
3719 Van der Stucken Idylle, Op.20 (f.s.) 1902
4322 Fetrás Walzer nach Motiven aus der Operette 'Frühlingsluft', Op.127 (for piano) 1904

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