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In 1855 Carl Friedrich Schmidt took over J. D. Claß's bookshop in Heilbronn am Markt and soon began specializing in the sale of music scores and books and publishing sheet music.
The late nineteenth century and early twentieth centuries appear to have been the firm's most prosperous time; most of the C.F. Schmidt scores on this site date from the 1890s to the 1920s. In the 1890s the firm began using the imprint Cefes edition, perhaps to distinguish itself from the publishers Arthur P. Schmidt of Boston, with a branch in Leipzig, Schmid Nachfolger of Munich, and Wilhelm Schmid of Nuremberg.

As for the type of repertoire it published, instrumental works for amateurs were its speciality, while songs, piano pieces and operas are absent.


Imprints, Agencies, Addresses


  • Verlag und Eigenthum von C.F. Schmidt, Heilbronn a\N.
  • Cefes edition


  • Heilbronn am Markt or Heilbronn a.N. or Heilbronn a/N (i.e., Heilbronn am Neckar) (1855–1989)
  • Renningen (1989–2011)
  • Bad Aibling (2011– )

Plate Numbers

Schmidt's plate numbers were issued in a regular chronological fashion. Plate numbers are in the format of C.F.S. ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
0012 Kross Die Kunst der Bogenführung, Op.40 1892
0052 Rudnick Lied ohne Worte, Op.33 1891
0090-91 Spohr Fantasy and Variations, Op.81 (parts) 1892
0150 Stark Grosse theoretisch praktische Klarinett-Schule, Op.49 1892
0236 Beethoven Piano Sonata No.8, Op.13 (Adagio cantabile for violin/piano)
0240 Haydn String Quartets, Op.50 (Adagio from No.5 for violin/piano) 1893
0302 Holzhaus Tarentelle, Op.6 (violin/piano score) 1893
0378 Schuppan Fantasiestück, Op.4
0403 Conradi Adagio e Rondo (flute/piano arr.) 1895
0445 Bergson Im Norden im Süden (clarinet/piano arr.) 1896
0454 Herold Serenade 1893
0471-2 Müller 22 Clarinet Etudes 1893
0547-48 Kudelski Concertino for Horn and Orchestra (horn/piano arr.) 1896
0572-73 Sachse Concertino (trombone/piano arr.) 1896
0612 Szuk Serenade, Op.9 1894
0632 Beethoven Piano Sonata No.8, Op.13 (Adagio cantabile for flute/piano) 1895
0710 Kross Die Kunst der Bogenführung, Op.40 (for viola)
0750 Rubinstein 2 Mélodies, Op.3 (no.1 arr. string quartet) 1895
0769 Haydn String Quartets, Op.50 (Adagio from No.5 for flute/piano) 1895
0825 Balfe Malibran's Favorite Aria (arr. for oboe & piano) 1895
0825 Wetzger Am Waldesbach : Idylle, Op. 33 n.d.
0915 Jüttner Legende, Op.8 (violin/piano score)
0939 Klose Frühlingstraum, Op.42 (violin/piano score) 1898 ?
1245 Beethoven Romance in G major, Op.40 (violin/piano) 1896
1254-55 Spohr Clarinet Concerto No.4 (arr. of Larghetto) 1896
1295 Beethoven Romance in G major, Op.40 (flute/piano) 1896
1262 Jüttner Legende, Op.8 (viola part) 1896
1267-70 Klose Frühlingstraum, Op.42 (flute part) 1896
1275 Tillmetz Concertstück, Op.23 1896
1315 Heinemeyer Souvenir de la Russie, Op.3 (flute part)
1316 Ciardi Andante und Variationen
1423 Klose Frühlingstraum, Op.42 (violin 2 part)
1430 Stark Grosse theoretisch praktische Klarinett-Schule, Op.49 (Bassoon part for Sonata in G minor) 1897
1456 Boccherini 6 String Quartets, G.201-206 (Op.32) (G.204 (Op.32 No.4)) 1897
1466 Campagnoli Romanze in A major (piano score/violin part) 1897
1469 Campagnoli Romanze in A major (viola part) 1897
1631 Goepfart Trio for 2 Violins and Viola, Op.73 1897
1841 Sommer String Trio No.2, Op.5 (parts) 1899
1842 Sommer String Trio No.3, Op.8 (parts) 1899
1843 Sommer String Quartet No.3, Op.3 (parts) 1899
1890 Mozart Oboe Concerto in E-flat major, K.Anh.C 14.06 (arr. for oboe and piano) 1899
1940 Holzhaus Tarentelle, Op.6 (flute part) 1899
2047 Schumann Albumblätter, Op.124 (no.18 arr. piano quintet) 1899
2090 Simandl Fantasie über böhmische Nationallieder, Op.32 (double bass part) 1899
2126 Simandl 30 Etudes for the Double Bass 1900
2136 Czibulka An Dich! Valse Serenade, Op.390 (arr. for piano trio) 1899
2325-6 Wetzger Die Elfen, Op.30 1900
2341-2 Wallace Happy Birdling of the Forest, Op.63 (arr. for flute & piano) 1900
2352-6 Wetzger Avant et Retour, Op.32 1900
2502-3 Demersseman Grand Air Varié No.1, Op.3 1900
2504-5 Demersseman Introduction et Variations sur le 'Carneval de Venise', Op.7 1900
2506-7 Demersseman Solo de Concert No.3, Op.21 1900
2511-2 Demersseman Grande fantaisie de concert sur 'Oberon', Op.52 1900
2515-6 Demersseman Solo de Concert No.6, Op.82 1900
2517 Sommer String Quintet, Op.12 (parts) 1900
2564 Heinemeyer Souvenir de la Russie, Op.3 (piano score)
2602-03 Balfe Malibran's Favorite Aria (arr. for flute & piano)
2860 Wetzger Am Waldesbach, Op.33 n.d.
2862-64 Schumann Symphony No.4, Op.120 (Romanza arr. flute or violin and piano)
3000 Heim Wind Quintet 1903
3106 Winkler Flute Concerto, Op.5 (arr. for flute & piano) 1904
3260-64 Wetzger Götterfunken, Op.34 1904
3265 Mückenberger Der Schäfer und die Schäferin 1904
3266 Friedemann Ehestandsgeplauder, Op.54 1904
3331-02 Eichborn Die Fischer von Grado, Op.61 (arr. for flute & piano)
3536-38 Eichborn Sérénade du jeune Werther, Op.63
3747/49 Guenther Romanze, Op.10 (arr.fl/pf) 1907
3907 Palaschko 10 Viola Studies, Op.49 1910
3940 Heidrich Trio, Op.33 (parts for clarinet edition) 1911
3950 Heidrich Trio, Op.33 (parts for violin edition) 1911/2
4318 Findeisen Elegie, Op.19 1922
4319 Findeisen Double Bass Concerto No.1, Op.15 (double bass/piano reduction) 1922
4320 Findeisen Romantische Suite, Op.10 1922
4329-30 Stark Serenade, Op.55 1922
4391 Findeisen Double Bass Concerto No.2, Op.25 (double bass/piano reduction) 1926
4442 Domansky Wind Quintet No.1 (parts)

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