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Francois Millereau (1832-92) established his own brass instrument making firm in 1861 after working for Besson. His employee Herman Schoenaers married his daughter Josephine in 1891 and took over the firm in 1913. After Schoenaers had managed the firm for nearly 20 years he sold it to the bigger rival Selmer in 1930.

Like several of his competitors, (for example Sudre, Evette & Schaeffer, Buffet-Crampon), F. Millereau set up a publishing division producing solo and band music (harmonie and fanfare) for his instruments. These included important methods such as Altès for flute, Dauverné for trumpet, Delisse for trombone, Garigue for horn and Salabert for tuba.


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  • Millereau
  • H. Schoenaers-Millereau


  • 66 Rue d'Angoulême Paris

Plate Numbers

Millereau's plate numbers are in the format of M. #### or M. #### S. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
116 Colin Solo de concours No.1, Op.33
148 Altès Solo No.7, Op.32 1882
238 Colin Solo de concours No.3, Op.40 1884
239 Colin Solo de concours No.4, Op.44 1884
257 Altès Solo No.8, Op.34 1884
? Colin Solo de concours No.8, Op.52 1886
388 Altès Solo No.9, Op.35 1886
398 Chopin Nocturnes, Op.9 (arr. Delisse for trombone) 1886
403 Provent Menuet No.1 pour piano 1886
424 Chrétien Wind Quintet 1887
453 Wettge Deuxième fantaisie de concert 1887
538 Guarigue Grande Méthode de cor en fa à deux et à trois pistons 1888
546 Altès Solo No.10, Op.36 1888
549 Bidegain Polonaise 1888
558 Wettge Solo No.1 1888
616 Bidegain La corsoise 1889
632 Pfeiffer Concertstück, Op.113 1889
651 Massenet Les Érinnyes (Entr'acte, arr. Momméja) 1889
841 Bidegain Violettes des bois (arr. piano) 1891
1004 Tourneur Caprice de concert No.1 1894
1188 Senée Prélude, Andante et Rondo 1897
1218 Mohr 12 Horn Studies
1238 Joncières Solo pour cor en fa 1898


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