Buffet-Crampon Goumas cover 1872
Buffet-Crampon Evette Schaeffer cover 1926
Buffet-Crampon cover 1937



Buffet-Crampon the woodwind instrument maker was founded by Jean-Louis Buffet in 1836. Although it is not mentioned on their web page, the company, like Rudall, Carte in London, published sheet music for its instruments. It took over the catalog of the military band publisher P. Goumas (founded 1854) in the 1870s and Evette & Schaeffer in 1885. Publishing stopped in 1939.

The 1898 catalog features about 200 works, by Louis Adolphe Mayeur and Jules Pillevestre for various woodwinds, Hyacinthe Eléonore Klosé for clarinet, Leon Fontbonne and Jean-Louis Tulou for flute, Eugene Jancourt for bassoon and Louis Adolphe Mayeur for saxophone.


Imprints, Agencies, Addresses


  • Buffet-Crampon
  • Buffet-Crampon Goumas
  • Buffet-Crampon anc. Evette & Schaeffer (ca. 1900-)
  • Buffet-Crampon et Cie


  • 18-20 Passage du Grand Cerf, Paris

Plate Numbers

Buffet-Crampon's plate numbers are in the format of B.C. #### I (early plates in the format ####). Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
1237 Mayeur Lafleurance 1883
1875 Balay La vallée silencieuse
1876 Balay L'Aurore sur la forêt
2150 Büsser Fantaisie sur des thèmes écossais, Op.70 1923
2620 Le Borne Piano Quintet, Op.72 1926
2837 Delcroix Caprice, Op.72 1927
3376 Leclercq Concertino No.1 1929
3402 Barat Pièce in G minor
3404 Barat Fantaisie romantique
3412 Pierné Suite pittoresque
3454 Emmanuel Cornet Sonata, Op.29 1937

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