Mládí (Janáček, Leoš)




MP3 file (audio)
Carolus (2010/11/14)

Performer Pages Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet (Ensemble)
Felix Skowronek (flute)
Laila Storch (oboe)
William McColl (clarinet)
Christopher Leuba (horn)
Arthur Grossman (bassoon)
Performers with William O. Smith, clarinet
Publisher Info. Pandora Records/Al Goldstein Archive
Misc. Notes Performed April 1972.
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Sheet Music

Scores and Parts

PDF scanned by Unknown
Daphnis (2015/9/30)

Publisher. Info. Prague: Hudební Matice, 1925. Plate H. M. 341.
2nd rev. ed., 1947.
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PDF scanned by Unknown
Daphnis (2015/6/4)

6 more: Flute/Piccolo • Oboe • Clarinet (B♭) • Bass Clarinet (B♭) • Bassoon • Horn (F)

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Sallen112 (2015/10/1)

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Sallen112 (2015/10/1)

PDF scanned by Unknown
Sallen112 (2015/10/1)

PDF scanned by Unknown
Sallen112 (2015/10/1)

PDF scanned by Unknown
Sallen112 (2015/10/1)

PDF scanned by Unknown
Sallen112 (2015/10/1)

Publisher. Info. Prague: Hudební Matice, [1958]. Plate H. 2609.
Reprinted New York: International Music Co., 1970. Catalog 3104.
Misc. Notes Plate here is "H.", which says "post-nationalization", Editio Supraphon plate- see relevant table. Copyright date may lack possibly because of the absence of the relevant scanned page (cover/title page with the copyright and date, e.g.) rather than absence of information, so "n.d." has been omitted until more information can be acquired. WorldCat strongly suggests 1958 is the date of the parts reprinted by I.M. Co. here. PDF split of Daphnis's "Complete Parts" file (#380530) by Sallen112.
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General Information

Work Title Mládí
Alternative. Title Youth . Suita pro dechové nástroje.
Composer Janáček, Leoš
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. JW 7/10
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. ILJ 14
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 4 movements:
I. Allegro (Eighth-note.png・= 144) - Meno mosso (♪ = 72) - Tempo I (Eighth-note.png・= 144) - Un poco più mosso (= 160) -
Meno mosso (= 60)/Allegro (♪ = 72) - Poco più mosso (= 176) - Adagio - Presto (= 192) [a una battuta]
II. Andante sostenuto (= 72) - Più mosso (= 132) - Tempo I. (= 72) - Più mosso (Half note.png = 126) -
Tempo I. (= 72)/Più mosso (Half note.png = 120)/Meno mosso (Half note.png = 80)/Tempo I. (= 72)/Meno mosso/Adagio
III. Vivace (= 160)/Meno mosso (= 100) - Tempo I. (Vivace) (= 160)/
Meno mosso (= 100)/Tempo meno mosso - Tempo I. (Vivace) (= 160)
IV. Allegro animato (♩‧ = 132)/Meno mosso (= 88)/Più mosso (♩‧ = 126)/Meno mosso (= 72) -
Vivace (Half note.png ‧ = 132) [a una battuta] - Meno mosso (♪ = 72) - Tempo meno mosso (♩‧ = 72) -
Più mosso (= 132) - Un poco meno mosso (♩‧ = 120) - Presto (Half note.png ‧ = 152) [a una battuta]/
Prestissimo (Half note.png = 171)/Meno mosso/Prestissimo
Year/Date of CompositionY/D of Comp. 1924, Composed July 1924; revised during rehearsals, autumn 1924
First Performance. 1924-10-21
Brno, Besední dům
First Publication. 1925
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Romantic
Piece Style Early 20th century
Instrumentation flute, oboe, clarinet (B), bass clarinet (B), bassoon, horn (F)
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All Music Guide

Misc. Comments

All Music Guide refers to this as a "suite" for wind sextet, but the title "suite" is theirs, not the composer's, I believe. (Contrast a work such as e.g. Zemlinsky's 4th string quartet (1936) where "suite" is indeed on some of the autograph manuscript material, though in that particular case not on the first published score of (!) 1977 (which consulted only some of that material- parts, not score, iirc.))

Suite: is on the Hudebni Matice 1947 score, too. Whether Janacek used the term/whether it's on the 1925 score - WorldCat seems to suggest so.