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This Viennese publisher was active from 1798 to 1838, and was thus in competition with Pietro Mechetti, Diabelli, and Artaria.
Tranquillo Maria Laurentio Mollo (1767-1837), from Italian Switzerland, worked for Artaria & Co. (owned by Carlo and Francesco Artaria) in Vienna from 1792, but became its co-owner, with Giovanni Cappi, in 1793. A few years later, on July 14th 1798 Mollo left Artaria to found, with Franz Bernardini, T. Mollo & Co., which was a publisher not only of scores, but also art prints. Soon Bernardini left, and was replaced by Domenico Artaria, Francesco’s son, in 1801. Like Bernardini, Domenico Artaria soon went his own way (1804). From 1832 to 1839 Mollo’s sons Eduard (1799–1842) and Florian (1803–1869) managed the firm. However, soon after Mollo senior's death, the sons joined Witzendorf (1842 to 1871).
The main activity was map and globe production, but prints of landscapes and local costumes by Wilhelm Friedrich Schlotterbeck were also popular. Among the scores published were some by Beethoven, such as the Quartets Op.18 and the Septet Op.20. Other composers included Pichl, Rolla, Mestrino and Hansel .


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T. Mollo
T. Mollo & Co.
1832-1839 Kunst- und Musikalienhandlung Tranquillo Mollo's Söhne


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