Music for Children, Op.65 (Prokofiev, Sergey)

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PDF scanned by Unknown
Feldmahler (2006/8/31)

Editor First edition
Publisher. Info. Paris: Editions Russes de Musique, 1935. Plate R.M.V. 617-628.
Reprinted London: Boosey & Hawkes, n.d.(after 1947). Plate B. & H. 16,889.
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PDF scanned by Unknown
Madcapellan (2011/11/16)

Editor Levon Atovmyan (1901-1973)
Publisher. Info. Collected Works (Собрание сочинений), Vol.1 (pp.191-216)
Moscow: Muzgiz, 1955. Plate M. 23404 Г.

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Reprinted New York: E.F. Kalmus, n.d.(ca.1960). (later Belwin-Mills, Alfred)
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General Information

Work Title Music for Children
Alternative. Title Music for Children. 12 Easy Pieces for Piano
Детская музыка. 12 легких пьес для ф-п.:
Name Translations Musiques d'enfants; Musik für Kinder; Детская музыка; Μουσική για Παιδιά
Name Aliases Zwölf Kinderstücke; Douze pièces enfantines; Music for Children. 12 Easy Pieces for Piano; Детская музыка. 12 легких пьес для ф-п.
Composer Prokofiev, Sergey
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. Op.65
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. ISP 20
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 12 pieces:
  1. Morning (Утро)
  2. Promenade (Прогулка)
  3. A Little Story (Сказочка)
  4. Tarantella (Тарантелла)
  5. Regret (Раскаяние)
  6. Waltz (Вальс)
  7. Parade of the Grasshoppers (Шествие кузнечиков)
  8. The Rain and the Rainbow (Дождь и радуга)
  9. Playing Tag (Пятнашки)
  10. March (Марш)
  11. Evening (Вечер)
  12. The Moon Strolls in the Meadow (Ходит месяц над лугами)
Year/Date of CompositionY/D of Comp. 1935
First Performance. 1936-04-11 in Moscow: Sergey Prokofiev (piano)
First Publication. 1935 - Berlin: Editions Russes de Musique. Plates R.M.V. 617–628.
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Early 20th century
Piece Style Early 20th century
Instrumentation Piano
Related Works Selections arranged for orchestra by the composer as A Summer Day, Op.65bis.
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