Musikverlag Lyra

cover 1912
Decorative cover for Translateur's own work 1911



The composer Siegfried Translateur (1875–1944) founded this Firm in Berlin in 1911. It published popular works, mainly waltzes and marches, including most of the founder's output. The founder's son took it over in 1933 and renamed it Musikverlag Lyra Translateur & Co. As a half-Jew the 75-year old founder had to finally sell his company to Bosworth & Co. in 1938. In this way Lyra's works such as „Blaue Pavillon“ (José Armandola), „Flöten-Serenade“ (Marc Roland) and Translateur's own „Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt“, „Hochzeitszug in Liliput“ and the waltz „Was Blumen träumen“ passed into Bosworth's catalog.


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