Novello's Octavo Edition of Trios, Quartets &c. for Female Voices

typical work (1902)



This British series of secular and sacred works, mainly arrangements, started in the 1870s. The composers were both continental and British. The works were generally for SSA piano or SSAA piano.

Arrangers and Editors




7. The Wood Nymphs (Smart, Henry Thomas)
9. Evening (Smart, Henry Thomas)
23. Ave Maria : from the unfinished opera "Loreley" (Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix)
30. Ave Maria (Marchetti, Filippo)
43. Rise Again, Glad Summer Sun (Leslie, Henry)
48. The mermaids : trio for female voices (Walmisley, Thomas Attwood)
71. Day is at last departing (Op. 184.) (Raff, Joachim)
149.The winter hath not a blossom (Reinecke, Carl)
183. 4 Songs, Op.17 (Brahms, Johannes)
190. Sympathy Op. 26. (Schweizer, Otto)
219. Remember now thy creator (Bennett, William Sterndale)
220. Cast thy bread upon the waters (Bennett, William Sterndale)
236. Albion (Wurm, Mary)
259. The Wood-Nymphs' Call (Buck, Percy Carter) Ss
271. My true love hath my heart (Cruickshank, W.A.C.)
287. Sorrow not, why art thou weeping : Ballad, One day there came from Lochlin : no. 4, no. 5 (Gade, Niels Wilhelm)
306. The Snow, Op.26, No.1 (Elgar, Edward)
307. Fly, Singing Bird Op.26, No.2 (Elgar, Edward)
335. Barcarolle op. 44, book I, no. 3 (Brahms, Johannes)
345. Ulysses, Op.49 (Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel)
354. 4 Songs of Innocence (Davies, Walford)
382. Encinctured with a Twine of Leaves (Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel)
383. What Can Lambkins Do? (Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel)
458. Three Hymns from "Pan's Anniversary" (Shaw, Geoffrey Turton)
433. Hulda (Franck, César)
462. My love dwelt in a Northern land, Op.18, No.3 (Elgar, Edward)
466. Corinna (Boyce, Ethel Mary)
469. In This Hour of Softened Splendour (Pinsuti, Ciro)
479. What Saith My Daintie Darling? (Morley, Thomas)
494. Who Liveth so Merry (Fletcher, Percy Eastman)
495. Ye Dainty Nymphs (Boyce, Ethel Mary)
497. Now is the Month of Maying (Webber, Amherst)
499. How far is it to Bethlehem? (Shaw, Geoffrey Turton)
504. How Calmly the Evening (Elgar, Edward)
517. As torrents in summer (Elgar, Edward)
521. A Song of Rest (Davies, Walford)
537. Weary Wind of the West (Elgar, Edward)
544. All Creatures Now are Merry-minded (Bennet, John)
547. The Earth is the Lord's (Walker, Ernest)
558. The Lass with the Delicate Air (Arne, Michael)
567. The Summer Night (Dunhill, Thomas)