Paul Decourcelle

Color cover, 1895 with Decourcelle's pseudonym Heinrich Tellam
Typical cover, 1906
Gillet work cover
Serious work cover



This firm was founded in Nice in 1882 by the composer Paul Decourcelle (1854-1940), and was very active in the publication of light pieces for piano, violin, and salon orchestra, in the first instance supplying works for the many cafe and hotel orchestras of the Cote d'Azur. The French national library catalog lists 635 works, mainly between 1882 and 1950.

The main composers were Alfredo D'Ambrosio (violin, 1874-1914) Ernest Gillet (1856—1940), Paul Decourcelle using his own name or the pseudonym Heinrich Tellam, Gabriel Bonincontro (1878-1963), Edouard Mathé (1863-1936), Charles Coda (d. 1924), and Georges Picquet (1865-1940).

Around 1918 Decourcelle acquired the Parisian publisher S. Bornemann.

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  • Paul Decourcelle


  • Nice
  • Paris (ca.1918- )

Plate Numbers

Paul Decourcelle's plate numbers are of the format of P.D. ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
0081 Gelli String Quartet in D major (parts) 1888
0098 Decourcelle Le Corso blanc 1889
0155 Gillet Patrouille enfantine pour piano 1891
0339 Decourcelle Valse des Serpentins 1895
0416 D'Ambrosio 4 Pièces d'orchestre, Op.3 1897
0551 D'Ambrosio Suite, Op.8 (parts) 1900
0691 D'Ambrosio Novelletta No.1, Op.16 (first ed.) 1902
0720 Goens Cello Concerto No.2, Op.30 (full score) 1903
0776 Desjoyeaux Piano Quintet (sc&pts) 1904
0919 Milok Folie d'un jour ! 1907
0946 D'Ambrosio String Quartet, Op.42 (parts) 1908
1031 Courras Sonnet, Op.31 1910
1343 D'Ambrosio Novelletta No.1, Op.16 (arr. vn & str qnt) 1920
1492 Gillet Idylle (arr. violin & piano)

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