London publisher founded by John Preston (d.1798), and first listed in a directory of 1774, having premises at 9 Banbury Court, Long Acre. John Preston was also an instrument maker and seller, and is well known for his 'English Guitars' or citterns (see Category:Scores featuring the cittern).
Preston's son, Thomas (d.1834), joined the business in 1789, when the firm also bought up the plates and stock of Robert Bremner, and had additional premises at Exeter Change. In a rare biographical note, John Stafford Smith has an interesting footnote on page 4 of his Musica Antiqua: "It would be injustice not to notice, on this occasion, the liberality of the publisher, Mr. Preston; who, in consideration of the difficulty in engraving music and words so nearly unintelligible, has, paid the engraver a great price for engraving these plates."

By 1837 Coventry & Hollier had bought up the firm, and continued to publish Preston's old plates for a while; they in turn were bought up by Novello ca.1850.

Imprints, Addresses

  • John Preston, 105, Strand - ca.1776-1777
  • John Preston, 97, Strand - ca.1778-1789
"Printed & sold by John Preston at his Music Warehouse Nº.97, Strand"
"Printed & sold by J. Preston, at his Music Warehouse, No.97, Strand"
"Printed & sold by Preston, at his Music Warehouse, No.97, Strand"
  • Preston & Son, 97, Strand - ca.1789-1798
"Printed & Sold by Preston & Son at their Wholesale Warehouses, No.97, Strand"
"Sold by Preston & Son at their Warehouses, 97, Strand & Exeter Change" (ca.1797)
  • Thomas Preston, 97, Strand - ca.1798-1801
  • Preston, 97, Strand - ca.1801-1822
"Printed & Sold by Preston at his Wholesale Warehouses, 97, Strand"
  • Preston, 71, Dean Street - ca.1822-1833

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Corelli 12 Violin Sonatas, Op.5 1789

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