Re-discovered Classics for Piano (Henderson, Archibald Martin)

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Publisher. Info. London: Boosey & Hawkes, 1931. Plate H. 13347, 13377, 13406, 13411, 13449.
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General Information

Work Title Re-discovered classics for Piano
Alternative. Title
Composer Henderson, Archibald Martin
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 6 volumes
  • Book 1
Hünten: Melody in C
Pleyel: Minuet and Trio in C
Diabelli: Andante in B flat (Sonatina No. 3)
Hünten: Chanson Rustique
Mozart: Minuet in F
Concone: Springtime (Etudes Melodiques, Op.24)
Clementi: Andante in B flat (Op. 36, No. 4)
Rebikov: The Soldiers Pass
Purcell: Minuet in G
Le Couppey: Rustic Dance
Purcell: Trumpet Tune in D
Bach: March in D
Diabelli: Rondino in C
Heller: Duetto (Op.47, No. 15)
Hünten: Quick March
Mozart: Polonaise in F (Sonatina in F)
Beethoven: Sonatina in F
Pachulski: Valse Mignonne
Heller: In a Thoughtful Mood (Op. 47, No. 1)
  • Book 2
Lemoine: Moto Perpetuo (Petite Etude)
Bach: Prelude in F (12 Short Preludes, No. 8)
Rebikov: The Little Shepherd
Mozart: Minuet in G
Kullak: Dance on the Green (Op. 62, No. 6)
Heller: Chanson (Op. 47, No. 21)
Schubert: Intermezzo in G (" Rosamunde ")
Heller: Remembrance (Op. 82, No. 3)
Steibelt: Turkish Rondo
Glière: Rondino in B minor
Beethoven: Adagio in F (Unfinished Sonata)
Pachulski: Song of the Reapers
Beethoven: Andante in G minor (Sonata, Op. 79)
Heller: At Evening (Song-without-Words, Op. 138)
Kullak: Polonaise (Op. 81, No. 4)
Heller: Oberon's Horn
  • Book 3
Haydn: Menuetto Al Rovescio (previously unpublished)
Haydn: Finale-Presto (Sonata in A major)
Purcell: Gavotte in G major
Beethoven: Peasant Dance (Landler)
Heller: Song-Without-Words
Mozart: Waltz in D
Hiller: Polonaise in (Op. 117, No. 3)
Bach: Prelude in D (6 Short Preludes, No. 4)
Schubert: Waltz in A flat (Landler)
Dussek: Minuetto
Pachulski: Perpetuum Mobile (Petite Etude)
Cramer: Variations on an Old English Air
Raff: Fabliau (Op. 75, No. 2)
  • Book 4
Bach: Prelude in C (6 Short Preludes, No. 1)
Bach: The Postillion's Song
Chopin: Two Preludes (Nos. 7 and 20 ; A major and C minor)
Clementi: Adagio in C (Sonata, Op. 39, No. 2)
Gade: Novellette (" Aquarellen ", Op. 19)
Galuppi: Adagio in D (Sonata in D)
Glière: Melodie in A flat
Glière: Prelude in D flat
Haydn: Andante in E minor (Sonata in E), previously unpublished
Haydn: Minuet and Trio (Sonata in A flat)
Heller: Prelude in C sharp minor (Op. 81, No. 10)
Jensen: Hungarian Melody (Op. 33, No. 13)
Purcell: Air on a Ground Bass
Rubinstein: Romance in E flat (Op. 44, No. 1)
  • Book 5
Arnold: Gigue in A
Wesley: Gavotte in F
Wesley: Pastorale in C
Rossi: Aria in G
Rubinstein: Barcarolle in G minor (Op. 50)
Pachulski: Valse Gracieuse
Bach: Sarabande in G (Fifth French Suite)
Heller: Prelude in D flat (Op. 81, No. 15)
Mozart: Minuet in D
Clementi: Adagio in B flat (Sonata in F)
Cramer: Romance Variee (Air with Variations) in B flat
  • Book 6
Haydn: Adagio in F
Cramer: Adagio in B flat (Sonata, Op. 6, No. 3)
Beethoven: Minuet in B flat
Raff: Polka in C minor (Suite, Op. 71)
Bach: Preambule in G (Partita, No. 5)
Heller: Allegro Risoluto in D minor (Nuits Blanches, Op. 82, No. 16)
Schumann: The Prophet Bird (Waldscenen, Op. 82)
Brahms: Gavotte in A
First Publication. 1931
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Romantic
Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation piano