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PDF scanned by F-Pn
Tim.willis1685 (2015/6/5)

PDF scanned by F-Pn
Tim.willis1685 (2015/6/5)

PDF scanned by F-Pn
Tim.willis1685 (2015/6/5)

Copyist Franz Rost (ca.1640-1696)
Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.(ca.1680-88).
Misc. Notes Occasional damage to the paper means that some of the music is incomplete.
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General Information

Work Title Rost Codex
Alternative. Title Manuscrit Rost
Composer Rost, Franz
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 156 pieces (for 2 violins and continuo, unless otherwise stated)
I. Anonymous: Sonata in G minor
II. Schmelzer: Sonata in E minor Duodena selectarum sonatarum (No.2)
III. Anonymous: Sonata in D minor
IV. Schmelzer: Sonata in A major
(2 violins, 3 viols [viol parts not included], continuo)
V. Merula: La Caravaggia, Op.12/3
VI. Cazzati: Chaccone in E major
VII. Cazzati: Capriccio sopra dodici note, Op.22/24
VIII. Anonymous: Sonata in G major
IX. Schmelzer: Sonata in D minor
X. Schmelzer: Polnische Sackpfeifen
XI. Anonymous: Sonata in D major
(violin, "viola", continuo)
Anonymous: Allemande in A minor (solo violin)
XII. Kerll: Sonata in F major
XIII. Schmelzer: Pastorella
XIV. Anonymous: Sonata in D major
XV. Anonymous: Sonata in A minor
XVI. Pohle: Sonata in C major
(2 violins, 2 violas, violone/bassoon [viola & violone parts not included], continuo)
XVII. Schmelzer: Sonata in C major
XVIII. Valentini: Aria in G minor
XIX. Anonymous: Sonata in D major
XX. Fux: Sonata in A minor
XXI. Nicolai: Sonata in A minor, from 12 Sonatas, Teil 1, No.2
(2 violins, viol/trombone [not included], continuo)
XXII. Valentini: Sonata in C major
XXIII. Schmelzer: Sonata in C major
XXIV. Pohle?: Sonata in A major
(2 violins in scordatura, continuo)
XXV. Nicolai: Sonata in A major, from 12 Sonatas, Teil 1, No.1
(2 violins, viol/trombone [not included], continuo)
XXVI. Anonymous: Sonata in F major
XXVII. La Castellina
Anonymous: Allemande in A major
(solo violin)
XXVIII. Anonymous: Sonata in A minor
XXIX. Anonymous: Sonata in A major
XXX. Oswald: Aria Variata
Jenkins: Allemande in D major
(lyra viol, arr. violin)
XXXI. Anonymous: Sonata in D minor
XXXII. Rosier: Sonata in E minor
XXXIII. Valentini: Sonata in D minor
XXXIV. Utrecht: Sonata in A minor
(violin, continuo)
Anonymous: Sonatina in A major
(violin in scordatura, continuo)
XXXV. Uccellini: La Burnagina, Op.4/15
XXXVI. Anonymous: Sonata in A minor
XXXVII. Bertali: 'Tausend Gulden' Sonata in F major
XXXVIII. Schmelzer: Sonata in E minor
XXXIX. Carissimi: Salve, puellule
(tenor, 2 violins, continuo)
XL. Anonymous: Sonata in D minor (violin, "alto", continuo)
XLI. Bertali: Sonata in A minor
(violin, viola di braccio, continuo
XLII. Cazzati: La Strozza, Op.18/12
XLIII. Anonymous: Sonata in C major
(violin, "viola", continuo)
XLIV. Abel: Bataille
XLV. Zamponi: Sonata in A minor
(violin, "viola", continuo)
XLVI. Cazzati: Chaccone in D major
XLVII. Cazzati: Passacaglia in E major, Op.22/22
XLVIII. Schmelzer: Lamento in B major
(violin, alto, tenor [viols?], continuo)
XLIX. Schmelzer: Sonata in C major
(violin, "alto", continuo)
Anonymous: Violino Solo sine Basso (violin solo)
L. Cazzati: La Bentivoglia, Op.18/10
LI. Buonamente: Sonata in D minor
LII. Cazzati: La Canossa, Op.18/4
LIII. Schmelzer: Sonata in F major
LIV. Anonymous: Sonata in E minor
LV. Anonymous: Sonata in D major
LVI. Cazzati: La Calcagnina, Op.18/4
LVII. Stoss: Sonata No.1 in B major
LVIII. Anonymous: Sonata in F major
LIX. Stoss: Sonata No.2 in B major (Possibly by Phillipe van Wichel)
LX. Schmelzer: Sonata in A major, from Duodena selectarum sonatarum (No.6)
LXI. Schmelzer: Sonata in D major, from Duodena selectarum sonatarum (No.1)
LXII. Schmelzer: Sonata in E minor, from Duodena selectarum sonatarum (No.5)
LXIII. Richard: Sonata in B major
LXIV. Uccellini: Sonata in E major, Op.4/20
LXV. Cazzati: La Rosella, Op.18/7
LXVI. Uccellini: Sonata in C minor, Op.4/17
LXVII. Schmelzer: Sonata in C minor, from Duodena selectarum sonatarum (No.4)
LXVIII. Schmelzer: Sonata in B major, from Duodena selectarum sonatarum (No.3)
LXIX. Schmelzer: Sonata in A minor
LXX. Anonymous: Sonata in D minor (violin, alto, continuo)
LXXI. Anonymous: Sonata in C major
LXXII. Heller: Sonata in A major
LXXIII. Nicolai: Sonata in C major
(violin, bassoon/viol, continuo)
LXXIV. Merula: La Merula, Op.12/14
LXXV. Merula: L'Arisia, Op.12/15
LXXVI. Merula: La Pighetta, Op.12/17
LXXVII. Cazzati: La Martinenga, Op.18/9
LXXVIII. Anonymous: Sonata in F major (violin, viola d'amore, continuo)
LXXIX. Richard: Sonata in C minor (violin, continuo)
LXXIX. Wilche: Battaglia (2 violins, 2 viols, continuo)
LXXX. Schmelzer: Sonata in G major, from Duodena selectarum sonatarum (No.7)
(violin, viol, continuo)
LXXXI. Wichel: Sonata in A major
LXXXII. Nicolai: Sonata in C minor
LXXXIII. Stoss: Sonata No.3 in E minor
LXXXIV. Anonymous: Sonata in G major
LXXXV. Anonymous: Sonata in C major
LXXXVI. Abel: Sonata in A minor
LXXXVII. Anonymous: Salvum me fac
LXXXVIII. Bertali: Sonata in A minor
LXXXIX. Anonymous: Sonata in A minor
XC. Anonymous: Sonata in E minor
XCI. Anonymous: Sonata in D minor
XCII. Uccellini: Sonata in G major, Op.5/14
XCIII. Anonymous: Sonata in A major
XCIV. Anonymous: Sonata in D minor
XCV. Cazzati: Cappricio sopra sedici note, Op.18/13
XCVI. Utrecht: Sonata in C major
XCVII. Anonymous: Sonata in E minor
XCVIII. Anonymous: Sonata in A minor
XCIX. Zamponi: Sonata in A minor
C. Rosenmüller: Sinfonia No.2 in D major (Extract)
CI. Becker: Sonata in C minor
CII. Rosenmüller: Sinfonia No.11 in C minor
CIII. Schmelzer: Sonata in D major
(violin, continuo)
CIV. Anonymous: Sonata in E minor
CV. Nicolai: Sonata in B major
(violin, 2 altos, continuo)
Steffkins: Allemande & Courante
(viol, arr. violin)
CVI. Nicolai: Sonata in E minor
(violin, 2 altos, continuo)
CX. Anonymous: Sonata in F major
(violin, viola d'amore, continuo)
CXI. Anonymous: Sonata in A major (scordatura)
CXII.Merula: La Treccha, Op.12/4
CXIII. Sabbatini: Sonata in C major
(violin, continuo)
CXIV. Anonymous: Sonata in E minor
(lute, violin, continuo)
CXV. Colista: Sonata in D major
CXVI. Schmelzer: Lamento sopra la morte Ferdinand III
(violin, 2 violas, continuo)
CXVII. Anonymous: Sonata in D major
(4 violins, continuo)
CXVIII. Anonymous: Sonata in D major
CXIX. Anonymous: Sonata in F major
CXX: Rosenmüller: Sinfonia in A minor
CXXI: Mielczewski: Canzon in D minor
CXXII: Anonymous: Sonata in D minor
CXXIII: Anonymous: Sonata in F major
CXXIV: Stoss: Sonata No.4 in E minor
CXXV: Anonymous: Sonata in C major
CXXVI: Anonymous: Sonata in C major
CXXVII: Anonymous: Sonata in A minor
CXXVIII: Cazzati: La Gongaza, Op.2/1
CXXIX: Merula: La Cattarina, Op.12/10
CXXX: Anonymous: Sonata in D minor
CXXXI: Achilleo: Sonata in D minor
CXXXII: Anonymous: Sonata in D minor
CXXXIII: Krieger: Sonata in E minor
CXXXIV: Anonymous: Sonata in F major
CXXXV: Anonymous: Sonata in E major
CXXXVI: Mayr: Sonata in D minor
CXXXVII: Cazzati: La Ferdinanda, Op.18/1
CXXXVIII: Cazzati: La Varana, Op.18/2
CXXXIX: Vitali: Sonata in A major, Op.2/12
CXL: Cazzati: La Bulgarina, Op.18/3
CXLI: Cazzati: La Fiasca, Op.18/5
CXLII: Cazzati: La Giralda, Op.18/6
CXLIII: Cazzati: La Bevilacqua, Op.18/11
CXLIV: Rosier: Sonata in F major
CXLV: Anonymous: Sonata in A minor
CXLVI: Vitali: Sonata in E minor, Op.2/3
CXLVII: Vitali: Sonata in E major, Op.2/5
CXLVIII: Cazzati: La Gongaza, Op.35/1
CXLIX: Eberlin: La Favorita
CL: Eberlin: La Eminenza
CLI: Vojta: Suite in E major
(violin scordatura, viol, continuo)
First Publication. ca.1680-88
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation See above. Unclear whether the terms "viola" and "alto" refer to viola da braccio or da gamba.
Extra Information Several pieces use scordatura tunings for the violins.