Rozsnyai Károly

Typical cover (1905)
Typical cover (1905)



This firm was Hungary's second main publisher after Rózsavölgyi
It was founded 1889 in Budapest by Károly Rozsnyai, Later on, the management was taken over by a Róbert Rozsnyai, presumably a son or another family member. Publication activity was heavily concentrated in works of a pedagogical nature, with a number of works contributed by faculty of the National Hungarian Royal Academy of Music: József Bloch (violin), Coloman Chován and Arpad Szendy (piano) and Albert Siklós (voice). Béla Bartók contributed editions of Bach's Wohltemperirte Klavier and of works by Couperin, Mozart and Scarlatti in the early years of the 20th century. Several of Bartók's early original works were first issued by Rozsnyai as well, including the 14 Bagatelles and the 2 Elegies. The firm was absorbed by Rózsavölgyi és Társa in 1936.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Rozsnyai Károly
  • Charles Rozsnyai


Hungary (Main Office)

  • Budapest (1889-1936)

Plate Numbers

  • Most plate numbers were preceded by the prefix "R.K."
Dates in italics are estimated dates.
Plate Composer Work Year
12 Bloch Easy Trios for 3 Violins, Op.34 1905
149-53 Bloch 5 Aquarelles, Op.52 1905
293 Bartók 10 Easy Pieces, Sz.39 1909
338 Bartók 14 Bagatelles, Op.6 1909
427 Siklós Piano Quintet, Op.40 (sc&pts) 1910
487 Lavotta Canzonetta, Op.29 1910
767 Bartók 2 Portraits, Op.5 1912
801-808 Siklós 8 Pièces très faciles, Op.54 1912
818 Siklós Ballade for Cello, Op.56 1912
913 Szerémi Melodie for Cello and Piano, Op.61 1912
1419 Szerémi Concertino No.1, Op.63 1915


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