Jean-Georges Sieber (1738-1822) was a horn player, trombonist, and harpist who moved to Paris in 1758. He was regularly employed by opera houses, but became well known as a publisher. In 1770-1771 he briefly took over the publisher Huberty, but subsequently, Huberty resumed his business. Sieber, not to be deterred, continued, and established his business elsewhere in Paris. In 1795, his son, Georges-Julien (1775-1847) started working in the business, whereupon a name change occured to Sieber Père et Fils. In 1799, Georges-Julien left and started his own business, hence the name change to Sieber Père.

Sieber Sr. was known for his taste in music, inasmuch as he published, for the vast majority, "serious" music - J.C. Bach, Dittersdorf, Eichner, Gossec, Haydn, Schobert, Stamitz, Boccherini, Cambini, Pugnani, Tessarini, Viotti, Pleyel, Vanhal, and Wranitzky. He also published several first editions of works by Mozart, and over 50 symphonies of Haydn in Parts, in addition to chamber music, and operas by the likes of J.C. Bach, Cimarosa, and Kreutzer, in addition to the mangled first edition of The Magic Flute as Les Mystères d'Isis.

In 1824, Sieber Jr. took over his father's business, and continued to publish a good deal of foreign music, retiring in 1834. His son Adrien took over at that time. Sieber published, in addition to all else, a large amount of piano music, including Clementi, Dussek, Steibelt, and his own works. All publications by every Sieber were engraved. Sieber sold instruments, owned a lending library, and ran a music binding business out of the same shop as his publishing firm.


  • chez Sieber Musicien
  • chez le Sr. Sieber Musicien
  • chez Sieber
  • chez Sieber père
  • chez Sieber père, Editeur et M[archan]d de Musique
  • chez Sieber et Fils
  • chez Sieber fils (gendre de le Duc)


Sieber; le Sr Sieber
  • Paris, Rue [St.] Honoré, vis-à-vis la maison d'Aligre, No.85
  • Paris, Rue [St.] Honoré, la Porte entre celles des Vieilles Étuve et d'Orléans, No.85
  • Paris, Rue St. Honoré, vis-à-vis l'hôtel d'Aligre chez l'Apothicaire, No.92
  • Paris, Rue St. Honoré, entre la rue des Vieilles Étuves et celle d'Orléans, No.92
  • Paris, Rue St. Honoré, entre celles des Vieilles Étuve et d'Orléans, No.87 et ci-devant 92
Sieber père
  • Paris, Rue Coquillière, No.22, pres celle J.J. Rousseau (ci-devant Rue St. Honoré hôtel d'Aligre)
Sieber et fils (in 1823, according to Bibliographie de la France)
  • Paris, Rue des Filles-Saint-Thomas, No.21, Quartier Feydeau
Sieber fils
  • Paris, Magazin de Musique et d'Instruments, à la Flûte enchantée, Rue de la Loi (ci-devant Richelieu) vis-à-vis la Fontaine Traversière, No.1245

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
0017 Haydn Symphony No.41 in C major, Hob.I:41 (parts)
0026 Saint-Georges 6 String Quartets, Op.1 (parts) 1773
0057 Haydn Symphony No.45 in F-sharp minor, Hob.I:45 (parts) 1786
0325 Mozart Serenade in D major, K.250/248b (parts)
0327 Mozart Symphony No.38 in D major, K.504 (parts)
0463 Haydn Symphony No.83 in G minor, Hob.I:83 (parts)
0968 Grétry La caravane du Caire (parts) 1784
1001 Pichl 3 String Quartets, Op.13 (parts) 1788
1025 Mozart Symphony No.35 in D major, K.385 (parts)
1155 Wranitzky 6 String Quartets, Op.10 (parts) 1791
1191 Kozeluch 3 Trio Sonatas, Op.34 1791
1413 Dussek Piano Concerto No.5, Op.22 (piano part)
1416 Clementi 2 Capriccios, Op.35
1439 Mozart Symphony No.40 in G minor, K.550 (parts)
1479 Mozart Symphony No.36 in C major, K.425 (parts)
1488 Haydn Sinfonia Concertante in B-flat major, Hob.I:105 (parts)
1490 Fiorillo 3 String Quartets, Op.23 (parts) 1799
1508 Haydn Symphony No. 100 (parts, as op.91) 1799
1545 Haydn Symphony No.101 in D major, Hob.I:101 (parts)
1614 Mozart Don Giovanni, K.527 (overture, parts)
1615 Mozart Le nozze di Figaro, K.492 (overture, parts)
1671 Paër Camilla (overture)
1819 Haydn Il Ritorno di Tobia, Hob.XXI:1 (Overture) 1809
1827 Mozart Symphony No.39 in E-flat major, K.543 (parts)
1833 Kalkbrenner Piano Quartet, Op.2 (parts) 1810
1844 Mozart Symphony No.41 in C major, K.551 (parts)
2076 Kalkbrenner Rondo, Op.52 (1st ed.) 1820/21
2090 Winter La grotta di Calipso (overture) 1823

Sieber fils Plates

Plate Composer Work Year
409 Beethoven Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus, Op.43 (parts)
480 Petit, Camille Le Troubadour malheureux, Op.8 1823
514 Gatayes Duo No.2 avec harpe, Op.45 1817
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