Sotero de Souza

Facade of Estabelecimento Musical Sotero de Souza in Rua Libero Badaró. Source: São Paulo Antiga



The Estabelecimento Musical Sotero de Souza was a music store and publisher based in São Paulo on the early 20th-century, founded by Sotero Caio de Souza (1874-1828). The firm was sold to Campassi & Camin, which maintened the name as Casa Sotero until ca.1940.

The house initially published popular songs, operettas and traditional Brazilian songs.

The dates of this publisher are controversial:

  • Mercedes Reis Pequeno: mentions that it was created in 1915 and sold to Campassi & Camin around 1919-1920.
  • José Geraldo Vinci mentions Campassi & Camin bought the catalogue in 1913.
  • Instituto São Paulo Antiga defined 1908 as a found date and 1920 when Campassi & Camin bought the catalogue.


  • Rua Libero Badaró, 135

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Publication Table

S. ### S.

Plate Composer Work Year
56 Moreira Chóra, chóra, choradô
58 Moreira Supplica
59 Moreira Inderê!
61 Moreira O Cumbuco e o Balaio
94 Tupinambá Pierrot
98 Tupinambá Maricota, sai da chuva
101 Tupinambá Viola cantadeira
119 Delgado ...Nem á páu...
123 Araújo Cair das folhas
2044 Tupinambá Viola cantadeira

Without plate

Edition No. Composer Work Year
3764 Sinhô Super-ale