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Spehr cover 1843
Spehr-Schuberth cover 1852



Johann Peter Spehr of Braunschweig (Brunswick) set up a shop in 1791; the business grew and an engraver joined in 1794. In 1800 he opened a branch in Hamburg. After J. P. Spehr's death, his son Gustav Adolf Spehr took over the business but in 1844 sold a large portion off to Carl Bachmann in Hannover. After his death, Gustav Adolf's widow sold the rest to Carl Weinholtz, which in turn was taken over by Julius Bauer and Julius Pahlmann. The Hamburg branch was taken over by Schuberth in 1852.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Magasin de musique á la Höhe
  • Musikalisches Magazin auf der Höhe
  • im Verlag der neuen Musik-Handlung auf der Höhe
  • Magazin de Musique sur la rue: die Höhe
  • Musik und Kunst-Handlung auf der Höhe
  • Magasin de Musique de J. P. Spehr
  • J. P. Spehr
  • P. Spehr
  • Spehr & Co.


  • Braunschweig, im Musikalischen Magazin auf der Höhe
-Bronsvic, Magasin de musique á la Höhe
-Bronsvico, presso il Magazino di Musica nella Streda, chiamata die Höhe
  • Hamburg, Neue Burg 138

Plate Numbers

Spehr's plate numbers appear in the following format: ####.

Plate Composer Work Year
2440 Ferling 48 Studies for Oboe, Op.31 1837
2570 Veit Rhapsodie, Op.10 1843
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