Albert Jungmann & C. Lerch

cover 1900



Jungmann & Lerch published popular music - piano pieces and dances, songs and operettas - from the 1870s in Vienna. Typical composers were Antropp, Fink, Roth, Soucoup and Mestrozi.

The founder Albert Jungmann (1824—1892), a well-known composer of light salon pieces for piano, best known for Le mal du pays/Heimweh, managed the firm Spina from 1853, probably leaving when it was taken over by August Cranz in 1876.
Eberle the printer acquired the premises in 1903. |


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Jungmann & Lerch



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  • Jungmann & Lerch's plate numbers appear in the format of J & L ####. Dates in italics are estimated.
Plate Composer Work Year
278 Bass Serenade 1898
357 Bass Reverie 1900

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