The Celebrated Circus Tunes Perform'd at Edinburgh (Various)

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Editor John Watlen
Publisher. Info. Edinburgh: for the Author, n.d. (ca.1790)
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Editor John Watlen
Publisher. Info. Edinburgh: printed for the author, n.d.[1798].
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General Information

Work Title The Celebrated Circus Tunes Perform'd at Edinburgh this Season, With The Addition of Some New Reels and Strathspeys Set For The Piano Forte or Violin and Bass [cello] by John Watlen
Alternative. Title
Composer Various
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Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's at least 2 books
Book 1
  1. German Dance. G major
  2. Bologna's March. C major
  3. The Caledonian Beauty. C major
  4. Jack the Sailor. B major
  5. Spanish Dance. C major
  6. Too Old to Marry. F major
  7. Soldiers Dance. A major
  8. L'abbé. E major. by a young Lady
  9. Poney Races. B major
  10. Jocky's Dance. G major
  11. Russian March. C major. by J. Watlen
  12. Miss Callanders Minuet. G major. by J. Watlen
  13. Prince's Favorite. G major
  14. German Valtz. B major. by W. Duchatz (Duchak in index)
  15. The Lilly. D major
  16. New Duke of Yorks March. D major. by Schroeter
  17. German Hornpipe. F major
  18. Honble. Miss Elphinston's Strathspey. D major. by J. Watlen
  19. Miss W. Dalrymple's Fancy. E major. by Miss C. Dalrymple
  20. Blanchard's Hornpipe. D major
  21. The Pursuit. G major
  22. Honble. Miss Eliza. Murry Elibank's Strathspey. G minor. by J. Watlen
  23. Miss McNiels Fancy. A major. by J. Watlen
  24. Miss Watsons Favorite. E major. by Miss C. Dalrymple
  25. Miss C. Ramsay's Fancy. B major
  26. Honble. Mr David Ruthven's Birthday. B major. by Lady Ruthven (Mary Elizabeth Leslie Ruthven, d.1820)
  27. Miss Ann Baines Fancy. A major. by J. Watlen
  28. Leap over the Garter. B major
  29. Miss Montgomerys Reel. D major. by Captain Callander
  30. Miss Dundass of Kerse Strathspey. A major. by I. Watlen
  31. The Ton. A major. by Signor Edelman[n]
  32. The Surrender of Calais. G major
  33. Lady Stopfords Reel. A major
  34. Better late than Never. A major. by Pleyel
  35. The Flag Dance. C major
  36. Distruction of the Bastile. G major
  37. The Russian Tippet. A major
  38. The new Highland Lad[d]ie. A major. by Dr Harrington of Bath
  39. The new Highland Ladie for the Piano Forte
  40. What a Beaw my Granny was. D major
  41. Vulcans March. C major. by Countess Balcarres (i.e. Elizabeth Lindsay)
  42. Vulcans Forge, to be playd immediatly after the March. C major. by Countess Balcarres
  43. Seige of Belgrade. E major
  44. Dutchess of Montros's Reel. G major
  45. Miss Campbell of Saddl's Reel. G major
  46. Lady Eliza Callander's Favourite. B major. by J. Watlen
  47. Oxford Castle. Jigg. F major. by Miss C. Dalrymple (or Miss [Hariot] Dalziel in index)
  48. The Highland Fair, a Reel. A major
  49. The Little Nabob. B major
  50. Lady Eliza Lindsay's Minuet. F major. by Countess Balcarres
  51. Miss Wardlaws Reel. G major. by Mr Clarkson
  52. The Celebrated Air Ah! Ca! Ira, as Chanted at Paris, July 14. 1790. G major
  53. The Milliners House. A major
  54. Miss Hay's Favourite, a Reel. G major
  55. The Earl of Balcarres March. F major. by Countess Balcarres
  56. Quick Step. F major. by Countess Balcarres
  57. Miss Maxwell of Morreston's Reel. A major
  58. Margate Assembly, or a Hornpipe. F major. by Mr Holland
  59. A Welsh Dance. G major
  60. Lady Eliza Lindsay's Hornpipe. C major. by Countess Balcarres
  61. Mrs. Forbes of Shivers Fancy. D major
  62. Sir George Ramsay's Lament. E major. by Miss C. Dalrymple
  63. Duke of York's Favourite. B major. by Pleyel
  64. The Finali. D major. by a Lady

Book 2
  1. Peace and Plenty. by Kotzwara
  2. Honble. Mrs Maules Strathspey
  3. Mrs McDowall Grant's New Strathspey. by Mr Watlen
  4. A Noble Race was Shenkin, a Welch Air
  5. Miss Brodie of Lathan's Favorite
  6. Lord Duncan's Grand March. by Mr Watlen
  7. The Jarnowick. by Mr Watlen
  8. Morning Serenade. by Mr Watlen
  9. The Strathspey Minuet
  10. Lord Elphinston's Favorite
  11. Miss Cumin's Waltz
  12. MIss Ogilvy's Waltz
  13. Kiss my Lady, a Scots Air
  14. La Grande Marche du fameux General Buonaparte. by Mr Watlen
  15. Vite March. by Mr Watlen
  16. The Convention, a French Tune
  17. Mary's Lament. by Mr Watlen
  18. Kinloch. by a Gentleman
  19. Miss Hume's Reel. by Mr Sharp
  20. Miss Margt. Christie's Waltz
  21. Miss Liddel's Waltz
  22. Miss Smollet's Strathspey. by J. Hamilton
  23. Durie House. by Mr Watlen
  24. Symington Lodge. by J. Hamilton
  25. A Trip to Forneth. by a Lady
  26. Flinto, an old Reel
  27. Ode de Pindare des Grecs
  28. Una's lock, an Irish Air
  29. Honble. Miss Drummond of Perth's Minuet. by Mr Watlen
  30. Scots March. by a Gentleman
  31. Watlen's Hornpipe
  32. Dutchess of Buccleugh's favorite. by Mr Watlen
  33. Miss Jessy Crawford's Strathspey. by Mr Bindon
  34. Mr Bindon's Quick Step
  35. Minuet. by Mrs De Cardonel
  36. The Haydn. by Mr Watlen
  37. Novelty, or Miss Campbell's delight
  38. A Lady may frown &c. A Scots Tune
  39. Go to the Devil & Shake yourself
  40. The Authors Lament for Lord McD__d. by Mr Watlen
  41. Miss Bogle (of Glasgow's) favorite
  42. Will the Weaver
  43. Duncan McQueen, a Strathspey
  44. How can I &c. an old Reel
  45. The West Lothian Cavalry's March. by Captain Swindell
  46. Quick Step. by a Gentleman
  47. Miss Heron of Heron's Reel
  48. Mr. Creech's Strathspey. by George Muschet
  49. Banks of Allen, a Jigg. by J. Dewar at Dunse
  50. Miss Stenhouse's favorite
  51. The bonny Town of Edinburgh. by Mr James Campbell
  52. The Fox. by MacIntosh junior
  53. Cameron House. by a Lady
  54. Mrs. Edward's Jigg. by a Lady
  55. The grand ballot Dance
  56. Miss Flockhart's Waltz
  57. Miss Smiton's Strathspey. by Miss [Jean] Shirreff
  58. A Jigg. by Miss Shirreff
  59. Mr. Smiton's Hornpipe. by Miss Shirreff
  60. Mr. Adm. Shirreff's Waltz. by Miss Shirreff
  61. Miss Dobbie's Strathspey. by Miss Shirreff
  62. Miss Eliza Brodie's Strathspey. by Miss Shirreff
  63. A Jigg. by Miss Shirreff
  64. Miss Catherine Shirreff's favorite. by Miss Shirreff
  65. Duncan McDuff, a Reel. by Miss Shirreff
  66. Jenkinson's Hornpipe
  67. Lord Duncan's German Waltz
  68. The Camperdown Waltz
  69. The Parisian Guards March
  70. Tow'ring Tinto, a Strathspey
  71. Captn. Blair, Royals' Quick Step. by Mr Watlen
  72. The Finale. by Mr Watlen
  73. The Second part of the Tunes in Oscar and Malvina

Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation piano, or violin & cello

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Miss Shirreff (among others) has not yet been positively identified. Presumably the Miss Jean Shirreff listed as subscriber, perhaps the same as Jane Shirreff, daughter of James Lumsden Shirreff (d.1833, apparently a brother or cousin of Andrew Shirrefs); this publication is too early for the singer Jane Shirreff (fl.1830-40)