The Musical Times



This British series of sacred and secular choral works started in 1844, published every month in the eponymous journal, and then reprinted. The title was originally The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular, but the last four words were dropped in 1903. It was in Novello & Co.'s well-known octavo (small) format, and economically printed without a cover. The number of items reached 600 in 1896 and 1200 in 1940.

Similar later series, started in the 1870s and 80s, were Novello's Octavo Choruses and Novello's Octavo Anthems.

Arrangers and Editors




14/15. When Winds Breathe Soft (Webbe, Samuel)
58. The Lord is my Strength (Novello, Vincent)
60. Nymphs of the Forest (Horsley, William) .
78. Awake, Aeolian Lyre (Danby, John).
98. In Jewry is God Known (Clarke-Whitfeld, John).
114. Let Us Now Go Even Unto Bethlehem (Hopkins, Edward John)
131. Thou visitest the earth (Greene, Maurice)
155. Turn thy face from my sins (Thomas Attwood)
185. Behold, how Good and Joyful (Clarke-Whitfeld, John)
188. I will Lift up Mine Eyes (Clarke-Whitfeld, John).
205. The Lord is My Strength (Monk, William Henry)
231. If Ye Love Me (Tallis, Thomas)
239. Five Times by the Taper's Light (Storace, Stephen)
241. Now is Christ Risen from the Dead (Allen, George Benjamin)
250. The Last Night of the Year (Sullivan, Arthur)
260. Come, Gentle Zephyr (Horsley, William)
266. O Holy Ghost, into our minds (Macfarren, George Alexander)
269. Doth Not Wisdom Cry? (Haking, Richard)
276. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace (Williams, Charles Lee)
276. Sweeter than Songs of Summer (Bridge, Frederick)
314. O Lord my God (Wesley, Samuel Sebastian)
318. The Lord is my Shepherd (Macfarren, George Alexander)
321. It Is High Time to Awake out of Sleep (Barnby, Joseph)
381. O Zion, That Bringest Good Tidings (Stainer, John)
384. They Have Taken Away My Lord (Stainer, John)
392. Hosanna in the Highest (Stainer, John)
398. The Lord is My Strength (Smart, Henry Thomas)
405. The Angel Gabriel was sent from God (Smart, Henry Thomas)
411. Gypsy Life, Op.29, No.3 (Schumann, Robert)
414. Ye shall dwell in the land (Stainer, John)
421. God Hath Appointed a Day (Tours, Berthold)
437. Sing Praises to God (Wareing, Herbert Walter)
455. The Watchword (Pinsuti, Ciro)
456. At the Sepulchre (Wareing, Herbert Walter)
468. Break Forth Into Joy (Barnby, Joseph)
492. Sing, O Heavens (Tours, Berthold)
529. Christ our Passover is Sacrificed for Us (Tours, Berthold)
547. O Come let us Sing to the Lord (Tours, Berthold)
574. 4 Christmas Carols (Barnby, Joseph)
588. God so Loved the World (Stainer, John)
589. Behold, the Angel of the Lord (Tours, Berthold)
590. I heard a great Voice (Cobb, Gerard Francis)
592. Come, weayry Pilgrims, come (Tozer, Ferris)
594. I will feed my Flock (Bridge, Frederick)
596. Whosoever drinketh of this water (Field, J. T.)
597. A Prayer for Peace (Crotch, William)
598. The star that now is shining (King, Oliver)
601. As it Began to Dawn (Foster, Myles Birket)
602. Great is our Lord (Foster, Myles Birket)
603. Crossing the Bar (Woodward, Herbert Hall)
606. O God, who is like unto Thee (Foster, Myles Birket)
609. There were Shepherds (Foster, Myles Birket)
611. Angels from the reals of glory (Cowen, Frederic Hymen)
614. Lord, I call upon Thee (Culley, Arnold Duncan)
617. Jesu, priceless Treasure (Roberts, John Varley)
618. Thou crownest the Year with Thy Goodness (Booth, Josiah)
622 There was Silence in Bethlehem's Fields (Stainer, John)
625. Hearken unto Me, Ye that Know Righteousness (Foster, Myles Birket)
644. Be glad and rejoice (Foster, Myles Birket)
645. Sing, O Heavens (Gaul, Alfred Robert)
652. In Sherwood Lived Stout Robin Hood (Lloyd, Charles Harford)
660. When the Sabbath was Past (Foster, Myles Birket)
661. Weary of Earth and laden with my Sin (Tozer, Ferris)
663. Spirit of Mercy, Truth and Love (Luard-Selby, Bertram)
669. See amid the Winter's Snow (West, John Ebenezer)
670. Through the day Thy love has spared us (Naylor, Charles Legh)
672. Who Shall Roll Us Away the Stone? (Torrance, George William)
678. The sacrifice of God (Wareing, Herbert Walter)
681. Hark the Glad Sound (Foster, Myles Birket)
681. It Came upon the Midnight Clear (Stainer, John)
694. Bow down Thine ear (Thomas Attwood)
696. Blessed are the poor in spirit (Hiles, Henry)
713. Let the people praise Thee, o God (Gaul, Alfred Robert)
714. Unto Thee, o Lord (Wolstenholme, William)
722. Lord, I have loved the Habitation of Thy house (Torrance, George William)
732. O Give Thanks unto the Lord (Wolstenholme, William)
734. Early One Morning (Dunhill, Thomas)
735. This is the Day (Steane, Bruce)
737. The Rainbow of Peace (Adams II, Thomas)
739. Thy word is a lantern unto my feet (Young, George Coleman)
744. Christ was Delivered for Our Offences (Lloyd, Charles Harford)
745. Praised be the Lord daily (Lloyd, Charles Harford)
768. Father of Mercies, God of Love (Hall, Edward Vine)
772. O that men would praise the Lord (McEwen, John Blackwood)
780. Upon the First Day of the Week (Foster, Myles Birket)
787. 14 Deutsche Volkslieder, WoO 34 (Brahms, Johannes) (No.8: 'In silent night'; No.9: 'Love, fare thee well')
789. Christ's Incarnation (Foster, Myles Birket)
804. Christ our Passover is Sacrificed for Us (King, Oliver)
915. Alexander (Brewer, Alfred Herbert)
934. 16 Songs for Children, Op.54 (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr) (No.5: Legend)
966. Let the people praise Thee, O God (Fletcher, Percy Eastman)
967. Worship (Shaw, Geoffrey Turton)
1604. Caller Herrin' (Gow, Nathaniel, arr Shaw)
(date 1898) Eye hath not seen (Foster, Myles Birket)
(date 1902) Be glad and rejoice (Foster, Myles Birket)


Typical secular work: Sullivan's The Last Night of the Year (No.250, published in 1868)