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This firm was active in Cologne from 1910 until ca.1923 (see below), publishing mainly contemporary composers and some Baroque works (Pergolesi, Pisendel, Biber). The best known contemporary composers were Schoenberg (Friede auf Erden, Op.13, 1912), Pfitzner, and Delius. Many works of the following less well-know composers are found in the catalog: Julius Weismann, Karl Marx, Ewald Straesser, J.H. Wetzel, Wedig, Walter Courvoisier, Waldemar von Baussnern, and Rudolph Bergh. Most of the works were songs, piano pieces or chamber works, but there were some orchestral works and concertos.

The imprint is now owned by Musik-Kral of Mauerkirchen (near Linz in Austria), a publisher of folk music especially for the zither, which also owns the imprints Fr. Portius, Bachschmid, E. Bauer, JLG Grimm, and Zinneberg.

Purchased by Wunderhorn-Verlag sometime before 1923, though as an imprint they continued to be used until 1941 if not later. Entries in this table after 1923 or so should be moved to that publisher, and publisher links on pages should be redirected (as with similar cases Schlesinger --> Robert Lienau, &c&c&c.)


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Plate Numbers

Tischer & Jagenberg's plate numbers are in the format of T. & J. (or T. u. J.) ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
00001 Straesser Symphony No.1, Op.22 (score) 1910
00021 Delius La lune blanche 1910
00213 Straesser Symphony No.2, Op.27 (score) 1913
00285a Weismann Phantastischer Reigen, Op.50 (score) 1914
00405 Weismann 10 kleine Walzer, Op.59 1918
00438 Straesser Violin Sonata, Op.32 (sc&pt) 1918

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