WV Cologne cover 1912
WV Munich cover 1912


This company operated in Cologne and Munich from about 1910. It published works by contemporary composers such as Joseph Haas and Sandor Jemnitz, in addition to historical works by WF Bach. The Cologne company was related, at least from the 1920s to Tischer & Jagenberg, as a vereinte Verlag (united or joint publisher).

The current Wunderhorn-Verlag in Cologne is a literary publisher founded quite recently.

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Plate Numbers

Wunderhorn's plate numbers are in the format of WV ### or W.V. ### M. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
064 Beer-Walbrunn Violin Sonata, Op.30 (sc&pt) 1911
166 Ingenhoven Brabant und Holland (full score) 1912
222 Haas Kammer-Trio, Op.38 1912
296 Rüdinger Romantische Serenade, Op.9 1914