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The University Society is known for its publication of The Century Library of Music, a 20-volume collection of piano music edited by Ignace Paderewski and published around 1900-1902, of which parts were reprinted in 1956 in The International Library of Music. Other multivolume series include The World's Best Composers, edited by Victor Herbert and additional series of volumes devoted to art songs, operatic excerpts and piano music.

Most plate numbers are in the form ###-##-X.X. or ####-##-X.X. on the first page, on the subsequent pages this type is preceded by the page number and a hyphen. The plate numbers do not seem to follow a chronological order. The lay-out is characterized by a relative small music font, with the plate number on the bottom left. The title is centered in all-caps, the editor is situated on the left top corner. The large Courier-style page numbers of the collection are situated on the top. A part of the scores have a roman numeral on the lower right corner. Its function is unclear, but could designate a difficulty grading system.

Plate Numbering

Plate Composer Work Year Page-range Collection
32-4 Raff 3 Pièces caractéristiques, Op.2 1918 464-67 III
88-3-CB Moszkowski 6 Piano Pieces, Op.15 1918 432-34 III
112-4 Grieg Scenes of Country Life, Op.19 1918 48-51 IV
300-4 Liadov The Music Box, Op.32 1904 6-9 III-IV
562-13-CB Mendelssohn Rondo Capriccioso, Op.14 1910 865-77 V
574-18 Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.2, S.244/2 1910 678-95 VI
609-10 Moszkoswki 8 Characteristic Pieces, Op.36 1910 562-71 IV
643-4 Elgar Salut d'Amour Op.12 1910 586-89 IV
682-CB Saint-Saëns Samson et Dalila - mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix 1910 968-75
699-CB Bizet Habanera from Carmen 1910 976-80
793-26-CB Franck Prélude, Choral et Fugue 1916 1480-86 VII
808-10 C.B. Haydn Andante with Variations Hob.XVII:6 1900 375-84 V / CLM
820-13 Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.10, S.244/10 1900 1304-16 VII / CLM
825-16 Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.12, S.244/12 1900 696-711 VII / CLM
834-17-CB Mendelssohn Variations Sérieuses Op.54 1900 491-507 VI / CLM
842-12-CB Schubert 3 Marches Militaires, D.733 1900 1263-74 VI / CLM
851-6-CB Weber Momento Capriccioso, Op.12 1901 425-430 CLM
877-13 Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.13, S.244/13 1901 1317-29 VII / CLM
914-11 Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No.6, S.244/6 1901 1293-1303 VI / CLM
1094-4 Rachmaninoff Songs, Op.4 No.5 1917 298-301
1114-26 C.B. Grieg Piano Sonata, Op.7 1917 1432-57 VI
1139-8 Weber Invitation to the Dance, Op.65 1918 794-801 V / CBL
1194-CB Beethoven Adelaide, Op.46 1918 33-43
1300-3 Rimsky-Korsakov Sadko 1925 575-77
N80-4 Massenet Le Cid 1945 1558-1661


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