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Anton Bruckner Rondo in C minor 061610 061478 Completed.
Michael Haydn Duo in C major 061725 061823 Completed. But could add an arr.
Christoph Graupner Symphony No. 75 in D major 061773 1????? In progress. Missing full score, cello part with figures, harpsichord part with figured bass realization. Will provide horn in D parts only if requested.
Ludwig van Beethoven Turkish March from Die Ruinen von Athen arr. string quartet 062127 079204 Completed.
Michael Haydn Turkish March 064185 074585 Completed. Both original for wind band and orch. Might still do some kind of arr. Will provide horn in G parts only if requested.
Ludwig van Beethoven Tarpeja Triumphmarsch 070525 071213 Completed. Will provide clarinet, horn, trumpet in C parts only if requested.
Joseph Haydn Symphony No. 70 in D major 071092 073157 Completed. Will provide horn and trumpet in D parts only if requested.
Michael Haydn Symphony No. 37 in D major 071217 1????? In progress. Stuck on figuring out good page turns for the violins in both outer movements.
Anton Bruckner 4 Lancier-Quadrilles 071889 Completed.
Antonio Salieri Sinfonia Veneziana 073473 074877 Completed. Will provide horn in D parts only if requested.
Antonio Salieri Les Danaïdes Overture 075087 079203 Completed. Have also provided clarinet in C, horn and trumpet in D parts after request for horn in D parts.
John Stafford Smith The Star-Spangled Banner arr. string quartet 076829 076833 Completed. Could do other arr.s
Anton Bruckner March in D minor 077710 0779?? In progress. Just have the full score left to do.
Michael Haydn Symphony in D minor 079908 1????? In progress. Uploaded string parts with bad page turns. If these are to be used by community orchestras who just have them printed out, I have to do better than "let the stand partner take care of it."
Franz Asplmayr Symphony in C major 080807 1????? In progress. Missing figured bass.
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger Symphony No. 4 in C major 082241 082993 In progress. Uncertainty about figured bass over a pedal point is holding up the harpsichord part as well as the full score.
Antonio Vivaldi Rustic Concerto in G major 084920 084927 Completed.
Traditional The Irish Washerwoman 084928 084932 Completed.
Antonio Salieri Organ Concerto in C major 085194 087112 Completed. Started with the strings, will probably do winds and timpani next, followed by harpsichord, soloist part and conductor's score, and lastly, two parts with orchestral reduction to enable practicing with a pianist if soloist so chooses.
Michael Haydn Symphony No. 32 in D major 092006 1????? In progress. Started with the strings, then brass and timpani. Likely woodwinds next, then figured bass and lastly the conductor's score.
Michael Haydn Der büßende Sünder 108583 109479 Completed. But I might do supplemental orchestration (flutes, trumpets, timpani).
Friedrich Witt Symphony No. 14 in C major 122213 14???? In progress. Started with first violins, then went on to winds and percussion, now second violins and after that the rest of the strings and the full score. It's taking very long because this is a file I started in Finale 2006 and there is a lot of stray markings to clean up.
Antonio Salieri 26 Variations on La Folia di Spagna 140721 14???? In progress. Started with percussion. I am open to advice on cuing problems specific to variations.