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Which scores in particular are you looking for? We just recently started adding some of our library's special collections to IMSLP. I started with the Isidor Philipp collection. They aren't available on our website, only via IMSLP. JP3

If there is a particular score you are looking for, please let me know. I will be glad to help.

Hello WilliamBunting,
welcome to IMSLP. Please don't upload single page files, instead combine all pages to one file. Or here in this case one also could have made one pdf for the piano score and another one for the violin part. I've done this now for you. Hobbypianist 17:31, 7 May 2011 (UTC)


Simple aveu, Op.25 (Thomé, Francis) - Viola

Hi WilliamBunting. Is this your own handwritten transcription that's juxtaposed with the Durand edition? Thanks, KGill talk email 18:23, 7 May 2011 (UTC)

Creating superfluous pages for arrangements

Dear WilliamBunting,

Thanks for wanting to contribute to IMSLP. Next time, please check the composer's category page before creating needless pages for arrangements of works we already have in the archive. For example, a simple check of the pages for Gounod's Sérénade would reveal that the original is a song, which was arranged by someone named C. Sterkel for Violin and Piano. Arrangements always go on the page of the original version of the work. You also failed to provide any information about 1) the arranger, which is really crucial for determination of copyright status in Canada and the EU; and 2) the publisher and publication date, crucial for determining copyright status in the USA. You also submitted single-page files for a 3 page piano score, which is not allowed. Thanks, Carolus 01:37, 8 May 2011 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)


it's not a convenient site. I'll have to check exactly and not every page there that says it works is ready yet ( noch nicht fertig bearbeitet) (e.g. the Richard Wüerst duo for cello and piano page there- still, the Spohr sym 2 piano duo arr. page is there, for instance...) but what I did for the Lassen was go into the DFG viewer (the link that says "alternativ im DFG-viewer anzeigen")? and save each image (changing file type from tif to jpg- it only claims to be a tif file, it isn't)- then for uploading to imslp, cropped the outside so that only the score remained, straightened it a bit. don't know if that helps at all... Eric 11:19, 9 June 2011 (UTC)

Just answered at Eric's as well (before I recognized this message...) --Ralph Theo Misch 11:39, 9 June 2011 (UTC)

Hello friends (Aug 10 2011)

"Coming soon" function on ThULB

Although ThULB lacks a "latest additions" list, the entries with no picture function as a coming soon list. Just click on "weitere Angaben" and get the progress report:

Example Meyer-Olbersleben, Max: Sonate für Clavier und Viola (alta) Hamburg 1880

weitere Angaben

many details

Dieses Dokument ist noch nicht fertig bearbeitet! Technische Daten Erstellt am: 13.04.2010 - 13:29:47 Letzte Änderung: 10.05.2011 - 08:39:41 MyCoRe ID: HisBest_cbu_00007073 Link zum OPAC: 550328394 Bearbeitungsstatus: Dokument in Bearbeitung Versionshistorie : 1.40357 geändert 10.05.2011 - 08:39:41 hfm.weimar 2.9903 geändert 15.09.2010 - 09:57:53 arcadmin 3.7047 erstellt 02.09.2010 - 10:20:35 system

Thus we see from the "Versionshistorie" that it was entered first on 13th April then on 2 Sept 2010 and was changed on 15 Sept 2010 and on 10 May 2011. Slow progress, but a hopeful sign that a (to most violists) unknown sonata is coming "soon".

Regards WB

Sitt - Viola

Hi, WilliamBunting, I've just seen some records at The green marked items are available online. Cheers --Ralph Theo Misch 23:28, 13 June 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for the hint RTM. I forgot the Reverie. This is a brilliant library. I especially enjoyed getting the Sandberger Trio-Sonata, a piece which is reasonably playable by amateurs, compared with the rather tough Fuchs, and Neumann and Reger p v va trios.

It seems that each virtual library has its own speciality (Schwerpunkt). So far the Jena and sigla have been the best for my interest in viola and related chamber music. It seems libraries support their local composers. What about all those Leipzig- based composers? I notice Molter in Karlsruhe and Dutch composers in Holland. Are there any other specialities? What about France, England Czech etc?

Regards WB

BTW, we have a template to use for the link - {{RSL}}. Thanks, Carolus 06:40, 17 June 2011 (UTC)

Sorry, Carolus, I can't see how to get the template. Could you make it a menu at the appropriate place, please? WB

Publisher info, etc.

Dear Contributor,

Thank you for your submission. The upload was successful, but you did not provide enough source and publisher information. Can we kindly ask you to fill in as much information as possible? Correct identification of a score is absolutely needed to make sure a score is in public domain and does not violate copyright laws. Also, this identification reflects IMSLP's strive to quality and completeness.

Please pay attention to the following items:

  • Arranger: The person who arranged or transcribed the piece from its original setting into another (an orchestration of a piano work for example). While not always known, arranger's name is often printed on top of the first page (e.g. arranged by... ; in french arrangée par...; in German bearbeitet von... or enrichtet von...). The name and the death date of any arranger or transcriber is most important from a copyright standpoint. Please provide this information if at all possible.
  • Editor: The person who edited the score. As with arrangers, the editor's name is usually printed on top of the first page (e.g. edited by... ; in french revue par... or éditée par...; in German bearbeitet von...). This field can concern the original editor, and in case of a recently engraved or typeset score, the engraver (typesetter).
  • Scanner:This field should include the name of the scanner, or the website where the file was obtained, with a link to the site. (Preferably using one of our available External library templates).
  • Publisher Information: You can find publisher information usually on the bottom of the first pages of the score. The format for this field is as follows: "<City>: <Publisher Name>, Ed. or No.<edition or publication number, if different from plate number>, <Date - use "n.d." if no date is printed on score>. Plate <Plate number>."

More fields are described in the Score submission guide.

You will find a lot of information on the first pages of the score. If you have problems gaining information, more tips and help are provided at IMSLP:Contributing scores and Historical Publication Info. An example of a good submission is Frühlingsrauschen (Sinding, Christian)

Thanks, Carolus 06:42, 17 June 2011 (UTC) ~~~~


by slowly looking through HMB at HMB, I can probably find some of them. Eric 17:43, 17 June 2011 (UTC)


Hi WB. Just to let you know he's been moved to Lestán, Tomás in accordance with IMSLP's naming guidelines. Cheers, KGill talk email 21:32, 21 June 2011 (UTC)

Biblioteca Digital Hispanica

Dear William, Please remove the annoying copyright claim before posting files from this library. Thanks, Carolus 02:39, 22 June 2011 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)

Hi William, really a fantastic collection - thanks for the hint! E.g. I've found the only sourse of Gombert's Magnificat settings there. - The category 'manuscripts' include a large collection of fine handwritings (outstanding nice cancellaresca!) and early printings' (sic!). Kind regards --Ralph Theo Misch 00:21, 23 June 2011 (UTC)
BTW: Your track is easier to follow if you put ~ ~ ~ ~ under your messages. --Ralph Theo Misch 00:27, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

RTM Just a list of national libraries I've looked at. Digital music collections at France (Gallica) Belgium Spain Poland (very small). No digital material at Brazil Mexico Portugal Czech Norway Ukraine Slovakia Switzerland. Regards WB 14:53, 23 June 2011 (UTC)14:53, 23 June 2011 (UTC)14:53, 23 June 2011 (UTC)14:53, 23 June 2011 (UTC)14:53, 23 June 2011 (UTC)WilliamBunting 14:53, 23 June 2011 (UTC)

Dear William, please take it not amiss. But unfortunately I didn't understand everything. What means 'Doisy duo'? - I've found ULB (Uni Münster is about one hour from here), but I couldn't find any music files there (so far). - Will have a closer look next day. Thanks and regards! --Ralph Theo Misch 00:15, 25 June 2011 (UTC)

Ah - I've found the lacking Violin Part of Schreck's reconstruction of BWV 1056 at South Carolina - wonderful! But I can't find any sheets at Thanks and regards --Ralph Theo Misch 23:40, 27 June 2011 (UTC)

Reinhard series

Dear William, Please looks at the details on the file you uploaded for the Reinhard arrangement for Beethoven's Symphony No.9 if you plan on uploading additional items from the series at RSL. If you're going to upload large numbers of things here - which is great - it helps the copyright review team to include the info I just added to your upload (arranger and publisher details in particular). Thanks, Carolus 03:34, 29 June 2011 (UTC)

Dear Carolus Thank you for your hint. Strangely the others are by different editors and publishers. It's difficult to know how long the arrangers lived. I'm just guessing they didn't live as long as Dohnanyi or R Strauss. Regards WB

Hi, you can often find out their dates by going to VIAF or MusicSack. Always search here too, we have many already listed. Sometimes we get surprised by those who lived into the 1960s and 1970s - then have to move to USA server. Carolus 05:20, 29 June 2011 (UTC)

Sibley files

Dear William, Please do not upload Sibley files here without using the special link to set up for that purpose found on each work page. Uploading any other way creates a problem. Thanks, Carolus 01:32, 4 July 2011 (UTC)


Hi WB. Just to let you know that all the files you uploaded for him are actually duplicates - we've had them here since 2006. Thanks, KGill talk email 21:33, 6 July 2011 (UTC)

I put it there because there was no mention of the work on Hermann's page. Also it does not seem to be mentioned on each of the LOW pages. It would be helpful if there were separate entries for much arranged pieces like Spring Song or On wings of song on M's page. WB

Dear William Bunting - The reason it was not there is because the LinkArrtemplate was not invented in 2006 when the piece was uploaded. There should not have been a mention of it on the other pages because the file contains all the Songs without Words which means it needed to be split. Regards, Lndlewis10 01:56, 7 July 2011 (UTC)

Australian National Library

Hi ! When uploading things from libraries etc. with digitized sections, feel free to check Category:External library templates to see if we already have a standard template to link to same to help not so much the uploader- a little extra work - as the end user- it lets them get more material from that source if they like what they find here, things like that (I think of it as a direct IMSLP library- to - real library ;) courtesy thanking them for their efforts without which we'd be doing a lot more of the scanning ourselves individually, for one thing... among other reasons I can mention. If you can link to the original item page at the library- there're instructions on that page about how to do so, but they take practice - even better still. I edited the Léonard violin concerto no.3 page as an example. Best! Eric 12:59, 7 July 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for the hint, Eric. I have found the template page but can't understand how I put that into the new work form. Do I just type RSL (for ex) and it turns it into the right template? Regards WB Jul 9

Yes, in this case you type two curly brackets, then RSL, then two curly brackets again. Regards --Ralph Theo Misch 09:38, 9 July 2011 (UTC)


Dear admins

I tried to add a link to the English bio site. This worked, but disabld the link to French wikipedia. Could you please correct this? I would also like to add the photo from the Eng site.

Regards WB

I have now re-added the WP-FR link. Multiple biography links can be separated by commas in that field - there's certainly no limit on their possible number. Cheers, KGill talk email 00:38, 13 July 2011 (UTC)

RE: Paque

Hi William, I told KGill. I think he's the expert for that matter. As I've seen Daphnis already added the composer's picture. Regards, --Ralph Theo Misch 23:36, 12 July 2011 (UTC)

Schubert Serenade

Dear admins: Please note that that the Wolff arr is for v and va without piano. Regards WB

Creating composers

Please check before you create a composer. We already have a page for Johann Anton André. You should also add the file using the "add a file to this page" link, not the "upload file" link on the left sidebar. You're still learning the procedures here, just take your time. Thanks, Carolus 04:26, 20 July 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for your interest in Andre.

I's quite clear from wikipedia (also music sack) that there are two composers: Johann Andre 1741-1799 and Johann Anton Andre 1775-1842. Could you please create a page for the latter?

I suspect that the piano duet works on JA's page are actually by JAA (e.g. op 44), and that all the 5 works at RSL are by JAA.

Regards WB

Dear William, We have pages for both composers. I take it that you think the Op.44 in JA's page is actually by JAA. Thanks for letting us know. If this checks out we'll move to JAA. UPDATE: The Op.44 are already on JAA's page. Carolus 02:26, 24 July 2011 (UTC)

what is with piano trio no 3, no 1, etc....

in workpage titles- it will just be changed to No.3, No.1, so why not stop in at the guidelines page and do it the right way in the first place... Eric 14:46, 23 July 2011 (UTC)

Dear Eric Thank you for your message.

If you could write courteously and precisely I will answer your question.

Regards WB

WilliamBunting, You have called our site unworthy for adults and you are rude to our staff members. Eric was a little abrupt, yes, but he brought up an excellent point. Please write courteously yourself before criticizing other members of the community. Also, never criticize anybody on this site for their writing ability. It is rude and incredibly insulting to attack a person's organization of words. Regards, Lndlewis10 01:23, 24 July 2011 (UTC)

Surely expressions such as "What is it with" and "check before you do something" go beyond abruptness. Regards WB

First of all, he never said "check before you do something", he suggested that you take a look at the style guide, and do page titles / publisher information more correctly. Second of all, why on earth is it a bad thing to check before you do something anyway? Surely expressions such as "unworthy" (which is what you seem to think of our site) goes beyond abruptness. Surely writing a rude, arrogant, and insulting response to Eric was not the best course of action. Usually something like "Hi Eric. Thanks for the suggestion, and I will be more careful in the future. I notice that your tone is a little abrupt, and I'm not quite sure that's the best way to ask a user to do something" (or something along those lines) is a lot more effective because it won't make anyone consider banning / reprimanding you. Please don't be rude to our staff members. Regards, Lndlewis10 02:02, 24 July 2011 (UTC)

Dear Lndlewis

Thank you for your concern over standards of politeness at IMSLP.

There are two occasions on which a message has been unsatisfactory:

1 About Andre: “Please check before you create a composer. We already have a page for Johann Anton André.”from Carolus July 23rd

It was precisely because I did check the composer that I needed to make a new composer entry. I pointed this out in my reply but received no acknowledgment or apology.

William, the page for Johann Anton has been here since May 16th when KGill created it. If you had checked, you should have seen it. Perhaps you just missed it. It was not necessary for you to create a new page. It's not a tremendously big deal, but someone has to redirect the second page. Carolus 03:41, 24 July 2011 (UTC)

2 About Pixis Piano trios “what is with piano trio no 3, no 1, etc.... in workpage titles- it will just be changed to No.3, No.1, so why not stop in at the guidelines page and do it the right way in the first place... “ from Eric 23rd July

First there is no title to this message. What is the subject? Secondly the tone is not encouraging but hectoring.

In other parts of IMSLP such as the forums I have met with prompt, courteous and helpful advice. Here I notice in 3 months and about twenty messages the word “welcome” once and “thanks” once. Could you please encourage all the staff to follow the example of your colleagues on the forums?

Regards WB

William, I don't think there has been any intent of rudeness towards you here. Perhaps the admins (myself included) are used to communicating in a more direct way than you are accustomed to in the forums. You're a relatively new contributor and you naturally have made mistakes in uploads due to your inexperience. You're definitely making progress, so please don't take our comments as rudeness - they are just meant as helpful nudges to improve your contributions. Best Wishes, Carolus 03:52, 24 July 2011 (UTC)
@WilliamBunting - I would just like to point out that the word 'thanks' has been used on this page much more than once, more like 14 or 15 times. And anyway, specific word use (especially limited to only two words) is a poor indication of overall politeness you have received. Indeed, I can only see one message you have received that is really very rude at all - the one that started this whole discussion. In any case, I daresay you are not in the strongest position to level accusations of impoliteness to others, with remarks like "If you could write courteously and precisely I will answer your question" that would be construed by almost anyone as arrogant and rather insulting to Eric's writing style. Note that I am not attempting to defend his remark above; I am merely saying that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
Finally, I would like to cordially suggest that you have a look at the style guides for publisher information and so forth. It cannot cause any harm to do things more in accordance with the guidelines, and indeed it would make things easier on the copyright review team since there would be less cleanup involved with your uploads. Thanks, KGill talk email 21:22, 24 July 2011 (UTC)

BSB scans

Dear William, Please remove the nonsensical copyright claim from BSB before uploading here. You're gradually getting the routine of uploading, so keep up the good work. Thanks. Carolus 02:22, 24 July 2011 (UTC)

Hello Carolus:

I get your meaning.

However, could I suggest you and your colleagues use the word "unneccesary" or no adjective at all, rather than "nonsensical" when making this request of contributors.

It's like asking the guy in the movie theater in front of you to remove his "nonsensical" hat; Not guaranteed to increase the chances of co-operation.

It implies that the contributors are deliberately trying to make your life difficult. In fact most of us in contributor-land have spent hours fiddling with software and just want to get the work which interests us into the site. Probably what's uppermost in our minds is having a beer rather than baiting administrators.

That said, thanks for all your work.

Regards WB

Vithol scans

Sorry admins, I got Lithuania and Latvia mixed up because I didn't check the wikipedia article first. WB Jul 27th

Davydov Album

Hi William. Just to let you know that the exact same scan (from the RSL) was already uploaded a few weeks ago, split up, and resubmitted to the appropriate individual work pages - so the file you uploaded for it today had to be removed, as we already have it. Thanks, KGill talk email 19:11, 27 July 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for the information. I'm trying to make sure all the sigla files are used. Regards WB


2 little things:

  1. In workpage titles, make sure not to leave a space between "Op." and the number—it's just the way we do things.
  2. Our standard format for publishers is "Place: Publisher, Date" not "Place Publisher: Date"

Thanks!-- Snailey (_@/) Talk to Me Email me 15:53, 29 July 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for the correction. It's hard to remember. Perhaps one day it will be automated and human-friendly. Regards WB

That would be nice, wouldn't it? Cheers-- Snailey (_@/) Talk to Me Email me 15:13, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

It's no trouble to do these days with all the programming tools available. The user would just fill in boxes and the system would assemble the data with all the correct punctuation. It would save the admins a lot of time in messages to users, and make uploading much easier for users who, in the main, are not interested in computers. At present it reminds me of the 1980s, when all computer screens had a dozen post-it notes attached around the perimiter reminding the user about various codes and syntax points. Regards WB

True, but you have to factor in the fact that our main programmer is kind of busy—but post on the forums asking "why not?"
Also, nr.=No.-- Snailey (_@/) Talk to Me Email me 00:13, 4 August 2011 (UTC)

I think this is an interesting idea, WilliamBunting, and I agree that it would probably easier for new users. I think there are two main problems with having a user-friendly publication input. The first problem is that there are a lot of subtleties that would not be able to be expressed through the system you have in mind. The second problem is that it would actually be more time consuming for people who understand how to fill out the publisher information field. It would be a good idea to broach in the forums, but I'm not entirely sure how practical it would actually be. Respectfully, Emery 00:44, 4 August 2011 (UTC)

I agree with Emery here - there are many complexities of the publisher information field and it would probably end up being fixed manually anyway. (There are also common practices that would be difficult at best to maintain with an automated system - for instance, it's generally accepted that the publisher information for a new composition can just be the name of the composer without dates, punctuation, or anything else.) The other thing is that probably the majority of the uploads currently performed here are done by people who understand the format at least pretty well, and a more automated system would therefore be more of a hindrance than a help to many. (I know that it would have been to me, back when I uploaded things frequently :-) ) In fact, I think you are the first person I have seen mention the difficulties of the format to the degree that you actually want a fix for it. Not saying that's a reason to overlook your suggestion, but it bears thinking about that very few people actually have a problem with it; we would be fixing something that ain't broke, so to speak. Cheers, KGill talk email 02:09, 4 August 2011 (UTC)
I also agree with Emery and KGill. There are far too many complexities and I think it would be inefficient for users who understand publication fields, Lndlewis10 02:55, 4 August 2011 (UTC)

Sokolov Divertissement

thanks for uploading this, fills a gap and I very much like the composer Eric 19:58, 29 July 2011 (UTC)

Glad you appreciate it. I think the composers forgotten by posterity deserve at least an occasional outing. Another piece from that era that looks good is Weingartner's Lustige Ov. Any suggestions for recordings, please PM me. Regards WB

I only know of one commercial recording of the Weingartner overture- I think- actually, hrm. There may be a library-circulating broadcast tape of a second that contains also works by Moór, Busoni, and others (and something by Weingartner, not sure if it's the Lustspiel or something else, will see if I can still at least find out its contents...) that I (also haven't yet) heard - recorded before the cpo CD came out - whose contents did look quite interesting though... There are a few radio stations like Stephansdom that occasionally broadcast, in a way that can be heard online, these cpo CDs and others. For example right now Radio Stephansdom has Richard Franck's piano quartet in A op.33 on if you tune in at and click the weblink... if not, they've had it on before and will again! Good piece... Not sure what you meant though... Eric 02:09, 30 July 2011 (UTC) (ah yes, I remembered right - here is a link to a Indiana University library listing, indirectly, of some cassettes of 3 concerts made sometime about 2 decades ago - May 1990 - with the Lustige Ouv., and works by Reznicek (including the violin concerto and 3 symphonies), Busoni, Emanuel Moór (concerto for 2 cellos), Popper, von Bülow (Julius Caesar Overture)...) - E. (the concerts were in NY City, to clarify.)

D'Indy fanatiasie ob or va

Sorry admins , Neuberth was born in 1881 No death date in music sack.


Yes, I know—I put an fl. from Viaf, which was the best I could do.-- Snailey (_@/) Talk to Me Email me 16:43, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

about the Neuberth- writing "for viola" means for viola solo, which the transcription is not - it's for viola and piano. Eric 16:26, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

True, the whole work is for viola (or cello) and piano, but the score I uploaded was the viola part. This was edited by Neuberth but the piano part was not.

Regards WB

That's my fault, Eric—I assume that the viola part could do just as well with the original orchestration :P-- Snailey (_@/) Talk to Me Email me 16:43, 31 July 2011 (UTC)

Sibley files

Dear William,

Please use the Sibley link found on workpages to upload files from there. There is no {{Sibley}} template, so do not attempt to use that. The correct template for linking to Sibley is {{SibleyScan|####/#####}} and you must include the correct Sibley handle number in order for it to work properly. We also do not use "c" or "c." for "circa" as it is too easily confused with the abbreviation for copyright. That's why "ca." is the correct abbreviation to use. Sibley's dating for Jurgenson scores is often quite unreliable. You're better off using the plate number listing on the Jurgenson page as a guide. You are adding a lot of nice things, so it's important to learn more of the procedures and rules for handling things you upload - all of which have been discussed and are there for perfectly good reasons. In the case of Sibley files, the method you used for Glière's Op.45 does not add the Sibley item to the correct category, which means that there is a greater chance someone else will add a duplicate file. Thanks, Carolus 01:46, 6 August 2011 (UTC)

Dear Carolus

Thanks for the hint. I'll try to get it right.(1 linking to Sibley 2 "circa" is ca.)

Regards WB

Dear admins

Could you please correct my "DieDie Wundergeige" to "Die Wundergeige".


Dear Admins

Please note that the piece ed Wehrle in the Old masters series is no 3 Lully three movements, not numbers 1 to 3.

Also there is a typo in the misc comments: the composer is Kirnberger tno Kirnberwer.

Hello admins

Could I have some advice please?

Trying to upload a 10 file set of Antzeff violin pieces from Sibley. I get 'invalid file type' message.

File type is pdf, "normal scan" type entered as usual. Please assist.

Regards WB


Hello William, thanks for the hint! I've already found it and will have a closer look later this night. Regards --Ralph Theo Misch 17:19, 6 August 2011 (UTC)

Even before I could act, your tip is already fallen on fertile ground (a germanism?): as I saw Fynnjamin uploaded numerous files from there. Cheers --Ralph Theo Misch 22:50, 7 August 2011 (UTC)

Serenade in B-flat major, K.361/370a (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)

Hello WilliamBunting,
if you upload scores from BSB, please remove the preface (because it contains some nonsense copyright claims). I would have done it for small scores but my upload speed is poor, so I can't do it for this 55 MB chunk ;-). Hobbypianist 14:41, 9 August 2011 (UTC)


I'll reload it tomorrow. Regards WB.


Just uploaded it but got an error message. Please investigate.

Regards WB

BNF items

Dear Wiliam,

Please eliminate the opening page with the bogus copyright claim from BNF before uploading items here. How many items have you uploaded this way that we'll now have to clean up? Thanks, Carolus 03:44, 10 August 2011 (UTC)

Good. I see you eliminated the page on the other item you uploaded. That's one of the more annoying features of BNF (and BSB) - you have to check and make sure that their bogus copyright claim is not there to confuse people who download the files. Once you learn all the little tricks to the downloading, it goes much faster. Carolus 04:11, 10 August 2011 (UTC)

Hey Will: This is Nachus001. I see that you process and upload from BNF regularly. I'm using a method to obtain very HQ scans of BNF contents, since their offered PDF for download are of low (and plummeting) quality, and from a time on (I don't know what happened) the screen wide ( zero zoom) images quality is dropping. I changed to this method for my recent Stamitz uploads. Using Irfan View for image processing. If you like please see my talk page where the method is described (simple and no scripts). And Keep Up the good work! Nachus001

Hello Nachus

Thanks for the encouragement and ideas. I definitely don't want to upload good works with bad images. However it's pretty complicated, as I gather from squin's and your talk pages, with lots of advice from Kalliwoda. -on diraît un véritable roman-fleuve...

What the state of the art in August 2011? Have we gone through a period of experimentation and improvisation and now got one fumbler-proof method of getting HQ 50 page scans from BNF?

Believe it or not I used to earn my living in a software company. We used to collect all these things we found out by accident in a "folklore diary".

As I say, I look forward to seeing "BNF HQ scans in 50 words or less".

Regards WB

Chanson polonaise, Op.2 (Pente, Emilio)

I see you are now starting to split up the Wundergeige collection - excellent. Please be sure to include the correct link to Sibley, which you will find on the Wundergeige page. That way, all of the individual items will link to the correct Sibley page when they are split out. We will probably retain the page for the complete Wundergeige collection but might move to the "Various" category instead of Seybold, as he was the arranger. Thanks, Carolus 03:54, 10 August 2011 (UTC)

Thanks Carolus

I want to give Saybold, Pente and Antzeff their due, whereas the others like Tchaikovsky are probably in IM already. Unfortunately they seemed to die between 1945 and 1955, so will not be completely PD for a year or two.

Antseff was like Gliere, kept on writing patriotic pieces in a romantic vein regardless of regime changes. He has 90 entries in RSL (accessible via his cyrillic name), none downloadable! As a result I was pleasantly surprised to find about 15 of Antseff's salon pieces in Sibley.

Your team might be able to find something about S Pressmann Op 3 Berceuse which is also in the Wunderg Bk 6. There's no trace of him in Hof XIX or music sack.

Regards WB

Kreuz Op 21

Hello admins.

This work is now complete, my only long self-scan so far. Unfortunately the files were scanned as jpg, about 770k each, then they were converted to pdf making 900k each, so the piano part is 30 times that, nearly 30 mb.

In comparison, the Mendelssohn op 49 trio is an anorexic 4 mb. Where did I go wrong?

Regards WB

Publisher Pages

Hi WilliamBunting. Many thanks for your help with the publisher pages. The history section looks very nice. It is important, however, to include a works consulted so we know where the information comes from. Respectfully, Emery 03:19, 15 August 2011 (UTC)

The main sources are the publicaions pages on IMSLP. Here are some others:

Hermann Benjamin;

R Schauer

These are based on these which I have not seen:

Anon. 1958 Anon.: 140 Jahre Musikverlag Anton J. Benjamin, in: Musikhandel, Jg. 9, Nr. 3/4., März/April 1958, S. 55.

Anon. 1996 Anon.: Continuing the Family Tradition. Profile of MPA Councillor Irene Retford, in: Musi©Matters, April 1996, S. 6.

About Marbot

FetthauerS 2004 Sophie Fetthauer: Musikverlage im „Dritten Reich“ und im Exil (= Musik im „Dritten Reich“ und im Exil, Bd. 10, Hanns-Werner Heister, Peter Petersen (Hg.)), phil. Diss. Universität Hamburg 2002, Hamburg: von Bockel, 2004.

Regards WB

Titles of Works, Dates

Dear William, As you become a more experienced uploader, please take note of how we title work pages. We normally do not include instrumentation or key as part of the title unless there is a compelling reason - 18th century composers who wrote scores of violin concertos for example - where adding a key helps to identify a piece. By the 19th century, when composers routinely used opus numbers, including keys and instrumentation is quite superfluous. Also, in the "General Information" seciton, please use the "Op.##" abbreviation instead of simply putting in a number. On dates, please note that we use a plain date only when it is actually printed on the score (as Simrock, Belaieff and nearly all American publishers did). Otherwise, we use the designation "n.d." - meaning no date appears on the score itself. If the date has been determined by reliable sources (like the Hofmeister Monatsbericht) it should appear in square brackets immediately after the "n.d." Otherwise, the date can be estimated from our plate number charts on publisher pages (these are not always a 100% reliable guide - much depends on the individual publisher). In that case, we use a "(ca.####) to give our estimated date. So, a typical publication citation might appear thus: Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d.[1876]. Plate V.A. 147. This means no date is actually on the score, but we know from reliable sources that it was issued in 1876. Carolus 03:28, 24 August 2011 (UTC)

Excellent uploading today! This makes the reviewer's work much easier. Thanks, Carolus 01:36, 25 August 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for your encouragement. Frankly I think that a violinist would probably overlook my recent Zelenski Berceuse in the new items. That's why I regret having to leave out reference to the instrument in the title.

Date point taken. Good idea. Regards WB

then the classification team/tagging team tags the item and it shows up in the berceuses, and works featuring the violin categories, and can be found using the Category Walker; and that problem is handled usually :) Eric 02:47, 26 August 2011 (UTC)

37 Morceaux (Neukomm, Sigismund)

The file you uploaded as Book 1 of the above piece was actually a duplicate of Book 3, so I deleted the duplicate file. Do you have the 1st book to upload? Massenetique talk email 02:43, 8 September 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for the correction. I have uploaded Book 1. The problem was that on the BSB page all 3 files had the same name. This brings the Neukomm uploading festival to a halt for the moment. Perhaps some of his Parisian publications waill appear on Gallica at some time in the future. Also Dresden SLUB has some more in its catalog.

Best wishes WB

Arien-Album (Various)

Dear William,

Peters issued these albums for all voices, not just alto. Be sure to add the other voices to this one page if you come across them at RSL instead of creating separate pages - since they need to ultimately be split up into individual arias and added to the correct operas. etc. (Some day in the future when we don't have to deal with 1000 uploads per day!). Thanks, Carolus 23:21, 24 September 2011 (UTC)

Dear Carolus,

Point noted. Strangely the HMB entry for this album is the sop version 1892, not the alto.

I'm uploading a few albums because they contain some rarities, and also useful arrangements. My hope is that some enthusiast can split them up if they are interested. To start off, I have done a few such as the Spohr songs with piano duet, and some "new" composers sucha as Fabian Rehfeld.

Regards WB

Le concert des muses (Various)

Volume 9 is missing. It is presently occupied by a duplicate of 6. You'll need to upload separately - do not replace the existing file. Thanks, Carolus 22:53, 25 September 2011 (UTC)

Sibley Uploads

Dear William,

Please do not upload the circulation records, as they are utterly useless to use here. If you read the guidelines to uploading Sibley items, there are instructions for avoiding uploading them. Now that you're getting to be a more experienced uploader, we'll be pointing out some additional things that will make your contributions easier to review. You've made a lot of progress in the past few months, so now it's time to move to the next level. By way of example, take a look at the changes which have been made to your upload here to bring it into the correct format and style. This collection will have to be split into it various individual pieces and Ulrich's arrangements placed in the correct locations on the various work pages. Carolus 03:22, 28 September 2011 (UTC)

Dear Carolus

Thank you for your hints about Sibley.

I have sorted out the numbering of the Overtures arranged by Ulrich. MHB shows three vols issued in 1880 and a fourth later:


Ouverturen-Album. Sammlung der beliebtesten Ouv. f. Pfte zu 4 Hdn arr. v. Hugo Ulrich. 3 Bände. Leipzig, Peters à Mk 1,50. Band. I. Boïeldieu, Weisse Dame; Kalif v. Bagdad. – Hérold, Zampa. Auber, Stumme v. Portici; Maurer u. Schlosser. – Bellini, Norma; Romeo u. Julie. – Rossini, Italienerin in Algier; Barbier; Tancred; Diebische Elster. – Donizetti, Regimentstochter. – II. Gluck, Alceste; Iphigenie in Aulis. – Cimarosa, Heimliche Ehe. – Beethoven, Prometheus; Coriolan; Leonore (No. 3); Fidelio; Egmont. – Cherubini, Wasserträger; Abenceragen. – Schubert, Alfonso u. Estrella; Rosamunde. – III. Mozart, Idomeneo; Entführung; Figaro’s Hochzeit; Don Juan; Cosi fan tutte; Zauberflöte; Titus. – Weber, Preciosa; Jubel-Ouv.; Freischütz; Euryanthe; Oberon

Ouvertüren-Album. Sammlung der beliebtesten Ouv. f. Pfte zu 4 Hdn arr. v. Hugo Ulrich. 4. Band. (Reissiger, Yelva; Die Felsenmühle. – Spohr, Jessonda; Faust. – Spontini unquote

So there should really be just one entry for Ouverturen-Album.

Vol 1 is my Overture album (german Boieldieu etc)

Vol 2 is Collection d'Ouvertures (Gluck etc)

Vol 3 and 4 are not available as collections on line as far as I can see. However,they may be distributed among the separate composers.

I agree that the separate works should be put with the composers. However, the collections themselves are historical documents. They show the priorities of the day (no Offenbach no Meyerbeer), and demonstrate the skill of the arranger. Perhaps to save space they coould be virtual albums, just lists of links to the scattered parts.

Regards WB

I am inclined to agree that the collections should have their own pages as historical documents. The items presently in the 'Various' category aren't much of a problem. The single-composer collections which were assembled by someone other than the composer (usually posthumously) are more of an issue. I've been wondering if we need to set up a category called "Collections" where all of these could reside. Carolus 04:29, 29 September 2011 (UTC)
This can be made to work (and we already have something similar in the category Compilations), while keeping in mind that:
1. As I understand it, the copyright considerations on the collections may be different from their constituent works, not just in terms of any editorial prefaces and commentaries, but also in the editors' selections of pieces and the sequence in which they appear. Carolus will know more about this, and it won't affect older editions where the editors' copyright has clearly expired.
2. It is essential that separate work pages exist for each of the individual work pages within the collection, with links from those pages back to the collection. Similarly, the page for the collection must contain links back to each of the pages for the works it contains. This is the only way to make sure that people can find the scores they need — P.davydov 08:10, 29 September 2011 (UTC)

Dear Admins Re Sibley circulation card deletion. I just put "uploading Sibley" into the search box but did not get any advice on this. Pleas tell me where it is stored.

Regards WB

Hi William, it is possible to skip the transfer of the circulation card by examining the contents of the 'File Name' boxes (at the top of the 'add files' page that is semiautomatically filled in for you) and removing the relevant one. If you scroll far enough to the right in one of those boxes, the end of the file name should appear; the one that contains the text 'circ' can be entirely removed (i.e., the box can be blanked). If other files remain below this one after it is blanked, I think it is necessary to cut and paste the text in the other boxes to move them upwards (so that there is a continuous succession of file names in boxes starting from the very top). Thanks, KGill talk email 13:54, 29 September 2011 (UTC)

Thanks. I just tried one. Seems OK Also uploaded a big file for SBB.Tried to compress it but no luck. Perhaps you could tinker with it. Regards WB

SBB files sometimes involve serious intervention- page-by-page cropping and editing, which can take days- instead of a single compression program applied to the whole file. Still, often worth it for the content. Eric 04:05, 6 October 2011 (UTC)


If it's a manuscript, please, it's not a "normal" scan, it's a manuscript scan, with a few exceptions. Eric 04:02, 6 October 2011 (UTC) (more generally put: !haste)

Sorry, ed. It's the first time I've sent in an ms. Didn't expect one of the many parameters to trip me up. Lesson learned. Regards, WB

Titles of Works

Dear William,

I've had to clean up quite a few titles you created lately, for example Hornesklänge für Männerchor mit Begl. von 1 Trompete, 4 Hörnern u. 2 Fagotten ; Op.179179, (Lachner, Franz Paul), which was a real trainwreck. We do not normally include an instrumentation list as part of the title, or keys, or other extraneous information. There are cases where a composer has many works with similar generic titles (Sonata, Concerto, etc.) where we have to include the key or some indication of instrumentation in order to identify it - especially for composers who lack a catalog system like the BWV used for Bach. In the above case, there is an opus number (179) which serves as the unique identifier. Thus, "Hornesklänge, Op.179" is sufficient to do the job. Short is always better, especially if there is an opus or catalog number present. Another thing, in the "year of first publication" field in the General Info section, do not put anything but the 4-digit year date. If you want to indicate the date is an estimate, use the following format YYYY ? (space-question mark after the date). This field is actually read by the system. While the older things like [1838] aren't going to create a big problem due to not being read, this can be a real problem for anything 1923 or later. Thanks, Carolus 04:35, 6 October 2011 (UTC)

Sorry ed. Assumed that what was good for BSB was good for IMSLP. Also got carried away at the thought of happy horn players seeing a piece for their benefit  Will stick to simple and unique if uninformative titles in the future.
Incidentally, I have just with some trepidation (train wreck phobia) dared to call Michel Yost's clarinet concerto no 12 a clarinet concerto. If you would prefer to omit the instrument name, please edit it and I will follow your ruling in future.
We have a categorization system that classifies all works according to their instrumentation, which is why it isn't necessary to include the names of instruments in the title. The exceptions we make are for sonatas and concertos, so "Clarinet Concerto" is fine.
The rules for page titles are here. If you continue to disregard them, then don't be surprised if the the admins here get a little tetchy with you, because we have to do the tidying up afterwards. For example, I've had to change your "no. 12" to "No.12" in the title of Yost's clarinet concerto. It may seem a trivial point to you, but the spacing and capitalzation all have an effect on searching, sorting, and automatic translation into other languages. We welcome your help, but not your sarcasm — P.davydov 16:05, 6 October 2011 (UTC)


Apologies for creating an unecessary composer page for Mr.Michell who was on the cover to the above cl con. Found the Yost name in the BNF notes. Please delete.

Regards WB

OK, done — P.davydov 16:05, 6 October 2011 (UTC)

Internet archive template

.... is not {{}}. The one that works is {{IArch}}. You can't just place curly brackets around something and expect a template to appear. They have to be constructed. You can find the list here at Category:External library templates. Carolus 04:06, 7 October 2011 (UTC)

Dear C

Thank you very much for the tip.


Wuerst Romance title

Hello Eds

Sorry about the missing op num on Wuest's Romances. Unfortunately HMB was down so I couldn't check it up. As you found, there are in fact two sets of violin Romances, Op.13 and Op4.

Regards WB

FAE Sonata

Sorry, Ed, I have created an uneccessary work page for this work. Because the system will not accept the same file twice, perhaps you could move it to the existing page. However, the title is not Romance, but clearly Intermezzo. Regards WB

Airs nouveaux

The title should be Recueil 2, rather than complete score.WB

Sinding Piano Trio

Sorry for Op num mistake. WB

  • I'm a bit surprised myself since it's usually referred to as opus 64 (see eg Edition Silvertrust or the Naxos recording of the same work), but at least on our page List of compositions by Christian Sinding it does indeed have opus 64a (hrm, apparently because opus 64b also exists, a work called Roland zu Bremen.) Thanks! I remember seeing the HMB link for 1904 for the opus 70 quartet and will find it and put it in soon. Eric 04:00, 19 October 2011 (UTC)

Hello Schissel

I'm glad the instrumentation for Op 64a has been clarified. Just one question: Can I upload an excel file of a composer's works? Regards WB

  • Probably not - composer worklists here are almost all of a few different types which can be seen at

Category:Composer Composition Lists. Eric 04:46, 19 October 2011 (UTC)

  • Also about Sinding- having made a "MIDI" of the first movement of his string quartet years ago (from the Peters parts which are available at the university library here - I go to the library too rarely but need to get over there and photocopy some of those parts and scan them :) )... I am glad to see the score online. Even on the basis of a computer recording i find it one of his stronger works. Thanks again! Eric 14:12, 10 December 2011 (UTC)

Molbe work list

Hello Schissel

Thank you for your advice. I have uploaded the above, but failed to attach it to Molbe's page. Could you please do it?

The file is Molbe works IMSLP.pdf

Regards WB

Hi WB, I just noticed that you linked to this file from the category page. PDF files that are not uploaded through the standard file submission process are actually totally inaccessible for most users (except copyright reviewers), so unfortunately that will not do much good as a substitute for a worklist page. I've now moved the text over to List of works by Heinrich Molbe; would you mind perhaps going through this page to fix the issues with bold text and proper line breaks that is causing it to appear so odd right now? Thanks, KGill talk email 03:12, 29 October 2011 (UTC)
Happy I could help. A forum I'm a member of discussed his biography some (I linked to that on the category page). Eric 15:07, 25 November 2011 (UTC)

Joseph Marx (d.1964)

Cannot be uploaded to the main server, which is located in Canada. I am therefore deleting your uploads for this composer as we have more than enough to do right now with WIMA and someone copy the files and re-upload them to the USA server at a later date. You should know this by now. Please pay attention to composer's dates. We cannot have everything available at Sibley on the main site because Canada's copyright law is not the same as that of the USA. Thanks, Carolus 02:22, 20 October 2011 (UTC)

I'm aware of the rule: EU etc 70 years after death, Canada 50 years, US pre 1923. As a result you get the 1941-61 deaths on the US or Canada server: early Strauss V Williams Pfitzner (to Op.30) Martinu and Hindemith etc. Marx as a post 1961 death must be in the US. It seems odd that various US universities (on can put their logo on Marx, Pfitz etc while IMSLP users can't share these works. If there is a specific way to put things on the IMSLP US site please inform the contributors. Regards WB

There are instructions for use of the US server on the forums (they've been up for most of the last year): This requires special permissions on, though. Cheers, KGill talk email 14:42, 21 October 2011 (UTC)

Hi William! Just wanted to let you know that all the Marx items on with the exception of Castelli romani (under copyright worldwide) have now been uploaded to the US server and links posted here. Thanks for pointing them out to me. --Cypressdome 02:41, 28 October 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for your work. I've enjoyed seeing the scores of several pre 1922 works I thought I would never see e.g. Strauss Deutsche Motette. By the way, If you could explain how to convert from color to monochrome using Gimp I would be very grateful. Regards WB

Cor-de Lass

Hello eds Revised life dates from Music Sack Regards WB

Hi WB, would you mind pasting the exact URL you got the information from here? MusicSack's search function is a bit strange and I can't seem to find the correct page (to link to on the category page here). Thanks, KGill talk email 14:18, 22 October 2011 (UTC)

Las not Lass possibly my mistake WB

Hm, that doesn't appear to be the same person at all - the first names don't match either. I've changed it back to the old version (plus VIAF link) until more information surfaces. Thanks, KGill talk email 21:02, 23 October 2011 (UTC)

Enckhausen Piano Duet school

Sorry eds, title should be Op.58 not 76. Regards WB

Enckhausen Op.63

Sorry ed, wrong title (error in HMB) Incorrect Das Pianofote-Spielers erste Studien. Correct "Des Pianoforte-Spielers erste Studien." (Errors in 1st and 2nd words). Regards WB

Link from Composer's Arrangements section to Various page

A question for the editors:

The is a entry in Reinecke's "Arrangements" section linking to "Unsere Lieblinge.." on the Various page. However, similar entries are missing from the "Arrangements" sections of Sitt (to Sammlung...viola) and Klengel J (to Unsre Lieblinge...).

Could you please tell me how to insert a link like Reinecke's on the other composer pages?

Regards WB

Hi William, "Unsere Lieblinge (Various)" is listed on Klengel's category page as a work to which he contributed an arrangement. I'm uncertain what arrangement by Sitt to which you are referring unless it's some contribution of his to "Sammlung Klassischer und Moderner Stücke für Bratsche und Klavier." The only one I could find was his Gavotte and Mazurka, Op.132 but since he was the composer there's no need to include him as arranger. Anyway, to link an arranger's work back to his composer's category page you edit the work page and include an arranger line such as this in the appropriate area: |Arranger={{LinkArr|Julius|Klengel}} (1859-1933). Just edit to view the code on the Unsere Lieblinge page and you'll see what I mean. Hope that helps. --Cypressdome 00:34, 31 October 2011 (UTC)

Bassoon Concertino op 12 David

Hello Eds:

Could we please revise the classification of this work:

Concertino, Op.12 (David, Ferdinand)

The category walker correctly leads to the work, but only "piano and viola arrangement" is available. Bassoon players would probably give up at this point.

However, in fact the piano score is that of the bassoon and piano arrangement.

Perhaps we could post a copy of this, entitled "bassoon and piano arrangement",

Regards WB


Hello Eds: Just uploaded this work. Unfortunately it's listed as 12 pieces, so please delete it. Regards WB.

Thanks William. I've moved the 12 Pieces page to Hausmusik as that appeared to be the actual title. --Cypressdome 03:09, 9 November 2011 (UTC)

Converting color images to monochrome using Gimp

Hi William! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you on this. I primarily use a combination of Photoshop and Scantailor to generate monochrome images but I took a look at Gimp and here's what I've come up with. Please note that I'm sure if you were to ask three different users how they would convert color images to monochrome you would get three variations on a theme. With the image open in Gimp zoom in to 100%. Select the "Colors" pull-down menu. Select "Threshold" and set a value based on your visual inspection of the affect on the image. Usually the value will be between the 150s and 190s. Then click "Ok." Next, select the "Image" pull-down menu then "Mode" and choose "Indexed." Select the option "Use black and white (1-bit) palette" (shouldn't need to dither). The image is now in true black and white and at this point you can certainly do any manual cleaning or re-painting you feel is needed. Select the "File" pull-down menu, then "Save as" and under "select file type" choose "tiff image." Save and you can choose "CCITT Group 4 fax" for compression and then save. Since this is a repetitive process I create actions in Photoshop that allow me to apply all the steps (including rotating 90 degrees, cropping, etc. - handy for the Internet Archive jpg2000 files) to each file in a directory. I'm sure Gimp has a similar functionality (script-foo I suppose) but I'm not familiar with it. At this point I run the images through Scantailor which will de-skew all the images, set uniform margins, and allow me to re-sample lower resolution images (usually 200 or 300dpi) to a higher resolution (usually 600dpi). The resulting tif files are then combined into a pdf using Acrobat. The only other product I've tried to create pdf files from tif files is Imagemagick. Over in the forums under Scanning and PDF Creation there are some older threads that address this issue. Hope this helps. Enjoy! --Cypressdome 03:33, 9 November 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for details. Splendidly clear. I'm working with a local language version in Asia, but got the trick. Hope to upload clean Herzogenberg Legenden soon. Regards WB

Ellerton Op.21 title

Strange thing: This work was first pub as 6 Morceaux Mignonnes, then they realized that morceau is masculine, so the last pieces were published correctly as 6 Morceaux Mignons. Regards WB

Hi William! I've corrected the work's title so that it is now under 6 Morceaux mignons, Op.21 (Ellerton, Gustav). Also, I have created a template for Debrecen University. To link to their digital scores page you can use {{DU}} in the scanner field. Thanks! --Cypressdome 01:35, 11 November 2011 (UTC)

Wand of youth suite arr cello (Elgar)

Hello Eds:

The title page says arr cello. However, there is no cello part, and the piano score has one unmarked line for the soloist all in the treble clef. Could it be re-classifed as "for cello or violin" please?

Regards WB

La chasse mis-classified

Hello eds:

Please note that the piano six hands page succesfully links to this work, but that it is classified as for piano four hands on the page itself.,_Louis)

Regards WB

Thanks for pointing that out. We'll remove the tags until the original instrumentation can be confirmed — P.davydov 17:33, 20 November 2011 (UTC)

Rust Sonata Dm

Dear Eds:


is the same as Violin Sonata in Gm (arr Conus for viola),_Friedrich_Wilhelm)#For_Viola_and_Piano_.28Conus.29

and also the same as Gigue for violin solo arr Sevcik, currently artributed to the wrong Rust.,_Wilhelm)

Could you please put them on the same page.

Regards WB

OK, That was quite a wild ride, but I think it's resolved now. Your info was quite helpful. Carolus 02:40, 23 November 2011 (UTC)

Trois Etudes Caractéristiques, Op.41 (Leschetizky, Theodor)

Hello eds

Sorry, title should be Arabic numeral 3. Also can't get the section list right.

Regards WB

Upload file page

Hello Eds

This page's wording is misleading. In my recent experience (Aufsess Becker etc) you can upload pdfs but they won't link to the work, whereas jpegs are fine. Please change the wording or change the function.

Regards WB

Papini Six characteristic pieces. No.6

Hello Eds

This work has an invalid Sibley number 1802/10985. Perhaps you could advise me. Snowflakes. Mélodie. (Six characteristic pieces. No. 6). For violin and piano. Op. 100.

Regards WB

Title correction: Lesczetizky

Hello eds

Please note that a grave accent is not used with a capital(upper case) letter in French. Please correct it here:

Regards WB

Novacek collection

Hello eds

I will split up this collection when it is ready.,_Ottokar)

Regards WB

Tagged. When you split it up, leave the Bulgarische Tänze on that page. I'll move the page again so that it is for that work only. This was not even a published collection, but three different items Sibley placed in the same page. Carolus 02:42, 23 November 2011 (UTC)

Just moved Arie. I downloaded it first. Is there a better way to keep all the Sibley info?

Regards WB
All broken up now. Thanks, Carolus 08:28, 25 November 2011 (UTC)

Variationen in alten Style, Op.50 (Dessau, Bernhard)

Hello Eds:

Sorry the title should read Variationen im alten Style, Op.50 (Dessau, Bernhard) Shaky German grammar I'm afraid.

Regards WB

Variationen in alten Style, Op.50 (Dessau, Bernhard)

Hello Eds:

Sorry the title should read Variationen im alten Style, Op.50 (Dessau, Bernhard) Shaky German grammar I'm afraid.

Regards WB

33 Etüden (Neupert, Edmund)

Hello eds

I have changed the thumbnail on this work to the cover page (from Podlaska).

If the original uploader prefers the previous thubnail, please change it back.

Regards WB


Hello eds:

This composer is not in m sack. He probably died after 1941 but might be all right in Canada.

"Vortragstücke" is a mis-spelling, only one s.

Regards WB

General Information Section

Hello William, The fields for year dates (composition, first performance, and - especially - publication) are actually read by the system here to help the autotagger in determination of basic copyright status. It is therefore important, especially for any work after about 1880, to use the simple 4-digit year, followed by other info after separation with a space and a ? if estimated (publication date, e.g. 2011 ?) or dashes (performance or composition dates, e.g. 2011-11-25). Thanks, Carolus 07:47, 25 November 2011 (UTC)

Bohm Lieder

Hello Eds This is in fact a collection of songs for high voice from many opus numbs, ed Simrock n,d. Plate 8892. The first one is Op.133. I'll split it up into 3 separate vols later.

Yes we noticed. Carolus 05:25, 2 December 2011 (UTC)

Work Page titles

Please do not put periods after them. You must be copying and pasting them, as this is not something you were doing previously to your latest library visitations. Thanks, Carolus 05:25, 2 December 2011 (UTC) Sorry, slipped up again with Goltermamnn. Rule is: One UC leter at start, comma before Op, No period at end. WB However, Piano Quartet uses UC in both words. WB

Krieger-Sammlung (Krieger, Johann Philipp)

Hi William, it's an important upload- many thanks! BTW: I recognized that there are still some Google icons (pdf-pp.16-75). Or is it a mirage? Regards --Ralph Theo Misch 00:18, 4 December 2011 (UTC)

Hermann Francke

I'm thinking it might be a person who published music around the same time as Hermann Franke (1834–1919). Eric 01:26, 5 December 2011 (UTC)

I was beginning to think that with as many works that Abt composed with words by Hermann Francke that it might have been a pseudonym for Abt himself. --Cypressdome 01:41, 5 December 2011 (UTC)

Kalkbrenner Grand Duo Op.63a

Hello Eds: Sorry about the mistake. On inspection it's clear that these three parts are the same. They must be for the above work in Dm. The piano part is missing on the Elblag Library site. Regards, WB

The op.63a (just described as op.63; I added the "a" because we already have an op.63, apparently, in our worklist) is listed as being a duo in d minor for violin, flute or piano- sources don't list an alternate viola option, and I'm hesitant to list it as the same duo without actually seeing the op.63 duos and at least comparing a few bars :) If they're the same work except for the addition of an extra alternative part- that is, the same work - will be time to move the page yet again to reflect that. Eric 14:05, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

Be assured it's the same work. It must be a home-made unpublished arrangement by Nitschmann or his copyist. It's typically impractical in that it's unnaturally high for the viola, hard to play and harder to listen to. WB

Elblaska template

Could you please make a template for this library? It hurts me, as an erstwhile Polish speaker, to write it without the Polish "a cedilla" letter. Regards WB

Already done! The format is {{BE|#####}} in which the number is the publication number that can be found on the edition information page for the particular score. A list of all external library templates can be found at Category:External library templates. In the list at the top many give the information needed on what to put after the pipe character in order to link to the score's page. I also see you are looking dates up in the Hofmeister's Monatsbericht. We have a nice template that will also link to it Template:HMB. Its usage is {{HMB|YYYY|###}} in which you simply input the year and the page number on which the item is found. This produces a nice result of, for example, n.d. [1856], so there's no need to put in the "n.d." Thanks, by the way, for finding Biblioteka Elbląska! --Cypressdome 12:16, 14 December 2011 (UTC)

Glad it's useful to IMSLP people. There's a good portal for Poland:

There are about 30 libraries but only about 300 scores. They use djvu. Lodz is good for opera and misc Moniuszko, Poznan for Moszkowski (in preparation) Podlaska for piano and Elblag for viola. Some also have good popular collections.

The Czech rep has a similar portal

There are only about 100 scores here, and two useful sites. Manuscriptorium has about 30 Vanhal and Brixi, with a choice of formats color or mono (choose CB). Kramerius has a few piano works with a very convenient pdf- making facility but all color.

The potential in Cz especially is enormous, thinking of the Music Antiqua Bohemica series (Vanhal Krommer Benda then later Reicha Kalliwoda etc)

Incidentally admins, could we please have a tag:

Category: scores from Elblagska Biblioteka Cyfrowa

Regards WB

Thanks for all the score sources. I'll definitely have a look at them when time permits and see about adding them to our list of other sheet music sites. When I created the BE template I also created the "scores from" category which you can find here: Category:Scores from Biblioteka Elbląska. I hope that's what you meant. --Cypressdome 04:33, 16 December 2011 (UTC)

Carl Hering

This may be the wrong C Hering, but he's the only one in Music Sack.

Could be Karl Friedrich August Hering (1819–1889) (any composer with a "Karl" probably had their name spelled Carl also, I think.) too, and he's also in MusicSack. There's also Karl-Josef Hering (1766–1853) there, and Kurt Hering who could be Curt Hering depending, and Karl-Josef Hering (b.1934 - hopefully not given the copyright issues). Eric 02:52, 16 December 2011 (UTC)

Hermann op15

Thanks- sorry it was only the first piece of the 6 that I typeset though. Eric 02:53, 16 December 2011 (UTC)


To avoid having composers for whom you don't know the vital data fall into "non-public-domain" and being deleted, it's best to find out the dates of the earliest and last known original publications of theirs, using and other methods- this can take a little while, but anything worth doing is worth doing well and without hurry - by original I mean, eliminate reprints, re-copyrights, and editions by other hands as much as you can ; this takes practice - and replace what's there with something like the format I've put now in Category:Rechfeld, Filip Jakub, e.g. Thanks! Eric 14:11, 16 December 2011 (UTC)

Titz Duo

Dear William, I believe the cello part is a duplicate of the violin part. Is there not a different cello part for this wonderful piece? Thanks for finding this. Duo for Violin and Cello, Op.2 (Titz, Anton Ferdinand) . Generoso 18:23, 20 December 2011 (UTC)

Sorry, G I did it in a hurry. I'll upload it later. It needs a lot of processing and takes about an hour. Thanks for the polite reminder. WB

Weinachts-Polka, Op.6 (Nitschmann, Heinrich)

Please correct the spelling Weihnachts

Weinachts-Polka, Op.6 (Nitschmann, Heinrich)

Please correct the spelling Weihnachts

Done! --Cypressdome 13:29, 2 January 2012 (UTC)

Thank you WB

Kucken Ave Maria

Please change the title.

It's already been moved to Lieder und Gesänge, Op.19 (Kücken, Friedrich Wilhelm). --Cypressdome 18:12, 2 January 2012 (UTC)

Kucken Sonata no1

Please make a page for 2 Sonatas Op.12 and attach the Sibley No.2 and my new RSL No.1.

Merged into one page now. The publication history was helpful. Carolus 02:51, 3 January 2012 (UTC)

Grand Nocturne élégiaque, Op.6 (Schuberth, Carl)

Feel free to change the name to Nocturne if you prefer.

Nothing wrong with the original title as far as I can see. Carolus 02:50, 3 January 2012 (UTC)


Couldn't find a death date for this composer. I'll try to get the vl 1 part of Morgenstimung from Elblag.

When you can't find a date, put a question mark in the "Died Year" field (Died Year=?). This stops the composer from being classified as "non-public domain" by the system. Also, please remember to include plate number prefixes. Thanks, Carolus 04:17, 3 January 2012 (UTC)
Dobritzsch is probably, I'm guessing, one of two composers of the same name - Rudolf/Rudolph Dobritzsch senior, May 1839-(possibly after 1896??) and someone I'm guessing is his son, born 1867 and listed in MusicSack. The work you posted may be by either but given that some sources refer to his son explicitly as Dobritzsch jun., that it was precisely the early date of composition that had me looking to see if there was a question of attribution in the first place :), ...- I'm guessing anyway that it's by the elder though I'm hoping for something more definite than a guess... the elder Dobritzsch has a biography, with date and place of birth etc. in a journal which I linked to (found using Google Books.) Eric 04:48, 4 January 2012 (UTC)

Le mal du pays, Op.117 (Jungmann, Albert)

Could you please put Heimweh Op.117 as an arrangement of this piano piece?

Done, thanks to Carolus. --Cypressdome 04:48, 5 January 2012 (UTC)

Resignation, Op.59 (Dancla, Charles)

Please insert the acute accent on the e in the title.

Done! --Cypressdome 04:48, 5 January 2012 (UTC)

3 Tonbilder, Op.70 (Kücken, Friedrich Wilhelm)

There is a little confusion here.

Could the file be named: No. 1 Sommerabend

Then the Work page could be as is or (as on the score cover) Am Chiemsee: 3 Tonbilder, Op.70 (Kücken, Friedrich Wilhelm)

Regards WB

Done! --Cypressdome 04:48, 5 January 2012 (UTC)

Les Perles d’Italie, de France et d’Allemagne, Op.107bis (Dancla, Charles)

The dates for editor E W Ritter are a guess. There's no E W Ritter in music sack, but this Ritter's (no initials) dates are suitable. Please change or delete if necessary.

Barcarolle, Op.13 (Huber, Adolf)

Sorry, only one l in the title. Please correct it.

Schuler-Concertino, Op.8 (Huber, Károly)

Title should have an Umlaut on the u. Please correct.

It wasn't by Karoly Huber, but Adolf. Carolus 04:31, 8 January 2012 (UTC)

Grieg arr Achron

Grieg's Scherzo Impromptu Op 73 arr v p by Achron is on DU (no 589) Since it was pub in 1926 and Achron died in 1943, is it unusable?

2 Pièces de Salon, Op.13 (Goltermann, Georg)

The piece I uploaded is no 2. No 1 is on the coming soon list at Elblag. Thanks WB

4 Romances Without Words (Hauser, Miska)

Could this work be clearly marked Op.37? Also it could be helpfully tagged "pieces" as well as "romance". Regards WB

Nordish, Op.108 (Eberhardt, Goby)

The title should be Nordisch, Op.103

Scores from Debrecen University

Hi William! Thanks for your comments regarding the link list I've been compiling for Debrecen University. It's probably turning into a project as you can see over at User:Cypressdome/Sandbox2. Since you currently appear to be the major contributor of uploads from DU I hope you don't mind if I try to enlist your help. As you upload items could you utilize the switch in the DU template to include the 2 or 3 digit number found in the item's URL on the DU website. Take your upload of Heller's Pensées fugitives, Op.30 for example. The URL on DU is so the DU template would be {{DU|chamber|183}}. Once you have uploaded an item you could note it in the appropriate table on the project page or just leave me a message on my talk page. Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for all the scores you've been uploading! --Cypressdome 05:44, 11 January 2012 (UTC) I'll be glad to do that. It would help if we had a searchable version of the DU list on this site. For my own use I just copied the list into Word and use the Word search function to find things. Unfortunately the list is very sketchy and the titles are misleading or arrangements are listed under the original composer not the arranger or vice versa. Another thing is missing parts, bad pages etc. We could try emailing DU to see if they can provide them. I have a few annotations on paper to start with.Regards WB

Thanks William! DU's less-than-ideal method of organizing their collection was one of the motivating factors for me to compile the list. For works that haven't been uploaded to IMSLP if DU's description needs to be corrected or amended I'll add the information within parentheses to the right of DU's description. As the ultimate goal is to have all of DU's 800+ scores mirrored here once that is accomplished it won't matter how difficult finding scores on their site is. --Cypressdome 13:04, 11 January 2012 (UTC)

Re Hermann opus 17 in worklist

HMB template is for documents you have a scan of in front of you (or directly in front of you) and which don't have a publication date on them - hence the "n.d." part

- not for referring to any and all HMB links; we still need a template for that, but can still use the HMB URL link to do that without a template. Also, on worklist pages, while one can do a publication history for the work (feel free to start in on the other published works if time allows too), at the moment we're just doing first known-to-us publication date (and that may be earlier than the one listed in HMB, if published in Britain, France or the US, where HMB's coverage is insufficient)- composition or earliest known manuscript when available (with a notation to say that it is composition and not publication date, to reduce confusion), etc. Usually without link to HMB (so far) and definitely without HMB template unless "n.d." status is known! So have reverted that edit to opus 17. Eric 11:01, 11 January 2012 (UTC)

Concertante for 2 clarinets, Op.44 (Müller, Friedrich)

Please rename the 2nd cl 1 part as cl 2.


(again...) the HMB template is for linking to the HMB page when one knows or suspects that there is no copyright or dating information on an available scan or score. When there is not even an available scan or score, just information from HMB itself, please use something like "HMB, 1861, p.72" (perhaps including the month from HMB.) Eric 03:06, 27 January 2012 (UTC) (apologies, it's not that important, just a bit misleading.)

Lieder und Gesänge, Op.19 (Kücken, Friedrich Wilhelm)

The Ave Maria score you uploaded has only one page - the title page. This was probably for an English translation of the song. You will probably want to replace the file when you've added the missing pages. Carolus 06:29, 31 January 2012 (UTC)

4 Romances without Words (Hauser, Miska)

PLease delete the 1 Ahnung file. It is the first 4 pages of the old version piano score.

Debrecen U. Scores

Hi William! Thanks for keeping me updated on what you're uploading as it makes updating the list a bit easier. I'm slowing working through the Diabelli piano works and was considering tackling the Hubay next as those scans appear to be very promising candidates for conversion to black and white. Thanks again! --Cypressdome 02:32, 5 February 2012 (UTC)


The "Henri Ernst" transcriptions have been giving me some difficulty- there was a Henri Ernst, flutist, but like Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst he too died in the 1860s, and these transcriptions appeared two decades later. Some of the works they were transcribing may not have been composed when they were alive. You see the possible difficulty... My guess, really, is that there's another musician Henri Ernst (or person with a similar name who was called Henri Ernst in the USA) out there who did these 1880s transcriptions. Eric 15:36, 20 February 2012 (UTC)

Mozart: Don Giovanni (String Quartet arr.)

You uploaded two viola parts and forgot the cello. Carolus 05:01, 24 February 2012 (UTC)

Dear William Bunting,

We are a chamber orchestra and we would like to play the Don Giovanni string quartet arrangement but we need also the cello part. Thanks!

Alfred Scott-Gatty

you write in the comments section to "Apart", "Gatty's birth name, Comyn Vaughn", appears on the score. Erm, according to Alfred Scott-Gatty (Wikipedia), Gatty's birth name was Alfred Gatty. Are we definitely talking about the same composer here?? Eric 13:04, 23 March 2012 (EDT)