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Wiener Philharmonischer Verlag was founded in 1923 by Alfred Kalmus (1889-1972), who had been a Universal Edition employee since 1909. Alfred was the older brother of Edwin F. Kalmus, founder of the US company. Alfred Kalmus remained with Universal Edition until he emigrated to London (1936), where his own company, Alfred A. Kalmus, was operation for a number of years. Wiener Philharmonischer Verlag was bought by UE in 1925 though the imprint is still used by them.

Aside from producing original engravings, the firm seems to have also reprinted items by other German publishers.


  • Wiener Philharmonischer Verlag A.G.


Plate Numbers

Plate numbers are in the format of W.Ph.V. ###.

Plate Composer Work Year
204 Bruckner Mass No.2 in E minor, WAB 27 (full score) 1924
364 Dittersdorf String Quartet No.3 in G major
371 Beethoven Septet in E-flat major, Op.20
377 Casella Paganiniana, Op.65 1944
375 Schubert Piano Quintet in A major, D.667

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