Instructions for the Piano Forte (Cramer, Johann Baptist)

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Version A

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Coulonnus (2015/7/19)

Publisher. Info. Mainz: B. Schotts Söhne, n.d.[1815]. Plate 1442.
Misc. Notes French Edition
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Version B

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Editor 3rd edition
Publisher. Info. London: Chappell & Co., n.d. Plate 77.
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General Information

Work Title Instructions for the Piano Forte
Alternative. Title Instructions pour le piano-forte ; Anweisung das Piano-Forte zu spielen
Title-page transcription
Instructions for the Piano Forte in which the Rudiments of Music are clearly explained, and the principal Rules on the Art of Fingering illustrated, with numerous appropriate Examples: to which are added Lessons, in the principal Major & Minor Keys, with a Prelude to each Key
Composer Cramer, Johann Baptist
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's A includes 41 lessons
  1. Moderato (C major) = B1
  2. Moderato (C major) = B2
  3. Allegretto (C major) = B3
  4. Moderato (C major) = B4
  5. Allegro (C major) = B7
  6. Allegretto (C major) = B8
  7. Moderato [Russian Air. Schöne Minka] (A minor) = B9
  8. Allegretto [Air savoyard] (A minor) = B10
  9. Allegretto (G major) = B11
  10. Andante (G major)
  11. Allegretto (G major) = B15
  12. La Guaracha, dance espagnole. Allegro moderato (G major) = B16
  13. Moderato (G major)
  14. Andantino (E minor)
  15. Moderato [In My Cot] (D major) = B19
  16. Air russe. Vivace (D major) = B20
  17. Andantino [Gavotta, in Achille and Déidamie by André Campra] (D major) = B23
  18. Allegretto (D major) = B24
  19. Tempo de marche (D major)
  20. Romance. Andantino (B minor) = B26
  21. Allegretto non troppo (A major) = B27
  22. Aria ; Air. Grazioso (A major) = B30
  23. Aria ; Air (F minor) = B31
  24. Andante by Mozart (E major) = B32
  25. Haydn (E major)
  26. Handel [The Harmonious Blacksmith, HWV 430/IV] (E major) = B36
  27. Steibelt (C minor) = B37
  28. Sul Margine d'un Rio. Grazioso (F major) = B39
  29. Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser ; God Save the Emperor [Das Kaiserlied, Hob.XXVIa:43] by Haydn (F major)
  30. Pollacca (F major) = B43
  31. Romance by Haydn. Moderato assai (F major) = B44
  32. Maestoso [Of Noble Race was Shenkin] (D minor) = B45
  33. Andante by Viotti (B major) = B46
  34. Monfrina. Allegretto (B major)
  35. Rondo by Dussek. Allegro (B major) = B49
  36. Lento [Folia d'espagna] (G minor) = B51
  37. Maestoso (E major) = B52
  38. Rondo by Clementi. Allegretto (E major) = B55
  39. Maestoso [Roslin Castle] (C minor) = B56
  40. Allegro (A major) = B57
  41. Lamentoso ; Plaintive [Scotch Air. She rose and let me in] (F minor) = B58

B includes 58 lessons

  1. Moderato (C major) = A1
  2. Moderato (C major) = A2
  3. Allegretto (C major) = A3
  4. Moderato (C major) = A4
  5. Romanza. Andantino grazioso (C major)
  6. Andantino con moto (C major)
  7. Allegro (C major) = A5
  8. Allegretto (C major) = A6
  9. Russian Air [Schöne Minka]. Moderato (A minor) = A7
  10. Air savoyard. Allegretto (A minor) = A8
  11. Allegretto (G major) = A9
  12. Rondo alla Turca. Allegretto (G major)
  13. God Save the Emperor [Das Kaiserlied, Hob.XXVIa:43 by Haydn]. Larghetto (G major)
  14. Rondo in Harvest Home. Allegretto (G major)
  15. Allegretto (G major) = A11
  16. The Guaracha, a Spanish Dance. Allegro moderato (G major) = A12
  17. Allegro (G major)
  18. Andantino (E minor)
  19. In My Cot. Moderato (D major) = A15
  20. Russian Air. Vivace (D major) = A16
  21. Aria. Andantino sostenuto e cantabile (D major)
  22. Rondo pastorale (D major)
  23. Gavotta, in Achille and Déidamie [by André Campra]. Andantino (D major) = A17
  24. Allegretto (D major) = A18
  25. The Anglo-Caledonian Air. Andantino (D major)
  26. Romanza. Andantino (B minor) = A20
  27. Allegretto non troppo (A major) = A21
  28. Aria. Andantino (A major)
  29. Scozzese. Allegretto (A major)
  30. Air. Grazioso (A major) = A22
  31. Air (F minor) = A23
  32. Aria by Mozart. Andante (E major) = A24
  33. Allegretto (E major)
  34. Thema. Andantino (E major)
  35. Marcia. Maestoso (E major)
  36. Air [The Harmonious Blacksmith, HWV 430/IV] by Handel. Slow (E major) = A26
  37. Aria by Steibelt. Moderato (C minor) = A27
  38. Andantino grazioso (F major)
  39. Sul Margine d'un Rio. Grazioso (F major) = A28
  40. Aria. Allegretto (F major)
  41. Rousseau's Dream. Moderato (F major) (In present times also known as "Go tell aunt Rhody")
  42. Tyrolese Waltz. Andante (F major)
  43. Pollacca (F major) = A30
  44. Romance by Haydn. Moderato assai (F major) = A31
  45. Of Noble Race was Shenkin. Maestoso (D minor) = A32
  46. Andante by Viotti (B major) = A33
  47. Rondo. Allegretto (B major)
  48. Saxon Air. Andante grazioso (B major)
  49. Rondo by Dussek. Allegro (B major) = A35
  50. Thema by Beethoven [Marcia alla turca, Op.113/4]. Allegro (B major)
  51. Folia d'espagna. Lento (G minor) = A36
  52. Maestoso (E major) = A37
  53. Andante (E major)
  54. Rondo. Allegretto (E major)
  55. Rondo by Clementi. Allegretto (E major) = A38
  56. Roslin Castle. Slow (C minor) = A39
  57. Thema. Allegro (A major) = A40
  58. Scotch Air. She rose and let me in. Plaintive (F minor) = A41
Language English ; French ; German
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Classical
Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation Methods