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For 2 Flugelhorns and Bass Trombone (Rondeau)

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Publisher Info. Michel Rondeau, 2020.
Performers MIDI
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Sheet Music


Volume I

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Publisher. Info. Liverpool: John Sadler, 1756.
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Arrangements and Transcriptions


For 2 Flugelhorns and Bass Trombone (Rondeau)

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Arranger Michel Rondeau (b. 1948)
Publisher. Info. Michel Rondeau, 2020.
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General Information

Work Title Apollo's Cabinet: or the Muse's Delight
Alternative. Title Title-page transcription
Apollo's Cabinet: or the Muse's Delight. An Accurate Collection of English and Italian Songs, Cantatas and Duetts, Set to Music for the Harpsichord, Violin, German-Flute, &c. with Instructions for the Voice, Violin, Harpsichord or Spinet, German-Flute, Common-Flute, Hautboy, French-Horn, Basson, and Bass-Violin. Also, A Compleat Musical Dictionary, And several Hundred English, Irish and Scots Songs, without the Music.
Composer Various
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 198 pieces
First Publication. 1756
Librettist Various
Language English
Average DurationAvg. Duration 5 minutes per piece
The Muse's Delight
1. Oswald: The Wit and Beau ("With ev'ry grace young Strephon chose) [p.47]
2. Holcombe: The Judicious Fair One ("You tell me I'm handsome") [p.48]
3. Corfe: The Charms of Belinda ("The nymph ye seems to love inclin'd") [p.49]
4. Anonymous: The Faithful Shepherdess ("At setting day and rising morn") (Lowe at Vauxhall) [p.50]
5. Anonymous: The Rover ("In all the sex some charms I find") (sung by Mr Beard, at Ranelagh) [p.50]
6. Orme: The Sincere Lover ("Silvia shall I speak or die") [p.52]
7. Anonymous: The Happy Couple ("At Upton on the hill there lives") (sung by Lowe @ Vauxhall) [p.53]
8. Broderip: The Rural Invitation ("Come, dear Amanda, quit the town") [p.54]
9. Howard: Delia ("Delia in whose form we trace") (from "Musette in the Amorous Goddess) [p.55]
10. Worgan: Did you see e'er a shepherd [p.56]
11. Arne: Isabel ("Fair is the swan, the ermine white") (sung by Mr Baker) [p.57]
12. Oswald: Push about the brisk bowl [p.58]
13. Anonymous: The Charms of Florimel [p.58]
14. Anonymous: The Disconsolate Lover ("Why heaves my fond bosom") (sung by Mr Lowe) [p.59]
15. Howard: The Charms of Lovely Peggy ("Once more I'll tune the vocal shell") [.p60]
16. [James] Vincent: Advice to Cupid )"How can they taste of joys or grief") [p.61]
17. Arne: Nature fram'd thee sure for loving (A Song in the "Judgement of Paris") [p.62]
18. Arne: The Complaint ("Behold ye sweet flowers around") [p.62]
19. Anonymous: Sweet Nan of the Vale (In a small pleasant village") (sung @ New Spring Gardens) [p.64]
20. Howard: The Blushing Rose ("Observe the fragrant blushing rose") [p.65]
21. Arne: The Highland Lassie ("The lowland maids go spruce and fine") [p.66]
22. Howard: To Zephyrus ("Spottive Zephyrus, fondly blowing") (The Music from "Musette") [p.67]
23. Worgan: Nanny of the Hill ("Affit me ev'ry tuneful bard") [p.68]
24. Anonymous: When Phoebus the tops of the hills") (A favourite Hunting Song; for two voices) [p.69]
25. Anonymous: Ye Swains that are courting a maid (sun by Miss Stevenson) [p.70]
26. Festing: On Tree-top'd Hill [p.71]
27. Arne: Rosalind ("Come Rosalind, oh! come and see what pleasures") [p.72]
28. Howard: Advice to Cloe (See Cloe, how the newblown rose blooms") [p.73]
29. Handel: The Advice ("Mortals wisely learn to measure life") [p.74]
30. Arne: The Reasonable Lover ("I seek not at once in a female to find") [p.74]
31. Arne: Oh! lovely maid how dear's the power [p.76]
32. Arne: The Syrens Song to Ulysses ("Hither sweet Ulysses haste") [p.76]
33. Pasquali: The Highland Lassie (The lowland lads think there are fine") [p.78]
34. Anonymous: The Happy Pair ("How blest has my time been") [p.79]
35. Weideman: The Garland ("The pride of ev'ry grove I chose") [p.80]
36. Arne: When your beauty appears (sung by Mr Lowe, at Vauxhall) [p.81]
37. Anonymous: The Carless Toper ("Fly care to the winds") (Sung by Mr Lowe) [p.82]
38. Arne: The Bonn Broom ("How blithe was I each morn to see") [p.82]
39. Anonymous: Jockey ("I'll sing of my lover all night") (Sung by Miss Stevenson, at Vauxhall) [p.84]
40. Howard: The Nut-brown Maid ("'Twas in the bloom of May") [p.85]
41. Anonymous: Jenny of the Green ("While others strip the new-fall'n snow") (sung by Mr Lowe) [p.86]
42. [D.] Russel: Female Fortitude ("Young Daphne brightest creature") [p.87]
43. Festing: The Lass of the Mill ("Who has e'er been at Badlock") (sung by Mr Beard) [p.88]
44. Boyce: The Non-pareil ("Tho' Cloe out of fashion") [p.89]
45. Anonymous: Jockey and Jenny ("Stern winter has left us") (A Dialogue - Lowe and Miss Falkner) [p.90]
46. Lampe: The Shepherd's Invitation ("The new-flown birds, the shepherds sing") [p.91]
47. Arne: Damon and Phillis ("Ah! Phillis shame on you") (A Dialogue) [p.92]
48. Anonymous: Hence, the suspicion, away from the grove (The Duetto; 2 sopranos) [p.93]
49. Stanley: As in a pensive mood (The Sequel to, "Who'll buy a Heart") [p.94]
50. Worgan: Young Collin was the bonniest swain (Sung by Miss Burchel) [p.97]
51. Arne: Dione - A Pastoral ("Upon a summer's ev'ning clear") [p.98]
52. Anonymous: The Kettlebender ("All you who are or fair or witty") [p.99]
53. [James] Vincent: Love's Bacchanal (Stephon why that cloudy forehead") [p.100]
54. Broderip: The Amorous Protector ("Of ev'ry sweet that glads the spring") [p.100]
55. Anonymous: The Lover and the Friend ("O thou for whom my lyre I string") (Sung by Mr Lowe) [p.102]
56. Boyce: Orpheus and Euridice ("When Orpheus went down to the regions below") [p.103]
57. Arne: The Wanderer Fix'd ("My youthful heart an easy prize") [p.104]
58. Handel: Susannah ("Ask if yon damask rose is sweet") (Sung by Mr Brett, at Ranelagh Gardens, at Liverpool) [p.105]
59. [Thomas] Gladwin: Collin's Description of Vauxhall ("O! Mary soft in feature") [p.106]
60. Howard: The Wish ("Ambition never me seduc'd") [p.107]
61. Anonymous: Philosophy No Remedy for Love ("Long had I borne of love") (Sung by Mr Lowe) [p.108]
62. Greene: The Dying Swan ("'Twas on a river's verdant side") [p.108]
63. Comte de Saint Germain: O wouldst thou know what secret charms [p.109]
64. Handel: Happy Pair ("Happy pair, none but the brave") [p.110]
65. Anonymous: Gentle Parthenissa ("When gentle Parthenissa walks") (Sung by Mr Sullivan) [p.112]
66. Baildon: Annie ("What numbers shall the muse repeat") [p.113]
67. Anonymous: Powerful Guardians ("Pow'rful guardians of all nature") (Sung by Mr Sullivan) [p.114]
68. Purcell: Rosamond ("Was ever nymph like Rosamond") [p.116]
69. Greene: The Poet to the Rose ("Go rose, my Cloe's bosom grace") (The Words by Mr Gay) [p. 118]
70. Terradellas: Se spuntan vezofe sull'alba le rose (Aria nel Mitridate) [p.120]
71. Arne: The Mournful Fair ("On ev'ry hill, in ev'ry grove") [p.123]
72. Boyce: Spring Gardens ("Flora goddess sweetly blooming") [p.124]
73. Arne: The Contest between Love and Glory ("At length too soon dear creature") [p.125]
74. [John?] Dunn: The Little Heart ("When Celia's heart unsettled roves") [p.126]
75. Anonymous: The Happy Bacchanalian ("Fill you glasses, banish grief") [p.127]
76. Stanley: The Power of Music and Beauty ("Musick has power to melt the soul") [p.128]
77. Anonymous: The Ardent Lover ("Believe my sighs, my tears, my dear) (Sung by Mr Lowe) [p.128]
78. Anonymous: Sweet William ("By a prattling stream") (Sung by Miss Stevenson, at Vauxhall) (set for the German-Flute) [p.129]
79. Anonymous: Bumpers, 'Squire Jones ("Ye good fellows all who love") (Sung by Mr Lowe) [p.130]
80. [D.] Russel: The Shepherd's Complaint ("Sweet were once the joys") [p. 131]
81. Bernard: The Absent Lover ("Ye gentle gales that fan the air") [p.132]
82. Anonymous: The Beggar ("A beggar I'll be") (Sung by Mr Brett) [p.132]
83. Anonymous: The Dream ("Whilst I in sleep last night") (set by a Gentleman of Oxford) [p.133]
84. Anonymous: Pedro's Dance ("When wit and beauty lead the way") (The Words by a Gentleman) [p.134]
85. Lampe: The Maid's Request ("Glide swiftly on thou silver stream") [p.134]
86. D. Rizzio (AKA Oswald): The Flower of Edinburgh ("My love was once a bonny lad") [p.135]
87. Festing: To Salinda ("Love, imag'd blind by idle bards") [p.135]
88. Greene: The blithest Bird that sings in May (Sung by Mr Lowe) [p.136]
89. Worgan: The Lad for me ("Since Jenny thinks mean her love to deny") [p.137]
90. Anonymous: The Miller's Wedding ("Leave neighbours your work") (Sung by Mr Lowe) [p.138]
91. Lampe: The Adieu to Susan ("All in the Downs the fleet was moor'd") [p.139]
92. Anonymous: The Virgin's Last Resolve ("Ye virgins who do listen") (Sun by Mr Lowe) [p.140]
93. Greene: Fair Sally ("Fair Sally lov'd a bonny seaman") [p.141]
94. Howard: The Lass of the Mill ("Dan Gay first in vogue") [p.142]
95. Lampe: The Rover ("Who to win a woman's favour") [p.143]
96. Gouge: The Ladies Cafe (How hard is the fortune of all women kind") [p.143]
97. Arne: The Fly ("From sweet bewitching tricks") (moderniz'd from Chaucer) [p.144]
98. [James] Kilburne: Florella (Florella, lovely nymph, forbear") [p.145]
99. Arne: Ye prigs ye are troubled (Sung by Mr Beard) [p.146]
100. Anonymous: Smirking Nan ("Oh! wae is me poor Wolley cry'd" (The Words by Mr Allan Ramsay) [air: My Nanie O'] [p.147]
101. Worgan: Hark! hark! 'tis a voice (Sung by Miss Burchel) [p.148]
102. [D.] Russel: The Modest Question ("Can love be controll'd by advice") [p.149]
103. Worgan: The Fair Thief ("Before the urchin well could go") [p.150]
104. Eris: The Beauties of Hampstead ("Summer's heat the town invades") [p.151]
105. Carey: The State of Little Britain ("Britons where is your magnanimity") [p.151]
106. David Rizzio (AKA Oswald): The Lass of Pattie's Mill [p.152]
107. Anonymous: A Loyal Song ("God save great George the king"), for 2 voices [p.152]
108. Anonymous: The Life of a Beau ("How brim full of nothing's the life") (Sung by Mrs Clive) [p.153]
109. Worgan: Young Strephon a shepherd (Sung by Miss Stevenson) [p.154]
110. [J.] Harris: Youth and Beauty ("Whilst youth and beauty join to please") [p.155]
111. Stanley: By Men belov'd how soon we're mov'd [p.156]
112. [M.?] Eaton: The Happy Beggars ("Tho' begging is an honest trade") [p.156]
113. Worgan: The Happy Swain ("As Damon on a summer's day") [p.157]
114. Galliard: The Jolly Bacchanalians ("Jolly Mortals fill your Glasses") [p.158]
115. Anonymous: The Hunting Song in Apollo and Daphne ("The sweet rosy morning") [p.158]
116. Howard: Stella and Flavia ev'ry hour [p.159]
117. Arne: Love Relapsed ("If all that I love is her face") [p.160]
118. Howard: The Sleepy Fair ("One summer's eve as Strephon roved") [p.161]
119. Anonymous: The Forsaken Maid ("How happy I liv'd on the plain") [p.161]
120. Carey: The Power of Beauty; or the Snake ("Is there a charm") [p.162]
121. Munro: Gold a Receipt of Love ("When love and youth") [p.162]
122. Anonymous: The Dispute of the Gods, decided by Venus ("Two gods of great honour") [p.163]
123. [James] Kilburne: The Recovery ("When prostrate first") [p.164]
124. Anonymous: Jessy Moore ("Thou rising sun whose gladsome") (Sung by Mr Lowe) [p.164]
125. Anonymous: The Jolly Toper ("The women all tell me") (Sung at the public Gardens) [p.165]
126. Howard: The Lass of the Hill ("At the brow of a hill") [p.166]
127. David Rizzio (AKA Oswald): Tweed Side; or Moggy ("What beauties does Flora disclose") [p.167]
128. Greene: The Fly ("Busy curious thirsty fly") [mistakenly states: Set by Mr. Carey] [p.167]
129. Arne: The generous Distrest Lover ("Blow ye bleak winds") [p.168]
130. Munro: The Judgment of Paris ("When for a silly glittering toy") [p.168]
131. Anonymous: Senesino ("As musing I rang'd") (Sung at the public Gardens) [p.169]
132. Anonymous: The Praise of Burgundy ("Hail Burgundy thou Juice divine") (Sung by Lowe) [p.170]
133. Lampe: The Solitary Relief ("Blow on ye winds") [p.170]
134. Carey: The Contented Farmer ("What care I for affairs of state") [p.171]
135. Carey: The Farmer's Wish ("Near some cool Stream") [p.171]
136. [James] Kilburne: Collin (Collin one day in angry mood") [p.172]
137. Putti: To Cloe ("Whene'er, my Cloe") [p.172]
138. Boyce: Contented all day (Song in "The Chaplet") [p.173]
139. Boyce: For their honour and faith (Duetto, in "The Chaplet") [p.174]
140. Carey: The Beauty of True Love ("Love's a gentle gen'rous Passion") [p.175]
141. Holcombe: Arno's Vale ("When here Lucinda first we came") [p.175]
142. Handel: The Melancholly Nymph ("'Twas when the Seas were roaring") [p.176]
143. D. Rizzio (AKA Oswald): The Bush aboon Traquair ("Hear me ye Nymphs") [p.176]
144. Anonymous: A Cant Song (As I derick'd along (Words by Stevens) [p.177]
145. Stanley: Who'll buy a heart (A Cantata) [p.178]
146. Pasquali: When absent from my soul's delight (Sung by Mr Sullivan, at Ranelagh Garden) [p.182]
147. Stanley: The Blind Boy ("O! say what is that thing") [p.182]
148. Arne: For a shape and an air (Song in "The Foundling") [p.183]
149. Arne: The Despairing Shepherd ("Ah well-a-day!") [p.184]
150. Howard: The Lass of the Mill ("At St. Osyth by the mill") [p.185]
151. Markwell: The Whining Lover ("Woman thoughtless giddy creature") [p.185]
152. Boyce: Johnny Jenny's ("Let rakes for pleasure") (A Dialogue) (Sung by Mr and Mrs Baker, at the Theatre in Drury-land, Liverpool) [p.186]
153. Boyce: What med'cine can soften (Song in "The Chaplet") [p.189]
154. Handel: Hosier's Ghost ("As near Portobello lying") [p.190]
155. [Fisher] Tench: An Address to Vulcan ("Vulcan contrive me such a cup") [p.191]
156. Galliard: The Advice ("Prithee foolish boy") [p.191]
157. Anonymous: When first by fond Damon Flavel (Sung by Mr Lowe, at Vauxhall Gardens) [p.192]
158. Oswald: Cupid's Refuge ("Jove when he saw my Fanny's face") [p.193]
159. Howard: The Amazon ("Swains I scorn") [p.194]
160. Boyce: You say at your Feet (Song in "The Chaplet") [p.194]
161. Howard: The Lover ("If love be a fault") [p.196]
162. Greene: Fond Celadon ("As Celadon once from his cottage") [p.196]
163. Anonymous: True Blue ("I hope there's no soul met") (Words by Mr. S. S.) [p.197]
164. Terradellas(?): Chi naque alle pene (Aria nel Mitridate. Sung by Signiora Casarini) [p.198]
165. Carey: The Inconstant ("Fair and soft") [p.200]
166. Anonymous: The Masquerade Song ("Ye medley of Mortals") (Sung by Mr Beard) [p.201]
167. Purcell: Britons Strike Home [p.202]
168. Arne: Damon and Silvia ("Dear Silvia no longer") (A Dialogue. Sung by Mr and Mrs Baker) [p.202]
169. Greene: Cloe ("In vain the force") [p.205]
170. Oswald: When Sappho tun'd the raptur'd strain (The Words by Mr Smollet) [p.205]
171. Oswald: The Cypress Grove ("Beneath a cypress grove") [p.206]
172. Terradellas(?): Non so se s'degno o amor (ex: Mitridate. Sung by Signora Frasi) [p.206]
173. [William] Fisher: The Northern Lass ("Come take your glass") [p.208]
174. Oswald: The Parting Kiss ("One kind Kiss") [p.208]
175. Greene: Advice to Cloe ("Dear Cloe while thus") [p.209]
176. Carey: The Midsummer Wish ("Waft me some soft and cooling Breeze") [p.210]
177. Anonymous: The Huntsman's Delight ("I am a jolly Huntsman" (29 verses!) [p.210]
178. Anonymous: The Miller's Song ("Near the side of a pond") (Sung by Mr Atkins at the New Sadler's Wells) [p.212]
179. D. Rizzio (AKA Oswald): Fickle Jenny ("Ah! my fickle Jenny") [p.213]
180. Howard: Fanny Blooming Fair ("When Fanny blooming fair") [p.214]
181. Munro: Collin's Request ("Help me reach harmonious grove") [p.214]
182. E. Orme: Ophelia ("When fair Ophelia") [p.215]
183. Arne: Women love Kissing as well as Men ("A slave to the fair") [p.216]
184. Arne: The Highland Laddie ("The Lowland Lads think") [text same as Pasquali, p.88] [p.217]
185. Anonymous: Ally Croaker ("There lived a man in Balinocrasy") [p.218]
186. Broderip: The Parrot's Song ("Whilst at Armida's feet; The gently budding rose") (from the forth Book of Tasso) [solo, then "The Duett"] [p.218]
187. [Robert] Crome: Lovely Bett ("Of all the flow'rs") [p.221
188. Orme: Love and Innocence ("I met in our village a swain") [p.222]
189. Steemson: Why am I doom'd [p.223]
190. Oswald: A Scots Song ("The shape and face") [p.224]
191. Greene: Cloe ("My Cloe's eyes an heavenly blue") [p.224]
192. Howard: What beauteous scenes [p.225]
193. Langshaw: Say mighty love [ink comment "words Dr Watts"] [p.226]
194. Anonymous: An Hymn for Christmas-Day ("Sing we praises to the Lord") [p.227]
195. Steemson: Sweet Tyrant Love [p.223]
196. Fesch: Collin ("Oh pity Collin, cruel fair") [p.229]
197. Baildon: If Love's a sweet Passion [p.230]
198. Boyce: Declare my pretty maid (Song in "The Chaplet") [p.231]
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation methods for: voice, violin, harpsichord, spinet, flute, oboe, horn, bassoon, cello
Music for: 1-2 voices, continuo; voice, flute or violin, continuo; voice, keyboard; 2 voices

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Collection/edition attributed by some sources to John Wainwright.

Other composers (without IMSLP pages): Bernard, Broderip, [Robert] Crome, Dunn, Eaton, Eris, [William] Fischer, [Thomas] Gladwin, Gouge, [J.] Harris, [James] Kilburne, Langshaw, Markwell, Orme, Putti, [D.] Russel, Steemson, [Fisher] Tench, [James] Vincent