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The Art Publication Society was founded in 1912 in Saint Louis. The same year, the publishing house had a contest for original compositions for the piano. The publishing house was known for the comprehensive teaching books called The Progressive Series, in which works such as this one by Tchaikovsky were published with biographical notes and practice advice. One series was for music theory and the other was for piano. The other main publication for which the firm was known was the complete works of Leopold Godowsky. The company went out of business sometime in the 1980's.



Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
35x Cui 3 Esquisses mélodiques, Op.92 1913
97 Sauer La Retour 1913
114 Godowsky Russian Suite No.1 1915
122 Ferrata Toccata Chromatique 1913
218 Godowsky German Suite No.1 1915
341 Godowsky Rigoletto Suite No.1 1915
342 Godowsky Hungarian Suite No.1 1915
620 Liszt 6 Polish Songs, S.480 No.1) 1916
633 Dvořák 8 Humoresques, Op.101 , No.7 1918
640 Moszkowski 6 Piano Pieces, Op.15 1923
703 Raff Impromptu-valse, Op.94 Godowsky ed. 1915
725 Liszt 6 Polish Songs, S.480 (No.2) 1916
813 Tchaikovsky Romance, Op.5 1923
814 Liszt 6 Polish Songs, S.480 (No.4) 1923
913 Glinka A Farewell to Saint Petersburg 1923

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