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Music publishing firm founded by Alfred Coppenrath in Regensburg in 1855. After his death in 1887 control of the company passed to his son-in-law Heinrich Pawelek. Pawelek was succeeded by his son Franz Carl Mayer in 1930 who in turn was succeeded by Hans Geiselberger in 1939. Notable acquisitions included the local publishing companies Johann Georg Boessenecker (1913) and Fritz Gleichauf (1938). The company specialized in vocal and instrumental music for use in Catholic church services. In 2008 Coppenrath was acquired by Carus-Verlag, a church music specialist publisher near Stuttgart, founded in 1972.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Alfred Coppenrath
  • Verlag von Alfred Coppenrath
  • Alfred Coppenrath's Kirchen-Musick-Verlag (H. Pawelek)
  • Alfred Coppenrath's Verlag (H. Pawelek)
  • Alfred Coppenrath Verlag
  • Musikverlag Alfred Coppenrath
  • Verlag von H. Pawelek in Regensburg


  • Regensburg (1855–?)
  • Altötting (by mid-1930s)

Plate Numbers

Coppenrath's plate numbers appear to have been issued in a fairly regular chronological fashion. Dates in parentheses are estimated. Note that for subsequent editions of works Coppenrath would often use the same plate number as the first edition.

  • A.C. ### — Imprints of Alfred Coppenrath (18??–ca.1887)
  • H.K. ### — Imprints of Alfred Coppenrath's Kirchen-Musick-Verlag (H. Pawelek) (ca.1887–?)
Plate Composer Work Year
0061 Renner Sr. Requiem, Op.25 (although we have 5th edition only) 1883
0065 Mitterer Te Deum laudamus (second edition) 1883
0099 Herzog 20 meist leicht ausführbare Orgelstücke, Op.55 1884
0250 Brunner Messe zu Ehren der sieben Schmerzen Mariae, Op.2 (first edition) 1886
0346 Herzog 21 Tonstücke, Op.60 1888
0521 Ahle VII Cantiones sacrae vocibus inaequalibus concinendae, Op.5 1893
0576 Wolfrum Grosse concertsonate No.2, Op.12 1894
0664 Schildknecht Orgelschule, Op.33 1896
0666 Renner Sr. Requiem No.3, Op.49 (second edition)
0883 Breitenbach Confitébor, Op.7 1899
0980 Breitenbach Ecce, Op.9 1901
1113 Stein, Br. Missa octava (score) 1903
1131 Mitterer Hymnus Te Deum laudamus, Op.114 (score) 1903
1286 Gessner 5 Choralbearbeitungen, Op.11 1908
1303 Breitenbach Cantabo, Op.19 1908
1390 Breitenbach 7 Fest-Orgelstucke, Op.23 1910
1448 Goller Offertorien für das ganze Kirchenjahr (sixth edition)
1461 Goller Missa in honorem B.M.V. de Loreto, Op.25 (twelfth edition)
1523 Thielen, P.H. Drei Lieder, Op.154 1905
1531 Goller Missa in honorem B.M.V. de Loreto, Op.25b (fourth edition)
1623 Griesbacher Gebet der Schöpfung, Op.94 1906
1636 Fährmann Toccata, Op.49 1911
1644 Ottenwälder 3 Tonstücke für Orgel 1911
1689 Dachs Organ Sonata No.1, Op.19 1911
1798 Ottenwälder Fest-Hymnus über 'Danket dem Herrn', Op.6 1914
1800 Dachs Organ Sonata No.2, Op.20 1914
1861 Dachs 30 leicht ausführbare imitatorische Orgelstücke, Op.42

Authority Control

  • VIAF (Alfred Coppenrath (Firma))
  • VIAF (Alfred Coppenrath (Regensburg))
  • VIAF (Alfred Coppenrath (Altötting); Musikverlag Alfred Coppenrath)


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