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Fritz Gleichauf (1863-1937)was a typical Regensburg publisher; he published Catholic church music, he combined publishing with a retail business, and he bought and sold his businesses in the same city.

Starting as a partner in Feuchtinger & Gleichauf from 1891, he became sole owner after Franz Feuchtinger’s departure in 1900. He immediately sold the publishing side of Feuchtinger & Gleichauf to Adolph Stender of Johann Georg Boessenecker, but kept the retail shop. Then (still in 1900) he founded his own firm Fritz Gleichauf, which published a wide variety of light music and church music, and he was proud of winning a prize at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, the highest distinction awarded to any German music publisher. A typical publication of this time was: Messe in B dur : für vier Männerstimmen mit orgel (streichquintett ad lib.) : Op.68 by Johannes G. Meuerer.

Gleichauf took over Eugen Feuchtinger in 1913, but finally he sold Feuchtinger & Gleichauf (the retail shop) in 1923. Fritz Gleichauf publisher, which had been inactive since 1929 was sold by his widow Mathilde Gleichauf in 1938, shortly after Gleichauf’s death, to Alfred Coppenrath.


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59 Dachs 15 Orgelstücke, Op.3 1905

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  • VIAF (Feuchtinger & Gleichauf)

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