Flute Sonata in A major, BWV 1032 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)




MP3 file (audio)
Lekro (2014/9/28)

Performer Pages Alexander Murray (flute)
Martha Goldstein (harpsichord)
Publisher Info. Pandora Records/Al Goldstein Archive
Misc. Notes Source, alternative formats, and notes:
From Pandora Records's album titled "Incomplete and Controversial Sonatas," Pan105. Ogg Vorbis files can be found here.

Instruments and tuning:
The flute used is a copy of an instrument by W. Beukers which was made in the late 1700's. The maker is K. Kinoshita of Japan.

Performance notes:
This A major sonata has an incomplete first movement. Alex Murray compares it to the fifth Brandenburg concerto, and suggests that a flute cadenza, like the long harpsichord cadenza in the 5th Brandenburg, could have originally been a part of the manuscript. Accordingly, Martha Goldstein wrote a completion with this aim.
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Sheet Music

Scores and Parts

PDF scanned by Bach Digital
Jun T (2011/12/10)

Publisher. Info. Leipzig: Composer's manuscript, n.d.(ca.1736).
Misc. Notes This manuscript (D B Mus. ms. Bach P 612) contains 2 works of J. S. Bach, Concerto for 2 Harpsichords in C minor, BWV 1062, and Flute Sonata in A major, BWV 1032. The composer first wrote BWV 1062. The bottom 4 (or 3) staves on each page were left unused. Later, the composer started writing BWV 1032 on the unused staves. Up to the first 5 bars of the 2nd movement of BWV 1032 fit in the unused space of the score of BWV 1062. Then the composer continued on the new papers to complete the BWV 1032. Much later, somebody who owned this manuscript tried to separate the two works and cut some of the pages. As a result, the bottom part of the pages 17 through 28, i.e., latter half of the 1st movement of BWV 1032, were lost.
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PDF scanned by Unknown
Peter (2006/11/29)

Editor Wilhelm Rust (1822-1892)
Publisher. Info. Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe, Band 9 (pp.215-19, 32-40)
Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, 1860. Plate B.W. IX.
Misc. Notes The second and third movements are from the main part of Vol.9, the first movement comes from the Anhang. Please see the Preface of Vol.9 for discussion of origin of the first movement.
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PDF scanned by Sallen112
Sallen112 (2017/10/22)

Editor Hans-Peter Schmitz (1916-1995)
Publisher. Info. Neue Bach-Ausgabe, Serie VI. Kammermusik
Band 3. Kammermusik 3: Werke für Flöte (pp.54-68)
Kassel: Bärenreiter Verlag, 1963. Plate BA 5022.
This “urtext” or “scholarly” (scientific) edition was published at least 25 years ago in Germany and thus is public domain in its country of origin. Such editions are also public domain in Canada because they fail to meet the minimum ‘threshold of originality’ to qualify for copyright as an ‘adaptation’. It may not be public domain elsewhere, however. More information about this can be found here.
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Misc. Notes 600 dpi. Page size is 10.00 x 12.688 inches.
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PDF typeset by editor
Reccmo (2012/5/19)

5 more: Vivace (flute) • Largo e dolce (score) • Largo e dolce (flute) • Allegro (score) • Allegro (flute)

PDF typeset by editor
Reccmo (2012/5/19)

PDF typeset by editor
Reccmo (2012/5/19)

PDF typeset by editor
Reccmo (2012/5/19)

PDF typeset by editor
Reccmo (2012/5/19)

PDF typeset by editor
Reccmo (2012/5/19)

Editor Ubaldo Di Gregorio
Publisher. Info. Ubaldo Di Gregorio
Misc. Notes Movement 1, bar 63-100 reconstructed by the editor
These file(s) are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.
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Arrangements and Transcriptions

For Recorder and Harpsichord (Müller-Schmidt)

PDF typeset by arranger
Csakan-2011 (2015/10/13)

Arranger Hans-Thomas Müller-Schmidt
Publisher. Info. Hans-Thomas Müller-Schmidt
Misc. Notes Transposed 1 note down
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General Information

Work Title Flute Sonata
Alternative. Title
Name Translations Sonate pour flûte, BWV 1032; Sonata in A major for flute or recorder and harpsichord; Sonate i A-dur for fløyte eller blokkfløyte og cembalo
Authorities Wikipedia; BNF: 139094174
Composer Bach, Johann Sebastian
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. BWV 1032
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IJB 165
Key A major
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 3 movements:
I. Vivace [incomplete] (A major)
II. Largo e dolce (A minor)
III. Allegro (A major)
Year/Date of CompositionY/D of Comp. 1736?
First Publication. 1860
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation flute traverso, harpsichord
Primary Sources Bach Digital (source list)
External Links Wikipedia article

Misc. Comments

  • The first movement (Vivace) is missing from some urtext editions. The reason for this is that the autograph is incomplete, and there are 45-48 bars missing. These have been reconstructed in different ways by different editors, but an urtext edition may not include these additions. Therefore, some editions have this movement and others don't have it.
Flute Sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach