Lautenbuch (Montbuisson, Victor de)

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PDF scanned by D-Kub
Stefan Apke (2023/8/19)

PDF scanned by D-Kub
Stefan Apke (2023/8/19)

Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.(ca.1609-11).
Misc. Notes *most (60) empty pages deleted
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General Information

Work Title Lautenbuch
Alternative. Title
Composer Montbuisson, Victor de
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 2 parts, several items
  • A manuscript with 2 "parts" and several scribes (probably: ff.55r-60r,65v-72r,77v-81r: Montbuysson; 81v-89v,100r [,23v-51v]: Schimmelpfennig; 21v-23r,92v-100r: Elisabeth von Hessen-Kassel)
  • Watermarks recognized by Clytus Gottwald as being from 1609/10/11
  • Januier 1611, notice f.54r
  • The character of the manuscript is best to be seen by leaving the pages unchanged, despite a great amount of empty pages and a doublet (the original scan is a bit bumpy): f.89r; Courrente Gautier, f.89v; f.90r; f.89a (ripped out); f.90r; same Courrente Gautier, but partly masked, f.90v; f.90r, ...
  • At the beginning 1 folio is missing, might have had a title (surely will have been different to the one given at f.54r)
  • Montbuysson, 1598-1627 lutenist in Kassel, teacher of Elisabeth von Hessen-Kassel and of Schimmelpfennig, who later on seems to have been Montbuysson's assistant and also Elisabeth's teacher
  • Info, see Clytus Gottwald: Manuscripta musica, 1997, pp.618-631
  • [no title or title lost]
  1. Go frome Winde etc: [Go from my window] [​John Dowland​], f.1r
  2. ./., f.1r
  3. Ballet, f.1r
  4. Paduana [​John Dowland​], f.1v
  5. Ballet, f.1v
  6. Allemande, f.1v
  7. Gagliarda [Can she excuse] [​John Dowland​], f.2r
  8. Branle, f.2r
  9. ./., f.2v
  10. Amarilli mia bella [​Giulio Caccini, Giovanni Battista Guarini​], f.2v; cp f.31v
  11. Fragment, f.3r
  12. Ballet, f.3v
  13. Schön wehr ich gern, f.3v
  14. Courante, f.4r
  15. Paduana, f.4r
  16. Par che chel brami [​Par che'l ciel brami​] [​Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi​], f.4v
  17. Pavana lacrima[e] [​John Dowland​], f.5r
  18. Courrente nouelle, f.6r
  19. Courrente, f.6v
  20. Courr[ente]:, f.7r
  21. Intrada, f.7v
  22. Ballet, f.7v
  23. Courrente, f.8r
  24. ./., f.8v
  25. Gagliard Spavento [​Scipione Spaventa?​], f.9r
  26. Fuga, f.9v
  27. Ballet [​John Dowland?​], f.11v
  28. ./., f.12v
  29. Courrente (M.L.H. [​Moritz Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel​]), f.12v
  30. Courrente, accordetur 4 chorus ad notam g. sol. re. ut, f.13r
  31. Bransle gay, f.13v
  32. Prelude, f.14v
  33. Courrente, f.15r
  34. Courrente de Mad[ame]. la premiere fille d'Hessen [Elisabeth von Hessen-Kassel] (M.L.H. [​Moritz Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel​]), f.15v
  35. Courrente Blanche et bleuue (M.L.H. [​Moritz Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel​]), f.15v; cp f.17v
  36. Volte, f.16r
  37. Volte, f.16v
  38. Courrente, f.16v
  39. Bransle, f.17r
  40. ./. [Volte], f.17v
  41. Courrente Blanche et bleuue (M.L.H. [​Moritz Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel​]), f.17v; cp f.15v
  42. Ballet (G.S. [​Georg Schimmelpfennig​]), f.18r
  43. Courrente, f.18v
  44. Courrente, f.18v
  45. Praeludium [​Lorenzino​], f.19v
  46. Vollte, f.21v
  47. Volte, f.22r
  48. Preludam [sic!] [​Elias Mertel​], f.22r
  49. Courante, f.22v
  50. Volte, f.23r
  51. Courante, f.23v
  52. Orlando Furioso [​John Dowland​], f.23v
  53. Inglesa, f.24r
  54. Bespersch Dantz, f.24r
  55. Courante, f.24v
  56. Ballett (at first "Galliarde", crossed out), f.25r
  57. ./., [Exercises] f.25r
  58. ./., f.25v
  59. Mag nicht aus Venus Schoß, f.25v; cp f.27v
  60. Courante Es wolt ein Megtlein Hochzeit (M.L.H. [​Moritz Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel​]), f.26r
  61. Ach wie Soll ich doch in freuden [leben], f.26r
  62. Landtgraues Alman [Allemande] [​Moritz Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel​], f.26v
  63. ./., f.26v
  64. ./., f.27r
  65. Mag nicht [aus Venus Schoß], f.27v; cp f.25v
  66. Mein Gmuett [ist mir verwirret], f.27v
  67. Sehr grosse Klag [führt Orpheus der Zeit], f.28r
  68. Der liebste mein, f.28r
  69. Euch ihr götter [groß], f.28v
  70. Amore Cieco [Amor cieco m'offese], f.28v
  71. Schaw an diß biltt, f.29r
  72. Vidi una past[orella], f.29r
  73. Jungfrewelein. Mi parto, f.29v
  74. Ach ach ich arme Sehl, f.29v
  75. Est-ce Mars, f.30r
  76. Amor gieng aus, f.30v
  77. Ach gott wie, f.30v
  78. Amarilli mia bella [​Giulio Caccini, Giovanni Battista Guarini​], f.31v, +Sopran; cp f.2v
  79. In me non è piu vita [​John Dowland​] [Text: Elisabeth von Hessen-Kassel?], f.32v, +Sopran
  80. Donna gentil saper [​Enrico Radesca​], f.33r, +Sopran
  81. Duro mio cor che non, f.33v, +Sopran
  82. Chi mi sente cantar [​Enrico Radesca​], f.34r, +Sopran
  83. Morirò di dolor [​Enrico Radesca​], f.34v, +Sopran
  84. O welch ein grosse [composed for the marriage of Elisabeth von Hessen-Kassel?; marriage cantata, f.37v: "Vier mahl" (4 times)], f.35v
  85. Ritornello, f.37v
  86. Courrente, f.38r
  87. Prelude, f.38v
  88. Volte, f.39v
  89. ./., f.40r
  90. Courrente, f.40r
  91. Volte Romana, f.40v
  92. Io disleale? ah cruda [​Enrico Radesca​], f.41v, Sopran, B.C.
  93. Con sorrisi cortesi [​Enrico Radesca​], f.42v, Sopran, B.C.
  94. Donò Filli partendo [​Enrico Radesca​], f.43v, Sopran, B.C.
  95. Mi lasci ingrata solo [​Enrico Radesca​], f.44v, Sopran, B.C.
  96. Margarita, voi fior'e perla sete [​Enrico Radesca​], f.45v, Sopran, B.C.
  97. T'amo mia vita [​Enrico Radesca​], f.46v, Sopran, B.C.
  98. Un bacio sol à tante pene [​Enrico Radesca​], f.47v, Sopran, B.C.
  99. Poi che non mi credete [​Enrico Radesca​], f.48v, Sopran, B.C.
  100. Sì mi dicesti [​Enrico Radesca​], f.49v, Sopran, B.C.
  101. Chi non sà come si dipinga [​Enrico Radesca​], f.50v
  102. ./., f.51v
  103. Quel espoir, f.52r
  • Liure de tableture de lhut pour Madame Elisabett princesse de hessen / Commençé par victor de montbuysson; le dernier Janviér 1611, f.54r
  1. Prelude, f.55r
  2. Pavana lacrima[e]: [​John Dowland​], f.55v
  3. ./., f.56r
  4. Intrada hasler[i] [​Hans Leo Hassler​], f.56v
  5. daulant Gagliarde [Can she excuse] [​John Dowland​], f.56v
  6. ./., f.57r
  7. Courente, f.57v
  8. Courente de madame la princesse de condé, f.58r
  9. La boumiane oder zigainerin, f.58r
  10. Vollte, f.58v
  11. Jaymeray tousiours ma phillis, f.59r
  12. Si ie puys une foys, f.59r
  13. Ballett angloys, f.59v
  14. Ballett de la déesse diane, f.60r
  15. Ballett, f.60v
  16. ./., f.61r
  17. Tenez Nimphes pour admirer. Air à la royne, f.61v, Sopran, B.C.
  18. Donques à cest heureux retour. Air nouveau, f.62r, Sopran, B.C.
  19. Dedans ce val plaisant. Air de Cour, f.62v, Sopran, B.C.
  20. Le berger plein d'amour [Fragment, Text], f.63r
  21. Si ie puys une foys, f.63v, +Sopran
  22. ./., f.64v
  23. Paduana Anglois, f.64v
  24. Courentte de la durette, f.65v
  25. ./., f.65v
  26. ./., f.66r
  27. Courente, f.66r
  28. Courente de [Victor de Montbuysson], f.66v
  29. Ballet de mercure [​Mercure d' Orléans​], f.66v
  30. Englische Dantz tiledilerei genandt, f.67r
  31. Ballett, f.67r
  32. Prelude [​Lorenzino​], f.67v
  33. Branle de la Royne 1, f.68v
  34. Branle de la Royne 2, f.68v
  35. Branle de la Royne 3, f.69r
  36. Volte, f.69v
  37. Vilanella, f.69v
  38. Ballet angloys, f.70r
  39. Pipers Paduan [​John Dowland​], f.70v
  40. Volte puys que vos ieulx [​Nicolas Vallet?​], f.71r
  41. Bransle simple 1 [​Pierre-Francisque Caroubel​], f.71v
  42. Bransle simple 2 [​Pierre-Francisque Caroubel​], f.71v
  43. Bransle gay 1 [​Pierre-Francisque Caroubel​], f.72r
  44. Bransle gay 2 [​Pierre-Francisque Caroubel​], f.72r
  45. Finale, f.72v
  46. [Fantasia?], f.73r
  47. Au paravant que ie vi [fragment/abortive attempt, s.b. f.75v], f.74v
  48. Au paravant que ie vi [​Gabriel Bataille?​], f.75v, +Sopran
  49. Volte, f.77v
  50. Balett, f.78r
  51. ./., f.78r
  52. Courente, f.78v
  53. Volte des exclave [esclaves] [​Robert Ballard II​], f.79r
  54. Philips Paduan [​Peter Philips​], f.79v
  55. Courente, f.81r
  56. [Courrente mesta] "1", f.81v
  57. Courrente nesta [sic!] "2", f.81v
  58. [Courrenta brava] "1", f.82v
  59. Courr[ente]: Brava "2", f.82v
  60. [Courrente] "1", f.83r
  61. Courrente "2", f.83v
  62. [Praeludium, Fantasia?], f.84r
  63. [Ballett] "1", f.84v
  64. Ballett "2", f.85r
  65. [Courrente fiorita] "1", f.85v
  66. Courrente fiorita "2", f.85v
  67. Ecco il bel Maggio, f.86v, +Sopran (2x), B.C.
  68. Piu non amo piu non ard'iniquo Amore, f.88v, +Sopran (2x), B.C.
  69. Courrente Gautier [​Ennemond Gaultier?​], f.89v
  70. Pavana dullande [​Tobias Kühn​] [response to Dowland's lachrimae], f.92v
  71. Courente, f.93r
  72. Courente, f.93v
  73. Ballett, f.94r
  74. Galliard Dullande [​John Dowland​], f.94v
  75. ./., f.95v
  76. ./., f.96r
  77. ./., f.96v
  78. ./., f.96v
  79. ./., f.97r
  80. Ballet, f.97v
  81. Ballet, f.98r
  82. Sarabande, f.98v
  83. Galliard (P.R. [​Philip Rosseter?​]), f.99r
  84. Spangeola [L'Espagnola], f.99v
  85. [La Valetta] [​Nicolas Vallet​], f.99v
  86. Finale [​Georg Schimmelpfennig?​], f.100r
Librettist Various
Language Various
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Renaissance
Piece Style Renaissance
Instrumentation lute; soprano, lute; soprano, continuo; 2 sopranos, continuo